August 31, 2007

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Obesity Drug and Device Markets Matching Growth in Obesity Prevalence

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA --- The numbers in the obesity population continue to grow and, with the aggressive development by manufacturers of myriad drug, device and other solutions to the clinical problem, the market for these products is matching that growth.  The current clinical practices, procedures, products and their associated markets are the subject of a new analysis by MedMarket Diligence, "Worldwide Market for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2007."

Given the current available treatments, the only effective, long-term treatment for morbid obesity is currently bariatric surgery. Several devices used in bariatric surgery are on the market in Europe and the United States; several others, including second-generation gastric banding, are under development. Companies are at work inventing and testing entirely novel products, such as items made to fit into the upper mouth; neurological devices to be applied to the stomach or brain; and innovative ways to perform the surgery.

The pharmaceutical sector is very active in research and development for the treatment of overweight, obesity and even morbid obesity. The lure is clear: produce a drug or a combination of drugs that results in clinically significant weight loss over placebo, with few or acceptable side-effects, and this drug would be a blockbuster. More companies have a drug in the pipeline for the treatment of overweight and obesity than for morbid obesity.  The recent regulatory failure of Pfizer's rimonabant has not dampened the need for effective drug therapy, but it has highlighted the challenge while underscoring the value offered by medical devices in their direct focus on obesity by targeting food intake or its absorption in the GI tract.

"We have for several years now tracked the markets and the development of new products for the clinical management of obesity," says Patrick Driscoll, president of MedMarket Diligence and publisher of the Worldwide Obesity report, "and on a global scale there are few areas of healthcare where this development has such near-term potential."  According to Driscoll, the recognition by third party payers, federal governments, physicians and patients that obesity is a serious problem with significant complications, many costly, has been the engine behind market growth and continued product development.

The report, "Worldwide Market for the Clinical Management of Obesity, 2007", details obesity incidence/prevalence, clinical practices, product and technology developments, competitors and global markets for drugs and devices in obesity.   The report is detailed, with a complete table of contents at this link.

For additional information, contact Patrick Driscoll, at (949) 859-3401 , or patrick {at} mediligence {dot} com or via our web contact form, contact us.

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