August 4, 2005

For Immediate Release

Wound Management Market Segments Growing at Rates of Up to 17% Annually in Key Product and Regional Market Areas, According to New Report from MedMarket Diligence, LLC

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA Globally, the market for the diverse array of products in surgical, chronic and acute wound management stands at $13 billion, with aggregate growth at 7% annually.  Select sectors are demonstrating appreciably stronger growth including active physical stimulation, pharmaceuticals, enzymatic debriders, tissue engineering, and other active therapies for wound management.  Differences geographically in the clinical management of wounds and in the adoption of new products are also creating opportunities in local markets.  These data are detailed in the August 2005 report by MedMarket Diligence on the worldwide wound management market.

Products in the "advanced" segment of wound care, encompassing drugs, physical stimulation devices, enzymatic debridement, tissue engineered skin substitutes and others, represent areas of the greatest market growth in this arena.  These technologies have emerged, generally, over the last twenty five years since the introduction of the "moist healing" concept and the aggressive development by big medical device companies seeking new innovations in an increasingly competitive environment full of generic manufacturers and distributors of advanced wound management products.

The 2005 MedMarket Diligence report on wound management details the current and emerging technologies and products spanning dressings, closure devices, debridement, pharmacological products, tissue engineered products and others.  Detailed current/historic market size and competitor market shares are given for the U.S., Japan, Europe (with detail on Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain).  The report's outline and description of coverage is provided at

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