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A Worldwide Business Report
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REPORT:  Diabetes Management Worldwide

Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities in

 Diabetes Management Worldwide, 2009-2018

Report D510

280 pages   · 67 Exhibits   · 123 Company Profiles   · July 2010   · Report #D510

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Worldwide report on products, trends, competitors and markets for diabetes management.

This report details the worldwide incidence and prevalence by country/region of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and details the current and projected market for diagnostic and therapeutic products in the management of diabetes, including anti-diabetic drugs, alternative insulin types, blood glucose monitoring (including continuous monitoring devices), insulin pumps, and other established and emerging products in diabetes management.  The report provides an emphasis of detail on the status of development of novel products including noninvasive monitoring, oral/inhaled/other insulin delivery. The report details the clinical and technology developments underlying this huge and evolving worldwide market, with data on products in development and on the market; market size and forecast; competitor market shares; competitor profiles; and market opportunity. 

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Separate size, growth and competitor share data are presented for the U.S., European, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World.  The report profiles active companies including detailed profile information on major competitors, brief profiles of companies with less sizeable current or potential positions in the market, plus additional profiles of companies with novel or advanced research activities in the market.

The report establishes the current worldwide market size for major technology segments as a baseline for and projecting growth in the market over a ten-year forecast. The report also assesses and projects the composition of the market as technologies gain or lose relative market performance over this period.

Products & Technologies Covered:

  • Oral hypoglycemic drugs

  • Insulin by type

  • Blood glucose monitors

  • Lancets

  • Blood sampling devices

  • HbA1c testing

  • Insulin pumps

  • Insulin syringes

  • Inhaled insulin

  • Artificial pancreas

  • Pancreatic transplant

  • Islet cell transplants

  • Stem cell

  • Antibody treatment

  • Vaccines

  • Genetic approaches

  • Novel drugs

  • Continuous glucose monitoring


Table of Contents



Some Diabetes Basics

A Large and Growing Market

A Many-Sided Market

Pharmaceuticals for Diabetes Insulin

Oral Antidiabetic Drugs

The Pharmaceutical Diabetes Market

Insulin Administration Devices

Medical Devices for Diabetes

Total Diabetes Market

Regional Segmentation

Market Growth

The Diabetes Industry

Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical Device Companies




1.1       What is Diabetes?

1.2       Blood Sugar Regulation

1.2.1    Insulin

1.3       Main Types of Diabetes

1.3.1    Type 1 Diabetes

1.3.2    Type 2 Diabetes

1.3.3    Gestational Diabetes

1.3.4    Obesity-Related Type 2 Diabetes in Children

1.3.5    Mature-Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)

1.3.6    Other Diabetic States

1.4       Diagnosis

1.4.1    Glucose Tests

1.4.2    Official Criteria

1.4.3    Differential Diagnosis Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes

1.5       Current Treatment

1.5.1    Type 1 Diabetes

1.5.2    Type 2 Diabetes

1.5.3    Diet

1.6       Future Treatment Approaches

1.7       Treatment Monitoring

1.7.1    Blood Sugar Control

1.7.2    The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

1.7.3    Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)

1.7.4    Fructosamine

1.8       Incidence and Prevalence of Diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2)

1.8.1    Worldwide Type 1 Type 2

1.8.2    United States

1.8.3    Japan

1.8.4    Europe

1.9       Diabetic Complications

1.9.1    Retinopathy

1.9.2    Neuropathy

1.9.3    Nephropathy

1.10     Metabolic Syndrome




2.1       Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices:  Suppliers and Products

2.1.1    Lancets

2.1.2    Blood Sampling Devices

2.1.3    Blood Glucose Monitors

2.1.4    New Developments in Glucose Testing

2.2       Artificial Pancreas

2.3       Other Testing Approaches

2.3.1    Hemoglobin A1c Hemoglobin A1c Meters Hemoglobin A1c Kits

2.4       Software Programs for Diabetes Monitoring

2.4.1    Web Software

2.4.2    Commercial Software



3.1       Insulin

3.1.1    History Bovine and Porcine Insulin Humanized Insulin

3.1.2    Companies Supplying Insulin

3.1.3    Insulin Delivery Syringes Insulin Syringe Manufacturers Pens Manufacturers of Insulin Pens Injectors Injector Manufacturers

