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Surgical Ablation Market Worldwide


This report has been superceded by the 2010 report.  See link.

Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market, 2008-2017:
Products, Technologies, Markets, Companies and Opportunities

· 264 pages   · 70 Exhibits   · 61 Company Profiles   · September 2008   · Report #A125

This report is a detailed market and technology assessment and forecast of the products and technologies in the ablation market for treatment of soft tissues via energy-based modalities, including electrosurgery, radiosurgery, gamma knife, brachytherapy, cryogenic therapy, fluidjet therapy (hydrotherapy), microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, laser, thermal ablation, and ultrasonic ablation.

The report describes alternative energy-based technologies and the nature of their effect on soft tissue, the underlying basis of the technology, the requisite systems for their use (including capital equipment, devices and disposables), and their strengths and weaknesses for specific clinical applications. The report details current and anticipated target applications and assesses the current and forecast caseload for each energy-based therapeutic considering competition from any and all alternative energy-based or other therapeutics, with current and worldwide market forecasts (2008-2017) segmented by technology type and specific clinical segment. The report provides segmentation of the worldwide ablation market by both ablation technology and region/country: Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil), Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, BeNeLux), Asia/Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia) and Rest of World. The report details the current and emerging products, technologies and markets for each energy-based therapy. The report profiles over 60 key companies in this industry detailing their current products, current market position and products under development.

Benefits of Report #A125

Worldwide scope with country detail for complete picture: Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Rest of World

Complete competitive technology analysis:

  • electrosurgery
  • radiosurgery
  • gamma knife
  • brachytherapy
  • cryogenic
  • photodynamic therapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • microwave
  • radiofrequency (RF)
  • laser
  • thermal
  • ultrasound

Table of Contents



Trends and Opportunities

Market Leaders



1.1         Cancer

1.1.1         Cryogenic therapy

1.1.2         Microwave therapy

1.1.3         Radiation therapy

1.1.4         Radiofrequency ablation

1.1.5         Stereotactic surgery

1.1.6         Thermal ablation

1.1.7         Laser ablation

1.1.8         Photodynamic therapy

1.1.9         Ultrasonic ablation

1.2         Cardiovascular disease

1.2.1         Angina pectoris

1.2.2         Atrial arrhythmias    Laser ablation    Cryoablation    Electrical cardioversion    Microwave ablation    RF ablation

1.2.3         Bradycardia

1.2.4         Critical ischaemia

1.2.5         Vascular occlusive disease

1.2.6         Ventricular arrhythmias

1.2.7         Wolf-Parkinson-White Disease

1.3         Elective surgery

1.3.1         Cosmetic surgery    Laser hair removal    Port wine stains    Psoriasis    Varicose veins

1.3.2         Ophthalmic surgery    Capsulotomy surgery    Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK)    Wave-front guided laser in-situ keratomileusis    Laser epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK)

1.4         General surgery

1.4.1    Fecal incontinence

1.4.2    GERD

1.5         Gynecological applications

1.5.1    Hysterectomy

1.5.2    Menorrhagia

1.5.3    Bladder neck suspension

1.5.4    Fibroids

1.6         Urological applications

1.6.1         Urinary tract stones

1.6.2         Benign prostatic hypertrophy    TUMT    TUNA    Vaporization of the prostate (PVP)    Water-induced thermotherapy

1.7         Orthopedic applications

1.7.1    Capsular shrinkage

1.7.2    Carpal tunnel syndrome

1.7.3    Chondroplasty

1.7.4    Debridement

1.7.5    Epicondylitis and tendinitis

1.7.6    Inflammatory conditions

1.7.7    Nucleoplasty


2.1         Cryogenic energy

2.2         Electrical energy

2.2.1         Implantable cardioverter defbibrillators

2.2.2         Resynchronisation systems

2.2.3         Pacing systems

2.2.4         Pain management

2.3         Hydromechanical energy

2.4         Light energy

2.4.1         Cold lasers

2.4.2         Excimer lasers

2.4.3         Photonic ablation

2.4.4         Ultraviolet B lasers

2.5         Microwave energy

2.6         Radiation energy

2.6.1         Brachytherapy

2.6.2         Radiosurgery    Cyberknife    Gamma knife

2.7         Radiofrequency energy

2.8         Thermal energy

2.9         Ultrasonic energy    Shock wave therapy    Ultrasonic surgical systems



3.1         World market overview

3.2         Market segmentation by product type

3.3         Leading companies in global market

3.4         Major national markets

3.4.1         Americas        USA        Canada        Mexico        Brazil

3.4.2         Europe        Germany        United Kingdom        France        Italy        Spain        Benelux countries

