December 14, 2001

For Immediate Release

 Vertebral Fracture Repair Presents High Growth Opportunities

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA—Expanding vertebroplasty therapy to patients with asymptomatic vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) will create a potential annual U.S. patient population of 10 million in 2005, according to an article entitled, “High Growth Opportunities in Vertebral Fracture Repair,” published in the December 2001 issue of MedMarkets.  The article provides an update of the latest developments in the burgeoning field of vertebroplasty, a form of spinal surgery performed primarily to strengthen osteoporotic vertebrae.  Recent advances in this surgical therapy include the development of new injectable PMMA cements and new forms of vertebroplasty, such as kyphoplasty, which has been developed to better correct vertebral body height.

“This area could very well be the next hottest growth area in spinal surgery,” says Patrick Driscoll, Publisher and President of MedMarket Diligence, LLC.  “As the procedures themselves are refined further and as physicians become more widely and better trained in the technique, the possibility exists for therapy to be expanded to a whole new subset of patients—those who need spine stabilization or prevention of spinal deformity.”  According to the article, U.S. sales of injectable cements and related delivery systems used for vertebroplasty in 2001 were nearly $54 million and have a market potential of at least $250 million.

The article appears in the premier issue of MedMarkets, a monthly publication from MedMarket Diligence that reports and analyzes the market and clinical practice implications of developments in medical technology—developments related to medical device, equipment and supplies as well as biomaterials, biotech, pharmaceutical, e-health and other technologies that have a direct or indirect impact.  Clinical or patient care areas regularly covered include, among others:  Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery; Clinical Laboratory; Gastrointestinal; General, Abdominal & Thoracic Surgery; Gynecology; Interventional Radiology & Vascular Surgery; Neurology/Neurosurgery; Oncology; Ophthalmology; Orthopedics/Musculoskeletal; Urology; and Wound Care. 

Also in the preview issue is a feature article detailing developments at the recent Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics and American Heart Association meetings.  In other regular columns are coverage of the outlook for innovation in the medical device industry; market/technology drivers in medical products markets; developments in new product announcements, approvals, clinical trials, etc.; and reports on early stage companies and major deals in the industry (mergers/acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, investments, etc.).  Throughout the publication, the reader will find the editors’ analysis of selected developments, including tips on unique market segments to watch and why.

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