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Markets, Trends, Technologies and Opportunities in Cardiothoracic Surgery, 2003-2013

April 2003

Report #C350

* 225 pages   * 67 Exhibits   * 45 Company Profiles   * April 2003   * Report #C350

This report is a detailed market and technology assessment and forecast of the products and technologies involved in cardiothoracic surgery and repair. The report details the current and emerging products, technologies and markets involved in the spectrum of cardiothoracic procedures. The report covers the products and technologies on the market and under development, encompassing visualization equipment, robots, heart-lung machines, beating heart stabilization equipment, mechanical implant systems, tissue implants, and the emerging technologies of synthetic materials, biological therapies. The report provides a current and forecast assessment of the markets for these technologies, with particular emphasis on the market impact of new technologies through the coming decade.


Executive Summary


U.S. Cardiovascular Disease Market

Trends in Cardiothoracic Surgery

Market Leaders


Section 1:        Clinical Market

1.1       Functional Anatomy

1.1.1          Valves & Chambers

1.1.2          Heartís Electrical System

1.1.3          Coronary Arteries

1.1.4          Great Vessels       Aorta       Pulmonary Vessels       Superior Vena Cava

1.2       Disease States & Prevalences

1.2.1          Aortic Stenosis

1.2.2          Angina Pectoris

1.2.3          Acute Myocardial Infarction

1.2.4          Arrhythmia Disorders       Atrial Fibrillation       Bradycardia       Tachycardia

1.2.5          Atherosclerosis

1.2.6          Cardiac Arrest

1.2.7          Cardiomyopathy

1.2.8          Congestive Heart Failure

1.2.9          Congenital Heart Disease

1.2.10        Coronary Heart Disease

1.2.11        Endocarditis

1.2.12        Hypertension

1.2.13        Hypercholesterolemia

1.2.14        Ischemic Heart Disease

1.2.15        Myocardial Diseases

1.2.16        Rheumatic Heart Disease

1.2.17        Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

1.2.18        Valvular Disorders

1.2.19        Diagnosis & Treatment Trends     NYHA Classification System     Coronary Endarterectomy     VEMaST     Robotic Surgical Procedures     CABG     OPCAB     OPCRES     MIDCAB

1.2.20        Congestive Heart Failure Implants     VADs     Pulsatile Electromagnetic Flow Pumps     Rotary Centrifugal Flow Pumps     Rotary Axial Flow Pumps     Transcutaneous Energy Transfer System     Cardiac Resynchronization Devices     Total Artificial Hearts

1.2.21        Alfieri Procedure

1.2.22        Rastelli Procedure

1.2.23        Ross Procedure

1.2.24        Cox Maze Procedure

1.2.25        Annuloplasty

1.2.26        Commissurotomy

1.2.27        Valve Replacement

1.2.28        Angiogenesis

1.2.29        Myogenesis

1.2.30        Heart Transplantation

1.2.31        Xenotransplants

Section 2:        New Products & Technologies

2.1       Visualization Equipment

2.1.1          MRI

2.1.2          Cardiac CT

2.2       Transmyocardial Revascularization

2.3       Arrhythmia Ablation

2.4       Robots

2.5       Heart-Lung Perfusion Systems

2.6       Mechanical Implant Systems

2.6.1          Anastomosis Devices

2.6.2          VADs

2.6.3          External Counterpulsation

2.6.4          Pacing Systems

2.6.5          Resynchronization Systems

2.6.6          Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDís)

