September 29, 2005

For Immediate Release

Virtual Reality in Medicine: Multiple Technologies, Products, Applications, Markets and Opportunities, According to September 2005 MedMarkets from MedMarket Diligence, LLC

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA The applications for virtual reality in medicine, stemming from advances across the spectrum of imaging and associated technologies, are many and diverse.  These encompass medical/dental surgical training, pre-surgical planning, computer-aided surgery systems, interactive 3D diagnostic imaging, radiation treatment, 3D visualization for telemedicine, telesurgery, rehabilitation and sports medicine, neurological evaluation, and more.  While the number and type of products are expanding, the economics are changing such that, for example, the price of high performance graphic systems is declining, with a wide number of increasingly affordable products becoming available and driving market growth.  The technologies, products, companies, applications and drivers of the market are discussed in the September issue of MedMarkets.

"Virtual reality has made the jump from the arcade to the clinic as a result of improvements in computer processing speeds and the quality of computer graphics," says Patrick Driscoll, publisher of MedMarkets.  "Even desktop PCs now have the speed necessary to drive the virtual environments in clinical applications."  According to Driscoll, there are additional compelling reasons why virtual reality systems are taking hold in practice, such as the convergence of different imaging modalities -- such as combinations of functional (e.g., PET) and anatomical (e.g., CT, X-ray) visualization, and of imaging systems with data sharing and other supportive systems.

The September issue of MedMarkets examines the current and emerging state of this industry, detailing the products, competitors and drivers as virtual reality applications and their markets begin to mature.

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