3.1.4    Inhaled insulin

3.1.5    Insulin Pumps What is an Insulin Pump? The Infusion Set Candidates for Pump Therapy

3.1.6    Companies Supplying Insulin Pumps

3.2       Oral Hypoglycemic Agents

3.2.1    Sulfonylureas

3.2.2    Biguanides

3.2.3    Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitor

3.2.4    Thiazolinediones/Glitazones

3.2.5    Prandial Glucose Regulators/Meglitinides

3.2.6    Incretin Mimetics/GLP-1 Analogs

3.2.7    DPP-4 Inhibitors

3.2.8    Amylin Mimetic

3.2.9    SGLT2 Inhibitors

3.2.10  Other



4.1       Pancreas Transplants

4.2       Islet Cell Transplants

4.2.1    Edmonton Protocol

4.2.2    Improving Islet Cell Transplantation

4.2.3    Living-Donor Islet Cell Transplant

4.3       Stem Cell Developments

4.3.1    Embryonic Stem Cells

4.3.2    Cord Blood Stem Cells

4.3.3    Adult Stem Cells

4.4       Antibody Treatment

4.5       Vaccines

4.6       Novel Drugs

4.6.1    PPARα/γ Ligands (PPAR Co-agonists)

4.6.2    SGLT1/SGLT2 Inhibitors

4.7       Continuous Glucose Monitoring

4.7.1    Optical Glucose Sensor and Optical Biosensors

4.7.2    Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes



5.1       Worldwide Market

5.1.1    Size

5.1.2    Growth

5.1.3    Regional Segmentation

5.2       Market Analysis by Product Category

5.2.1    Monitoring Products Major Suppliers

5.2.2    Insulins and Insulin Delivery Devices Major Suppliers          Insulin          Syringes and Other Insulin Administration Devices          Insulin Pumps

