June 9, 2005

For Immediate Release

Medical Technology Innovation Remains Dynamic and Opportunistic:  Over 300 Start-up, Early Stage and Established Medical Technology Companies Covered in 2005 MedMarkets

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA — The medical technology industry is a robust arena for development of advanced healthcare solutions. Encompassing medical devices, biomaterials, drug/device hybrids, diagnostics, and an expanding variety of novel product types, the industry continues to aggressively innovate compared to the dropping margins in the pharmaceutical industry and the seemingly endless development cycles of biotech, even in the face of cost containment issues challenging all of healthcare.

"It is truly testimony to the adaptive nature of the device industry that it has been able to at least sustain and at best dramatically expand in new healthcare markets while so much of healthcare is limited by dwindling sources of funding," says Patrick Driscoll, president of MedMarket Diligence and publisher of MedMarkets.  "The cardiovascular and orthopaedic arenas in particular have demonstrated an incredibly robust group of companies producing innovations that match the extraordinary simultaneous demands of increased performance and decreased cost."

MedMarket Diligence tracks developments, markets and opportunities in the medical technology sector, publishing its monthly MedMarkets newsletter for decision-makers in the medical products and investment industries.  Since January 2005, MedMarkets has covered product introductions, leading edge medtech developments in clinical practice, early stage company activity, startup formation and key medtech market analysis for over 300 active, dynamic companies in the industry.  Below is a sampling of companies covered:

3F Therapeutics, Aastrom Biosciences, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Vascular Devices, ABIOMED, ACMI, Advanced Biomaterial Systems, Advanced Medical Optics, Advanced Neuromodulation, Advanced Stent Technologies, Advanced Technology Research, Agency for Medical Innovations, AGTC, Alltracel Pharmaceuticals/Elmarco, Alveolus, American Pharmaceutical Partners, AngioScore, Angiotech, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Arbios Systems, Archus Orthopedics, Arteriocyte, ArthroCare, Arthrosurface, Ash Access Technology, ATS Medical, Aubrey Group, Avantec, Axial Biotech, AxioMed Spine, BÂRRX Medical, Baxter BioScience, BeFutur Biotechnologies, Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials, BioCardia, Bioheart, Biolase Technology, Biomerix, Biomet, BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals, Biophan Technologies, BioPheresis Technologies, Biosensors International, Biosyntech Canada, BioTissue Technologies, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Burnham Institute, C.R. Bard, CABG Medical, California Nano Systems Institute, CarboMedics, Cardiac Science , Cardima, Cardinal Health, CardioTech International, Cell Therapeutics, CellECT Bio, Cervitech, CHF Solutions, Chrysalis BioTechnology, Closure Medical, co.don, CoAxia, Collagen Matrix, Confluent Surgical, Conor Medsystems, Cook, Corautus Genetics, Cordis, CoreValve, Corgentech, CorNova, Covalon, CrossCart, CryoCath Technologies, CryoCor, CryoFluor Therapeutics, CryoLife, CryoPlasty, CryoVascular Systems, CSI, CSMG Technologies, CTI Molecular Imaging, Curon Medical, CVRx, Cyberonics, CystoMedix, CytoGraft Tissue Engineering, Danaher, Datascope, DaVita, Deka Dental, Dentigenix, Dentsply, DePuy Spine, Devax, DexCom, DISA Vascular, Disc-O-Tech, Doxa, EBI, Edwards Lifesciences, ELA Medical, Elan, Encelle, Encore Medical, Endius, Endo, Endomed, endoVia Medical, Epoch, ETEX, Ethicon, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, eTrauma, ev3, Evalve, Exactech, Excorp Medica, FlowCardia, Fotona, FzioMed, Gambro, Gendex Dental Systems, Genetronics, GenVec, Genzyme, Gore, Guidant, Hansen Medical, HeartWare, Hélioscopie, HemoCleanse Technologies, Heraeus Kulzer, Hoya ConBio, Hoya Photonics, iCAD, Impella CardioSystems, Impliant, Inamed, Innovative Obesity Care, InSightec, Integra LifeSciences, Integrated Surgical Systems, Interpore Cross, IntraPace, iScience Surgical , Isotis OrthoBiologics, ISTO Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, KaVo (Kaltenbach & Voigt, Biberach, Kensey Nash, Keraplast Technologies, Kerberos Proximal Therapeutics, Kodak, Kourion Therapeutics, Kyphon, LDR Medical, LDR Spine USA, LeMaitre Vascular, Lumenis, Luminetx Corp., MacroPore Biosurgery, Masimo, Médical Innovation Développement, Medical Ventures, MedicalCV, Medicis, Medinol, Medtronic, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Metricath, MG Biotherapeutics, MicroVention, Milestone Scientific, Millenium Biologix, Mitroflow, MIV Therapeutics, Myocor, Nanogen, National Cancer Institute, National Nanotechnology Initiative, National Osteoporosis Foundation, National Venture Capital Association, NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer, NDO Surgical, NEC, Nellcor, NeoSurg Technologies, NeuroBionics, Neurogen, Neuronyx, New Nonsurgical Technique for DVT, New Scale, Nexa Orthopedics, Nitram Dental, Nobel Biocare, Novalung, Novartis Pharma, Novavax, OctoPlus , OpusDent, OraPharma, Orbus Medical Technologies, OREX Computed Radiography, Orqis medica, Orthofix, Orthonics, Orthovita, Osiris Therapeutics, OsteoBiologics, Osteoimplant Technology, Osteotech, Path4, Pearsalls, Percutaneous Valve Technologies, Pharmos, ProRhythm, Prospex Medical, Protein Polymer Technologies, Purdue, Quinton Cardiology, Raymedica, Raytel Cardiac Services, Regeneration Technologies, Remon Medical Technologies, REVA Medical, Roche, Roche, Rubicon Medical, Rubicon Medical, Saga X, Sanarus Medical, Sanofi-Aventis, Scandius BioMedical, Schick Technologies, Selective Genetics, SenoRx:, Siemens, Sirona Dental Systems, Skyepharma, SmartPill, Sorin Group, Spacelabs Medical, Spinal Solutions, Spine Wave, SpineCore, Spineology, St. Jude Medical, Stryker, Sunshine Heart, Surgical Navigation Technologies, Suros Surgical Systems, Symphony Medical, Synovis Alliance, Synovis Life Technologies, Synthes Spine, Teknimed, Terumo, Therics, ThermoGenesis, TiGenix, Transneuronix, TriVascular, Tyco Healthcare, Uroplasty, Velocimed, Ventracore, Verigen AG, Viscogliosi Brothers, VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, VISX, Vivant Medical, Wilson-Cook, Wright Medical Technology, Xtent, Zimmer, others.

MedMarkets is published 12 times annually by MedMarket Diligence.  Coverage encompasses medical device, biotech, biomaterials and the range of technologies encompassing device market developments and analysis of Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedics/Musculoskeletal, Abdominal & Thoracic Surgery, Gynecology, Oncology, Neurology & Neurosurgery and other clinical sectors. Past coverage may be reviewed at www.mediligence.com/archive2005.html.

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries. The company publishes the MedMarkets newsletter, a monthly analysis of the market implications of new medical technologies, and dedicated reports on technology markets.  For additional details, contact Patrick Driscoll at email or call 949-859-3401 or toll-free (in the U.S.). 1-866-820-1357.