January 5, 2006

For Immediate Release

Bone Graft Substitutes Markets in U.S. and Western Europe Growing at Double Digit Rates into Next Decade, According to Report from MedMarket Diligence.

The applications for bone graft substitutes, comprising fracture alignment, oral and maxillofacial surgery, spinal fusions, repair of bone cysts/tumors, and revision surgery. represent large and growing patient pools.  The bulk of bone graft substitute products are used for spinal fusion procedures, which are demonstrating robust growth associated with increasing penetration of a growing demographic by effective spinal surgeries. 

Uniquely detailed data on applications, specific products, technologies and companies is given in a report now available from MedMarket Diligence. The "U.S. and Western European Bone Graft Substitute" report provides a detailed overview of current bone graft substitute product and technology developments, with analysis of the trends, developments and market forecast. The report identifies market drivers, restraints and technological and business issues that will impact the bone graft substitutes market.

The report focuses on the U.S. and Western European markets for bone graft substitutes divided into three major market segments:

The report identifies key bone graft substitute products, including their individual histories and applications. Revenue forecasts, market shares and pricing information are reported for the three major market segments.

The report data, findings and conclusions are given in presentation format, with over 100 figures and tables.

The information presented in this report has been collated from interviews with manufacturers, distributors, universities, orthopaedic surgeons, company literature, conference proceedings, and related company information.

Details on the report, including a table of contents, are available at http://www.mediligence.com/rpt-m525.htm.

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