October 12, 2005

For Immediate Release

Growth in Formation of Medtech Startup Companies, Identified by MedMarket Diligence

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA A burst of activity by entrepreneurs over the past year in founding new medical technology companies points to the areas of growth in healthcare spanning therapies in cardiology, gastroenterology, thoracic/abdominal surgery, gynecology, cancer, obesity treatment and others.  The scope of technologies encompasses minimally invasive therapies, advanced imaging and imaging-associated technologies, novel biomaterials, drug/device hybrids, nanotechnologies, drug delivery and a variety of others.

"We have seen a marked increase in the number of medtech companies founded during the past 12 months, particularly since the second quarter of 2005," notes Patrick Driscoll, President of MedMarket Diligence, a company that analyzes emerging medical technology markets. "Interestingly, we are also seeing as many companies striving to stay 'under the radar' as those who are anxious to get publicized long before their products are close to clinical trials.  Since many of these startups offer the kind of innovation sought by the broad portfolio medtech companies -- making them future acquisitions by Medtronic, Boston Scientific, J&J and others -- there is great interest in these companies.  This has driven equity investment or outright acquisition of these companies at earlier and earlier stages in their development, as the acquirers seek innovation before the market inflates the pricing."

Below is a selection of the technologies of newly founded medtech companies identified since mid 2005 and presented in the monthly MedMarkets publication from MedMarket Diligence:

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