February 23, 2005

For Immediate Release

Liver Support Devices in Clinical Development, May Lead to $200 Million Market Within Three Years, According to February Issue of MedMarkets

FOOTHILL RANCH, CAŚ The development of bioartfiical liver devices, analogous to kidney dialysis, has moved to clinical testing of a number of systems and is poised to emerge and produce a $200 million annual market as early as 2008, according to coverage in the February 2005 issue of MedMarkets. Companies developing bioartificial liver devices include Arbios Systems, CellECT Bio, Excorp Medical and HemoCleanse, each with devices in or nearing clinical trials.

The article on bioartificial liver devices is drawn from a comprehensive market and technology assessment on "Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Transplantation, 2004-2014" being produced by MedMarket Diligence.  That report is detailed at www.mediligence.com/rpt-s515.htm.

The article on bioartificial liver technologies in the February 2005 issue of MedMarkets reviews the companies and the status of their products being developed for artifiical liver assist.  Topics covered in the February MedMarkets are outlined here.

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