3.4.3         Asia/Pacific        Japan        China        Australia        South Korea        India

3.4.4         Rest of world

Section 4:            COMPANY PROFILES

4.1         The Industry

4.1.1             Abla-TX         Role in Cancer Treatment

4.1.2             Acoustic MedSystems

4.1.3             Accuray

4.1.4             ACMI/Gyrus/Olympus

4.1.5             AFx (Guidant)

4.1.6             Alcon

4.1.7             American Medical Systems

4.1.8             Angiodynamics         Financials

4.1.9            ArthroCare Corporation

4.1.10           AtriCure, Inc.

4.1.11           ATS Medical       Financial results

4.1.12           Bard EP

4.1.13           Bausch & Lomb (Warburg Pincus)

4.1.14           Baylis Medical Company

4.1.15           Biosense Webster

4.1.16           Biotronik Inc.

4.1.17           Biowave Corp

4.1.18           Boston Scientific Corp       Blazer Cardiac Ablation Catheters       Chilli Cooled Ablation Catheters       Steerocath-T Cardiac Ablation Catheter       Maestro       RF 3000® Radiofrequency Ablation System       Confient Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)       Financials

4.1.19           BSD Medical Corp.       MicroThermX-100 Microwave Ablation Systems       BSD500 Hyperthermia Systems       BSD2000 Hyperthermia Systems

4.1.20           Candela Corp.

4.1.21           Cardima Inc

4.1.22           CardioGenesis Corp

4.1.23           Celon AG       Surgery/Radiology       Phlebology

4.1.24           Celsion Corp.

4.1.25           ConMed Corp.

4.1.26           Covidien Ltd.       Vessel Sealing       Electrosurgery       Financial Results for fiscal 2007 and 2006

4.1.27           CryoCath

4.1.28           CryoCor, Inc.

4.1.29           CSA Medical Inc.

4.1.30           Cytyc Corp.

4.1.31           Dornier MedTech       Compact Delta II       Compact Delta II UIMS       Compact Sigma       Lithotripter S II       Medilas D MultiBeam       Medilas D FlexiPulse       Medilas H 20

4.1.32           EDAP TMS S.A.       Financial Update

4.1.33           Elekta       Leksell Gamma Knife 4       Leksell Gamma Knife 4C       Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion

4.1.34           Endocare (merged with Galil Medical)

4.1.35           Erbe       Electrosurgery       Water Jet Surgery       Cryosurgery

4.1.36           Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc.

4.1.37           Galil Medical (merged with Endocare)

4.1.38           Getinge Group       Cardiac Surgery       Vascular Surgery

4.1.39           HealthTronics Surgical Services       Medical Products       Urology Services

4.1.40           Medtronic       Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM)       Bradycardia       Tachyarrhythmia       Ablation Catheters

4.1.41           MedWaves Inc.

4.1.42           Mirabilis Medica

4.1.43           Misonix Inc.       Sonablate

4.1.44           NeuWave Medical Inc.

4.1.45           Olympus Medical

4.1.46           OmniSonics Medical Technologies Inc. -- filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in March 2009

4.1.47           PhotoMedex Inc.

4.1.48           PhotoTherapeutics Inc.

4.1.49           PhotoThera Inc.

4.1.50           RFA Medical Inc.

4.1.51           Smith & Nephew       Financial Results

4.1.52           Spectranetics

4.1.53           St Jude Medical Inc.       Products for Cardiac Rhythm Management       Atrial Fibrillation       Advanced Neuromodulation Systems

4.1.54           Starion Instruments

4.1.55           Stereotaxis Inc.       Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System

4.1.56           Theragenics Corporation

4.1.57           Urologix Inc       Targis System

4.1.58           USHIFU

4.1.59           Varian Medical Systems Inc.       RapidArc       Dynamic Targeting Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)       SmartBeam IMRT       Dynamic Adaptive Radiotherapy (DART)       IGBT - Image-Guided Brachytherapy       Varian Proton Therapy System

4.1.60           VNUS Medical Technologies, Inc.       ClosureFAST System       Model RFG2 Advanced Radiofrequency Generator       Quarterly Financials



List of Exhibits


Exhibit ES-1: Overview of the Global Ablation and Other Energy-Based Therapies Market by Modality
Exhibit ES-2: Growth of the Worldwide Ablation and Other Energy-Based Therapies Market by Modality
Exhibit ES-3: Worldwide Ablation and Other Energy-Based Therapies Market by Clinical Application
Exhibit ES-4: Market Leaders in Energy-Based Therapies

