December 31, 2005

For Immediate Release

Nanomedicine Taking Root on a Small Scale, Many Companies Pursuing Vast Opportunities

The world of nanotechnology is gradually creeping into the markets for medical technologies. Sub-miniaturization is already with us, and some applications of nano-technology have already been incorporated in diagnostic and therapeutic devices. There is intense commercial interest in the medical uses of nanotechnology with at least 100 companies actively involved in this field.

The medical applications of nanotechnology are diverse, encompassing (at a minimum) biosensors, pacemakers, implantable pumps, personalized medicine, drug delivery, cancer therapeutics and diagnostic systems.  It is now the imminent prerogative of traditional medical device, drug and diagnostic manufacturers to consider the integration of nanomedicine into product development -- even with nanotech's longer development timeline -- or else face competitive threats by innovative manufacturers increasingly well focused on specific, commercially viable nanomedicine opportunities.  Joint development deals and acquisitions are also already on the radar screen for many.

The December 2005 issue of MedMarkets details the status of the technologies, products and applications in nanomedicine being developed by specific companies.  For subscribers, the issue is available here.

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