October 5, 2005

For Immediate Release

Aortic Aneurysm Repair Volume to Grow from Endovascular Devices, Screening, According to September 2005 MedMarkets

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA A conservative estimate is that 90% of all people with either thoracic or abdominal aortic aneurysms are not aware of the condition.  Considering that less than 15% of those whose aneurysms rupture actually survive, there is dramatic opportunity to save lives through increased attention to screening and diagnosis of these aneurysms.  And while most of those treated with open surgical procedures to repair their aneurysms have excellent survival rates, the potential to effect repairs substantially less traumatically with endovascular grafts simply increases the opportunity.

"The crux of the current debate in endovascular repair of aneurysms is largely focused on the long term durability of endovascular grafts," says Patrick Driscoll, publisher of MedMarkets, "and this question is therefore the subject of multiple clinical trials."  According to Driscoll, this includes the Lifeline Registry, the EVAR-1 and EVAR-2 trials, and the DREAM trial.  These trials evaluated repair of aneurysm via open versus endovascular repair (EVAR-1), endovascular repair of aneurysm versus no intervention in patients unfit for major surgery (EVAR-2) and endovascular repair versus open repair for aneurysms greater than 5 cm (DREAM).  The Lifeline Registry collects long term data on AAA endovascular graft recipients.  In short, clinical data supports endovascular repair for most patients, particularly those who would otherwise tolerate open repair, representing the bulk of patient candidates.

The September 2005 issue of MedMarkets reviews clinical data, current products and product developments in endovascular repair of both abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms.  Data is provide on the trials, the products and companies in this market.  Coverage of this and other topics in the September issue is outlined here.

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