Exhibit 1-1:  Energy-Based Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Exhibit 1-2:  Energy-Based Therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases

Exhibit 1-3:  Energy-based Therapies for Atrial Arrhythmias

Exhibit 1-4:  Ventricular Arrhythmia Therapies

Exhibit 1-5:  Energy-based Implants for Ventricular Arrhythmias

Exhibit 1-6:  Cosmetic Lasers

Exhibit 1-7:  Traditional LAVH vs PK LVAH

Exhibit 1-8:  Orthopedic Application of Electrosurgical Devices

Exhibit 1-9:  Collagen Types

Exhibit 1-10:  Chondroplasty Systems’ Zone of Thermal Damage


Exhibit 2-1:  Energy-Based Technologies

Exhibit 2-2:  Cryogenic-Energy Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-3:  Electrical-Energy Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-4:  Hydromechanical Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-5:  Light-Energy Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-6:  Microwave Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-7:  Radiation-Energy Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-8:  Radioactive Seed Products for Brachytherapy

Exhibit 2-9:  Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-10:  Thermal-Energy Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-11:  Ultrasound Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-12:  High Growth Applications of Ultrasonic Surgical Systems

Exhibit 3-1:  World Medical Device Market, by Region, 2008

Exhibit 3-2:  World Energy-based Device Market by Product Category, 2007

Exhibit 3-3:  Overview of the Energy-Based Therapies Market by Clinical Application

Exhibit 3-4:  Arrhythmias Treated with Ablation Therapy

Exhibit 3-5:  25-Year Changes in National Mortality Rates Due to Ischaemic Heart Disease

Exhibit 3-6:  Cardiac Angioplasty Procedures Per 100,000 Population, By Country in 2000

Exhibit 3-7:  Cardiac Dysrhythmias and Related Conditions

Exhibit 3-8:  Solid cancers: Ablation Market Potential

Exhibit 3-9:  World Age-Standardize Cancer Incidence per 100, 000 Population (All Ages), by Cancer Type

Exhibit 3-10:  Global Energy-based Therapies Market, by Product Category

Exhibit 3-11:  World Energy-based Device Market by Product Category, 2007 and 2017

Exhibit 3-12:  Ablation and Energy-based Therapeutic Companies by Product Area, Indication and Market Shares, Worldwide, 2008

Exhibit 3-13:  Ablation Market Revenues ($millions), Americas, by Country, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-14:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s) US, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-15:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Canada, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-16:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Brazil, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-17:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Mexico, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-18:  Ablation Market Revenues ($millions), Europe, by Country, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-19:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Germany, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-20:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), United Kingdom, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-21:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), France, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-22:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Italy, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-23:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Spain, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-24:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), BeNeLux, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-25:  Ablation Market Revenues ($millions), Asia/Pacific, by Country, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-26:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Japan, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-27:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), China, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-28:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), India, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-29:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Australia, by Product Segment, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-30:  Ablation Market Revenues ($millions), Rest of World, 2007-2017

Exhibit 3-31:  Ablation Market Revenues ($000s), Rest of World, by Product Segment, 2007-2017


Exhibit 4-1:  M&A Activity Among Energy-based Companies

Exhibit 4-2:  AngioDynamics Financial Figures for Fiscal 2007 and 2006

Exhibit 4-3:  ATS Financial Results for Q2 2008 and 2007

Exhibit 4-4:  Boston Scientific Financials, Three Months Ended June 30, 2007 & 2008

Exhibit 4-5:  CardioGenesis Financial Data, 2006 &2007

Exhibit 4-6:  Covidien Ltd Financial Results, 2006 & 2007

Exhibit 4-7:  Covidien Medical Device sales by Product Group

Exhibit 4-8:  EDAP TMS Financial Results, 1st Quarter 2008 (to March 31st)

Exhibit 4-9:  Endocare Quarterly Results, 2007 & 2008

Exhibit 4-10:  Medtronic Revenues, 2007

Exhibit 4-11:  Six-month Financial Data for Smith & Nephew, 2007 & 2008

Exhibit 4-12:  TheraGenics Financial Results, Fourth Quarter 2007 and Full Year

Exhibit 4-13:  Varian Medical Systems, Financial Summary, 2005-2007



This report has been superceded by the 2010 report.  See link.


Ablation Technologies Worldwide Market: Products, Technologies Markets, Companies and Opportunities, 2008-2017.  Report #A125Published September 2008

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Please note that, in our "advanced medical technologies"  blog, we have extensively covered the products and technologies in ablation and have drawn from the report for plenty of examples.  To see all of those posts, go to this link. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions about the report.

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MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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