July 6, 2006

For Immediate Release

MedMarkets' Leading Clinical Edge Reveals Impact of Medical Technology on the Horizon

"Leading Clinical Edge," a regular feature in the monthly publication, MedMarkets, from MedMarket Diligence, has proven to be a useful tool for medical technology manufacturers seeking a glimpse of where clinical practice is headed relative to the adoption and use of medical technologies.

"The ability to look ahead in both clinical practice and medical technology development -- to see beyond today or even tomorrow -- gives medtech manufacturers a very clear edge in their current markets," says Patrick Driscoll of MedMarket Diligence.  "This lets them consider the kinds of technology development they should be pursuing to meet future clinical demand."

Every month in MedMarkets, the Leading Clinical Edge features selected abstracts from peer review journals and other clinical sources that MedMarkets editors have identified for the significance they hold for medical technologies.  This includes adoption of new medical technologies in clinical practice, adaptation of available technologies to new uses or simply changes in clinical practice that may not even employ medical technologies but that ultimately impact future demand for them.

Examples of recent items in Leading Clinical Edge include:

Published 12 times annually in print, PDF and browser versions, coverage in MedMarkets encompasses medical devices, biotech, biomaterials and the range of technologies encompassing device market development. Clinical fields covered include: interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics/musculoskeletal, abdominal & thoracic surgery, gynecology, oncology, neurology & neurosurgery and others. For more details about MedMarkets, see here.

MedMarket Diligence provides tactical decision-making solutions on medical technology to the medical products and investment industries. The company publishes the MedMarkets newsletter, a monthly analysis of the market implications of new medical technologies, and dedicated reports on technology markets. MedMarkets has identified hundreds of startup companies (many in stealth mode) and tracks market trends and opportunities emerging from changes in clinical practice, new technology development and other market drivers. For additional details, contact Patrick Driscoll at email or call 949-859-3401 or toll-free (in the U.S.) at 1-866-820-1357.