5.2.3    Anti-diabetic Drugs Major Suppliers

5.3      Trends

5.4       Global Markets by Region

5.4.1    United States

5.4.2    Europe

5.4.3    Asia/Pacific

5.4.4    Rest of World



6.1       Leading Companies

6.1.1    Abbott

6.1.2    Bayer

6.1.3    Becton Dickinson

6.1.4    Bristol-Myers Squibb

6.1.5    Eli Lilly

6.1.6    GlaxoSmithKline

6.1.7    Johnson & Johnson

6.1.8    Medtronic

6.1.9    Merck & Co. / Merck Sharp & Dohme

6.1.10  Merck KGaA / Merck Serono

6.1.11  Novartis (Sandoz)

6.1.12  Novo Nordisk

6.1.13  Roche (Roche Diabetes Care)

6.1.14  Sanofi-Aventis

6.1.15  Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

6.2       Other Companies

6.2.1    77 Elektronika

6.2.2    ACON Laboratories

6.2.3    Activa Brand Products, Inc.

6.2.4    AgaMatrix, Inc.

6.2.5    AiMedics Pty Ltd.

6.2.6    Alkermes Inc.

6.2.7    AmbiMedInc

6.2.8    Amylin Pharmaceuticals

6.2.9    Antares Pharma

6.2.10  Apex Biotechnology Ltd.

6.2.11  Arena Pharmaceuticals

6.2.12  ArKal Medical

6.2.13  ARKRAY USA, Inc. (formerly HypoGuard)

6.2.14  Asante Solutions, Inc.

6.2.15  B. Braun Melsungen AG

6.2.16  Biocon

6.2.17  Biodel

6.2.18  Bioject Medical Technologies Inc.

6.2.19  Biorasis Inc. (aka Bio-Orasis)

6.2.20  Biosign Technologies Inc.

6.2.21  Biovitrum

6.2.22  Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

6.2.23  Calibra Medical, Inc.

6.2.24  Calisto Medical, Inc.

6.2.25  Cascade Metrix, Inc.

6.2.26  Cellnovo

6.2.27  CeQur SA

6.2.28  CPEX Pharmaceuticals

6.2.29  DARA BioSciences, Inc.

6.2.30  DexCom, Inc.

6.2.31  Diabetes Technologies, Inc.

6.2.32  Diamyd Medical AB

6.2.33  Diosynth Biotechnology

6.2.34  Echo Therapeutics

6.2.35  EnGene

6.2.36  EPS Bio Technology Corp.

6.2.37  Eumed Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

6.2.38  Exsulin Corp.

6.2.39  EyeSense

6.2.40  FivePrime Therapeutics

6.2.41  FlexSite Diagnostics

6.2.42  Freedom Meditech

6.2.43  Generex Biotechnology Corp.

6.2.44  Geron Corp.

6.2.45  GlucoPlus, Inc.

6.2.46  GluMetrics, Inc.

6.2.47  HemoCue AB

6.2.48  HMD BioMedical Inc. (aka Beijing HMD BioMedical Inc.)

6.2.49  Home Diagnostics Inc.

6.2.50  INJEX - Equidyne Systems (DBA) (Owned by HNS International)

6.2.51  InLight Solutions Inc.

6.2.52  Insulet Corporation

6.2.53  Integrity Applications Ltd.

6.2.54  InteKrin Therapeutics

6.2.55  Kumetrix Inc.

6.2.56  Laboratorios Beta

6.2.57  Lein Applied Diagnostics Ltd.

6.2.58  Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.

6.2.59  LighTouch Medical, Inc.

6.2.60  Living Cell Technologies, Ltd.

6.2.61  MannKind Corp.

6.2.62  Medingo Ltd.

6.2.63  Medipacs, Inc.

6.2.64  Menarini

6.2.65  Metabolex

6.2.66  NanoMega Medical

6.2.67  Nektar Therapeutics

6.2.68  NiliMEDIX Ltd.

6.2.69  Nipro Diabetes Systems Inc.

6.2.70  OK Biotech Co. Ltd.

6.2.71  Owen Mumford

6.2.72  Pfizer

6.2.73  Phenomix Corporation

6.2.74  Polymer Technology Systems Inc.

6.2.75  Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC

6.2.76  Quotient Diagnostics Ltd.

6.2.77  Rheamed Biotechnology Co.

6.2.78  Sanwa Kagaku Kenkyusho Co. Ltd.

6.2.79  Sensors for Medicine and Science, Inc.

6.2.80  Sensys Medical

6.2.81  Sernova Corp.

6.2.82  Servier Laboratories

6.2.83  Siemens Healthcare

6.2.84  Sirna Therapeutics

6.2.85  Skyup Technology Corp.

6.2.86  SmartCells, Inc.

6.2.87  Smiths Medical

6.2.88  SOOIL Development Co., Ltd.

6.2.89  Syndexa Pharmaceuticals Corp.

6.2.90  TaiDoc Technology Corporation

6.2.91  Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

6.2.92  Terumo Medical Corporation

6.2.93  Theratechnologies Inc.

6.2.94  Thermalin Diabetes, Inc.

6.2.95  Tolerx Inc.

6.2.96  Tyson Bioresearch

6.2.97  Ultradian Diagnostics

6.2.98  Unilife Corp.

6.2.99  US Diagnostics Inc.

6.2.100  Valeritas, Inc.

6.2.101  Vaxine Pty Ltd.

6.2.102  VeraLight Inc.

6.2.103  Verva Pharmaceuticals

6.2.104  Visgeneer

6.2.105  VivoMedical Inc.

6.2.106  Wockhardt Ltd.

6.2.107  XOMA

6.2.108  Ypsomed AG


List of Exhibits

Exhibit ES-1: Total Diabetes Market, 2009

Exhibit ES-2:  Overall Diabetes Products Market by Geographical Region, 2009


Exhibit 1-1:  Threshold Glucose Levels Indicative of Diabetes/Hyperglycemia (mMol/L)

Exhibit 1-2:  Main Brands and Types of Insulin

Exhibit 1-3:  Leading Oral Diabetes Treatments

Exhibit 1-4:  Regional Estimates for Diabetes (Age 20-79 Years), 2010 and 2030

Exhibit 1-5:  Type 1 Diabetes in Children by Region, 2010 (000)

Exhibit 1-6:  Differences in the Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes among Selected Ethnic Groups, 2007

Exhibit 1-7:  Prevalence of Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Diabetes in the United States, 2007

Exhibit 1-8:  Estimated Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in Selected Western European Countries, 2010, Ages 20–79


