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European Cardiac Surgeon Perspectives on Practices and Products in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

30 Pages    Published September 2004    Report #C325

This Clinical Insight Brief is a summary and presentation of findings from interviews with 25 European cardiac surgeons regarding their current practices, caseload and perspectives in the performance of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), as well as their opinions on emerging practices and technologies for CABG including the use of off-pump (also known as "beating heart") bypass,  minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) and the specific products available or under development by manufacturers for these purposes.  Direct phone interviews were held with cardiac surgeons in August/September 2004.

Views from the European front lines in coronary artery bypass:

"Many times word of mouth is more important than trial.  I think these are the first shots at making proximal connectors and that others will come along that will have impact."

"The impact [of drug-eluting stents] will be significant.  It has a major impact already.  Referral pattern is changing."

"I believe drug eluting stents will become obsolete.  And there will be other developments, such as a new generation of stents, or even lipid-lowering therapy..."

"We have validated that OPCAB reduces incidence of neurological deficits by half."

Selected Survey Questions*


1. In what country do you currently practice medicine?

2. How many years have you been in practice?

3. What is your current caseload per month in the performance of coronary artery bypass grafting?

4. What is your current bypass caseload split between on-pump and off-pump?

a. On-pump __%

b. Off-pump __%

5. What percentage of your current bypass caseload is done via minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass graft? __%

6. If you expect to be performing bypass in two years, what is your expected caseload split for on/off-pump?

a. On-pump __%

b. Off-pump __%

7. What is the likely impact over the next year of drug-eluting stents on your bypass caseload?

a. Minimal impact __

b. Moderate impact __

c. Significant impact __


8. What products (stabilizers, positioners, anastomosis connectors) do you currently use and why?

a. Experience with proximal connectors is:_____________ (none/poor/neutral/good). Why? Which product(s)/manufacturer(s) _____

b. Experience with distal connectors is: _____________ (none/poor/neutral/good). Why? Which product(s)/manufacturer(s) _____

c. Experience with stabilizers/positioners is: _____________ (none/poor/neutral/good). Why? Which product(s)/manufacturer(s) _____

9. What newly introduced products for CABG do you expect to increasingly use over the next two years?__________

10. What needs do you see for product development in OPCAB? ___________

11. What needs do you see for product development otherwise to improve outcomes in bypass?____________

12. To what degree do you believe that OPCAB reduces neurological deficits and pump sickness? _____________

13. Please provide us with us with a brief statement about off-pump bypass and where you see its potential, consideration of alternative treatments (e.g., drug-eluting stents) for coronary artery disease, limitations in off-pumpís use to specific patient types or other factors driving or limiting off-pump use procedure volume.


* Interviews followed a basic script at a minimum, but actual interviews were wide ranging depending upon surgeon responses and willingness to provide additional detail.



Why Buy This Report

∑ Reveals shifts in OPCAB practice patterns limiting and creating opportunities for manufacturers

∑ Identifies manufacturer strengths and weaknesses

∑ Reveals new product opportunities driven by clinician demand

European Cardiac Surgeon Perspectives on Practices and Products in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

Price:  $395 for print or PDF; $495 for both.  -- Add $150 for site license [what's this?]


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