2.6.7          Pacing Leads

2.6.8          Implantable Monitors

2.6.9          Artificial Hearts

2.6.10        Heart Stabilizers

2.6.11        SVR Products

2.6.12        CV Suture Products

2.6.13        CHF Restraint Systems

2.6.14        Mechanical Valves

2.6.15        Bioprosthetic Valves

2.6.16        Human Tissue Valves

2.6.17        Animal Tissue Valves

2.6.18        Porcine Valves

2.6.19        Bovine Valves

2.6.20        Stented vs Stentless Valves

2.6.21        Vein Harvesting

2.7       Synthetic Materials

2.7.1          Synthetic Blood

2.7.2          Synthetic Grafts

2.8       Biological Therapies

2.8.1          Cellular Therapies       Mesenchymal Stem Cells

2.8.2          Growth Factors & Morphogenetic Proteins

Section 3:        Market

3.1       Market Forces

3.2       Market Size

3.3       Procedural Mix

3.4       Market Share

3.5       Market Segments

Section 4:        Company Profiles

4.1       Key Market Leaders

4.1.1          CarboMedics (Snia)

4.1.2          Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

4.1.3          Genzyme

4.1.4          Guidant Corporation

4.1.5          Intuitive Surgical

4.1.6          Johnson & Johnson

4.1.7          Medtronic, Inc.

4.1.8          St. Jude Medical

4.1.9          Thoratec Corporation

4.1.10        Tyco Healthcare

4.2       Highlighted Development Companies

4.2.1          ABIOMED, Inc.

4.2.2          Acorn Cardiovascular

4.2.3          A-Med Systems

4.2.4          Arrow International

4.2.5          Athersys Inc.

4.2.6          AtriCure, Inc.

4.2.7          Axya Medical, Inc.

4.2.8          Berlin Heart AG

4.2.9          Bioheart, Inc.

4.2.10        BIOTRONIK GmbH & Co.

4.2.11        Cardica, Inc.

4.2.12        CardialCare, Inc.

4.2.13        CardioEnergetics, Inc.

4.2.14        CardioGenesis Corporation

4.2.15        CardioMend, LLC

4.2.16        CardioVention, Inc.

4.2.17        Chase Medical

4.2.18        Coalescent Surgical, Inc.

4.2.19        Corautus Genetics, Inc.

4.2.20        Cryolife, Inc.

4.2.21        Data Sciences International

4.2.22        Evalve, Inc.

4.2.23        Jarvik Heart Inc.

4.2.24        LifeCell Corporation

4.2.25        Medcanica/Popcab

4.2.26        MitraLife

4.2.27        Myocor, Inc.

4.2.28        Novare Surgical Systems, Inc.

4.2.29        Organ Recovery Systems, Inc.

4.2.30        Ortec International, Inc.

4.2.31        Percardia, Inc.

4.2.32        Percutaneous Valve Technologies

4.2.33        The Spectranetics Corporation

4.2.34        Vasomedical, Inc.

4.2.35        Ventrica, Inc.


Exhibit ES-1:  U.S. Cardiac Surgery Market

Exhibit ES-2:  Economic Cost of Cardiovascular Disease in the U.S.

Exhibit ES-3:  Causes of the 2.4 Million Annual Deaths in the U.S.

Exhibit ES-4:  Cardiovascular Disease in the U.S.

Exhibit ES-5:  Causes of the Annual Cardiovascular Deaths in U.S.

Exhibit ES-6:  Cardiovascular Disease Prevalence in the U.S.

Exhibit ES-7:  Surgical Solutions for Advanced-stage Cardiovascular Diseases

Exhibit ES-8:  Cardiac Surgical Trends

Exhibit ES-9:  Market Leadersí Product Focus

Exhibit ES-10:  Market Share by Company

Exhibit 1-1:  Heart Valve Disease and Mortality Rates

Exhibit 1-2:  Coronary Arteries and Function

Exhibit 1-3:  Myocardial Infarction U.S. Profile

Exhibit 1-4:  Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Exhibit 1-5:  Tachycardia Arrhthmias

Exhibit 1-6:  Nonischemic Cardiomyopathies

Exhibit 1-7:  Snapshot: Heart Failure in the U.S. 2002

Exhibit 1-8:  Congestive Heart Failure Incidence & Prevalence in U.S.

Exhibit 1-9:  Symptoms of Heart Failure

Exhibit 1-10:  Risk Factors Leading to Heart Failure

Exhibit 1-11:  Congenital Heart Disease

Exhibit 1-12:  Coronary Heart Disease U.S. Profile

Exhibit 1-13:  Cholesterol Risk Levels for CHD

Exhibit 1-14:  Endocarditis Risk Factors

Exhibit 1-15:  Symptoms of Hypercholesterolemia

Exhibit 1-16:  Valvular Regurgitation Grading Scale

Exhibit 1-17:  The Stages of Heart Failure Ė NYHA Classification

Exhibit 1-18:  Prevalence of Comorbidities

Exhibit 1-19:  OPCAB vs Heart Lung Bypass

Exhibit 1-20:  Complications and Disadvantages of CABG

Exhibit 1-21:  Benefits and Advantages of MIDCAB

Exhibit 1-22:  Advantages and Disadvantages of Pulsatile Electromagnetic Flow Pumps

Exhibit 1-23:  Advantages and Disadvantages of Rotary Centrifugal Flow Pumps

Exhibit 1-24:  Advantages and Disadvantages of Axial Flow Pumps

Exhibit 1-25:  Transcutaneous Energy Transfer Systems (TET)

Exhibit 1-26:  U.S. Valve Replacement Procedures

Exhibit 2-1:  Cardiac CT Imaging Systems

Exhibit 2-2:  2002(E) 16-Slice CT Market Share

Exhibit 2-3:  Advantages of Robotic Assisted Surgery

Exhibit 2-4:  Surgical Access Trends for HVD

Exhibit 2-5:  FDA Approved Anastomosis Systems

Exhibit 2-6:  FDA Approved Ventricular Assist Devices

Exhibit 2-7:  VADís In Development

Exhibit 2-8:  VAD Reimbursement FY 2003

Exhibit 2-9:  Newly Developed Pacemakers

Exhibit 2-10:  Newly Developed Resynchronization Devices

Exhibit 2-11:  Newly Developed ICD Devices

Exhibit 2-12:  Clinical Trials Status CHF Devices

Exhibit 2-13:  Total Artificial Hearts

Exhibit 2-14:  Medtronic Octopus System II Multivessel Revascularization System

Exhibit 2-16:  Medtronic Octopus Stabilizer Accessories

Exhibit 2-17:  Guidant Axius Vacuum 2 Stabilizer

Exhibit 2-18:  Heart Stabilizer Systems on the Market

Exhibit 3-1:  Breakdown of Global Cardiac Surgery Market

Exhibit 3-2:  U.S. Cardiac Surgery Market by Segment, 2003-2013

Exhibit 3-3:  Cardiac Surgical Trends

Exhibit 3-4:  Market Leadersí Product Focus

Exhibit 3-5:  Market Share by Company

Exhibit 3-6:  Cardiac Rhythm Management Market

Exhibit 3-7:  2002 Global Valve Market

Exhibit 3-8:  2002 Global Valve Therapy ASP

Exhibit 3-9:  2002 Heart Valve Therapy Market Share

Exhibit 3-9:  Mechanical vs Tissue Valve Comparison

Exhibit 3-10:  Tissue Valves vs Mechanical Valves Share

Exhibit 3-11:  Valve Repair Market Share

Exhibit 4-1:  Edwards Lifesciences Sales by Product Line

Exhibit 4-2:  Medtronic Sales by Product Line



Markets, Trends, Technologies and Opportunities in Cardiothoracic Surgery, 2003-2013

April 2003

Price:  $1,450 (delivered in PDF)

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MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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