Exhibit 2-1:  Suppliers of Blood Lancets

Exhibit 2-2:  Suppliers of Blood Glucose Monitors

Exhibit 2-3:  Developers of Alternative Blood Glucose Testing Methods

Exhibit 2-4:  Examples of Commercial Software Programs


Exhibit 3-1:  Leading Suppliers and Developers of Insulin

Exhibit 3-2:  Suppliers of Syringes and Similar Delivery Devices

Exhibit 3-3:  Manufacturers and Developers of Insulin Pens

Exhibit 3-4:  Manufacturers of Insulin Injectors

Exhibit 3-5:  Suppliers of Insulin Pump Systems

Exhibit 3-6:  Sulfonylureas

Exhibit 3-7:  Oral Hypoglycemic Agents (OHAs)


Exhibit 4-1:  Islet Transplants and Related Approaches

Exhibit 4-2:  Companies in Stem Cell Research

Exhibit 4-3:  Suppliers of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors


Exhibit 5-1:  Regional Estimates for Diabetes (20–79 Years), 2010 and 2030

Exhibit 5-2:  Worldwide Market for Diabetes Products , 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-3:  Worldwide Market for Diabetes Products, by Region, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-4:  Overall Diabetes Products Market by Geographical Region, 2009

Exhibit 5-5:  Worldwide Market for Blood Glucose Meters, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-6:  Worldwide Market for Lancets, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-7:  Worldwide Market for Test Strips, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-8:  Worldwide Market for Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-9:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Blood Glucose Meters, 2009

Exhibit 5-10:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Lancets, 2009

Exhibit 5-11:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Test Strips (only), 2009

Exhibit 5-12:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors, 2009

Exhibit 5-13:  Worldwide Market for Insulin, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-14:  Worldwide Market for Insulin Syringes and Other Delivery Devices, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-15:  Worldwide Market for Insulin Pumps, 2009–2018

Exhibit 5-16:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Insulin, 2009

Exhibit 5-17:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Insulin Syringes and Other Delivery Devices, 2009

Exhibit 5-18:  Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers of Insulin Pumps, 2009

Exhibit 5-19:  Leading Manufacturers of Anti-Diabetic Drugs, 2009

Exhibit 5-20:  U.S. Market for Diabetes Management, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-21:  U.S. Market for Diabetes Management, by Product Segment, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-22:  European Market for Diabetes Management, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-23:  European Market for Diabetes Management, by Product Segment, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-24:  Asia/Pacific Market for Diabetes Management, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-25:  Asia/Pacific Market for Diabetes Management, by Product Segment, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-26:  Rest of World Market for Diabetes Management, 2009-2018

Exhibit 5-27:  Rest of World Market for Diabetes Management, by Product Segment, 2009-2018


Exhibit 6-1:  Financial Data for Abbott Laboratories, Year Ended December 31, 2008–2009, USD Millions

Exhibit 6-2:  Estimated Bayer AG Revenues, 2009

Exhibit 6-3:  Estimated Bayer Diabetes Care Products Revenues, 2009

Exhibit 6-4:  Becton Dickinson Sales by Division, 2008–2009, USD Millions

Exhibit 6-5:  Year-End Financial Data for GlaxoSmithKline, 2008–2009, £ Millions

Exhibit 6-6:  Financial Data for Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Care Business by Geographical Region, 2008–2009, $ Millions

Exhibit 6-7:  Financial Data for Novartis, 2008–2009, $ Millions

Exhibit 6-8:  Sales of Novo Nordisk’s Diabetes Care Products, 2009, DKK Millions

Exhibit 6-9:  Financial Data for Roche, 2008–2009, Swiss Franc Millions

Exhibit 6-10:  Sanofi-Aventis Selected Diabetes Products Revenues, 2009

Exhibit 6-11:  Sanofi-Aventis Year-End Financial Data, 2008–2009, € Millions

Exhibit 6-12:  Takeda’s Diabetes-Related R&D Activities as of July 2009

Exhibit 6-13:  Financial Data for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, 2008–2009

Exhibit 6-14:  Financial Data for B. Braun, 2008–2009, € Millions

Exhibit 6-15:  Unilife Corp. 2009 Revenues and Profits (000), Year End June 30, 2009

Exhibit 6-16:  Ypsomed Financial Overview (CHF, 000)



Products, Technologies, Markets and Opportunities in Diabetes Management Worldwide, 2009-2018.  (July 2010)


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MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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