April 11, 2003

For Immediate Release

Soft Tissue Closure and Securement Represents a Market Growing to Over $11 Billion with Continuum of Innovations, According to Report from MedMarket Diligence.

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA— The soft tissue closure and securement market encompasses a continuum from products and technologies including tapes, sutures and staples, hemostats, sealants, high strength glues, adhesion prevention products, and, soft tissue anchors and devices. The worldwide market for these products is forecast to grow from $5.2 billion in 2002 to reach nearly $12 billion in 2012.

“The medical market for soft tissue closure and securement is entering a new phase of procedure driven techniques, using enabling devices and new biomaterials,” says Patrick Driscoll, President of MedMarket Diligence. “There is now a continuum from simple closure using sutures to the use of specially designed devices and delivery systems with new bioresorbable securement materials, that now offer a full range of products and techniques.”

The MedMarket Diligence report on soft tissue securement is an analysis of the products, technologies, markets and companies exploiting medical devices in surgical securement segment. The analysis examines the products they market and the timelines associated with their approvals over the last decade and forecast of their market impact through 2012. Details on the report can be found at http://www.mediligence.com/rpt-m450.htm.

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries.  MedMarket Diligence publishes MedMarkets, which that analyzes the market implications of new medical technology, publishes dedicated reports on technology markets, and is developing other information solutions.  For more information on MedMarket Diligence, LLC, contact Patrick Driscoll at (949) 859-3401, e-mail , or visit the Web site at http://www.mediligence.com to view a sample issue of MedMarkets.

 Contact: Patrick Driscoll, (949) 859-3401.