February 21, 2006

For Immediate Release

Biological Valve Technologies, Minimally Invasive Techniques Bolster Heart Valve Market; High Growth in Sealants, Glues and Anti-Adhesion Market, According to February 2006 MedMarkets

Bovine and porcine pericardial tissue valves continue to make inroads in the market for heart valves, displacing share from mechanical valves, which still represent 60% of all implanted prostheses annually in a greater than $1 billion heart valve market, according to the February issue of MedMarkets from MedMarket Diligence.

"The durability of mechanical valves, which can be for the lifetime of even a younger patient, comes at the expense of hemolysis and the requisite use of anticoagulants," comments Patrick Driscoll, Publisher of MedMarkets.  Materials technologies have steadily demonstrated reduced rates of infection, better designs have improved ease of implantation, including percutaneously, and efforts have progressed at eliminating the calcium buildup that ultimately degrades valve performance, but no innovation has had an appreciable impact on the coagulation caused by mechanical valves, notes Driscoll.

The market for valves will continue to evolve with innovations in biological and mechanical valves favoring the continued penetration of biological valves.  Simultaneously, percutaneous and other minimally invasive approaches are expanding the envelope of the patient population that can be treated.

The worldwide heart valve market is examined in the February issue of MedMarkets, with coverage of products, technologies and companies, including Edwards Lifesciences, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, Sorin Biomedica, ATS Medical, CryoLife, MedicalCV, and Evalve.

The February issue of MedMarkets also provides an update on the market for surgical sealants, high strength glues and products preventing post-operative adhesions.

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