July 5, 2006

For Immediate Release

Emerging Trends, Technologies and Worldwide Opportunities in Diabetes Market Detailed in 2006 Report from MMD, LLC

The diabetes market, which includes both pharmaceuticals and medical devices is large and growing steadily for many reasons. First, the prevalence of diabetes is increasing, particularly that of type 2 in developed countries and those with increasing prosperity. Type 1 diabetes is also increasing, though less dramatically. Second, type 2 diabetes is responsive to drug therapy, and there is a continuing search for newer, better pharmacological agents. Third, insulin, required for all cases of type 1 and some of type 2 diabetes, poses administration problems, offering opportunities for new delivery systems. Fourth, patients with diabetes must monitor their condition by frequently checking the level of glucose in their blood, and there are ongoing attempts to make this process easier and more user-friendly by developing more advanced (and expensive) devices.

A fifth driving factor in the diabetes marketplace is the search for a fundamentally better way to manage the disease. Some options are mainly surgical transplants of pancreatic cells, for example.  Another focus for research is to combine glucose monitoring with insulin administration in a self-controlled wearable device. And farther in the future are prospects for using stem cells to grow new beta cells, and for using genetic knockout techniques to block the metabolic processes that cause diabetes.

"New products in the management of diabetes are consistently being introduced with increased ability to mitigate the effects of this disease, which is demonstrating increasing prevalence worldwide, and that is good very good for both patient and manufacturer," says Patrick Driscoll of MMD, LLC.

MedMarket Diligence's report on the worldwide market for diabetes management is described here.  The report details the products, technologies, markets, companies and opportunities worldwide in detailed country-specific data.

This report details the worldwide incidence and prevalence by country/region of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and details the current and projected market for diagnostic and therapeutic products in the management of diabetes, including anti-diabetic drugs, alternative insulin types, blood glucose monitoring (including continuous monitoring devices), insulin pumps, and other established and emerging products in diabetes management.  The report provides an emphasis of detail on the status of development of novel products including noninvasive monitoring, oral/inhaled/other insulin delivery. The report details the clinical and technology developments underlying this huge and evolving worldwide market, with data on products in development and on the market; market size and forecast; competitor market shares; competitor profiles; and market opportunity.  Separate size, growth and competitor share data are presented for the U.S., individual western European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), and Japan.  The report profiles active companies including detailed profile information on major competitors, brief profiles of companies with less sizeable current or potential positions in the market, plus additional profiles of companies with novel or advanced research activities in the market.

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries. The company publishes the MedMarkets newsletter, a monthly analysis of the market implications of new medical technologies, and dedicated reports on technology markets. MedMarkets has identified hundreds of startup companies (many in stealth mode) and tracks market trends and opportunities emerging from changes in clinical practice, new technology development and other market drivers. For additional details, contact Patrick Driscoll at email or call 949-859-3401 or toll-free (in the U.S.) at 1-866-820-1357.