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Worldwide Wound Management, Forecast to 2020: Established and Emerging Products, Technologies and Markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World

This report details the complete range of products and technologies used in wound management and wound care, from dressings, bandages, hydrogels, skin and skin substitutes, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) and others. The report details the current clinical and technology developments in the worldwide market providing a current assessment of products in development and on the market; market size and forecast; competitor market shares; 52 key competitor profiles; and an assesment of the market opportunity for current and hopeful competitors. The report provides full year (actual) 2011 market size and share data, with forecast market data to 2020, for the Americas (with detail for U.S., Rest of North America and Latin America), Europe (with detail for United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Rest of Europe), Asia/Pacific (with detail for Japan, Korea and Rest of Asia/Pacific) and Rest of World.

This report's emphasis is on advanced and leading edge developments (i.e., those approaching wound management from novel perspective) such as growth factors, stem cells, gene therapy and other approaches, while baseline data (current and forecast market size and current competitor market shares) is provided for established segments -- multiple dressings types (film, foam, alginate, antibacterial, non-adherent), hydrogels, hydrocolloids, and NPWT. The report details the clinical and technology developments underlying the clinical practice and market development in wound care market, with data on products in development and on the market; market size and forecast; competitor market shares; competitor profiles; and market opportunity. Separate size, growth and competitor data are presented for the U.S., leading western European countries, Japan and the Rest of World category. The report’s company profiles assess key companies regarding current/projected products, technologies and positions in the advanced wound care market.  

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December 2012

Report #S249

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