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Trends & Opportunities in the Arthroscopy and Soft Tissue Repair Markets

230 pages   50 Exhibits   41 Company Profiles   Pub. Date September 30, 2002   Report # M401

This report examines the state of technology and market development in arthroscopy and soft tissue repair, with 5 and 10 year market projections.  Detailed data is provided on disease and injury states; occurrence rates; soft tissue disease therapy trends; arthrosopic procedures by joint, mature, growth and emerging products and technologies; market dynamics, market sizes, market growth rates and market shares; company profiles of market leaders and emerging technology companies.  The soft tissue repair market is in rapid flux as new technologies in the orthobiologic space emerge.   In just a few years, these technologies are expected to represent half of the all revenues derived in this market.


Executive Summary

Overview of the U.S. Orthopedic Market

Overview of the Soft Tissue Repair Market Segment

Clinical  Trends

Surgeonís Perspective

Palliative Therapies

Reparative Therapies

Restorative Procedures

Arthroscopic Application by Joint

Arthroscopy of the Knee

Arthroscopy of the Shoulder

Arthroscopy of the Elbow

Arthroscopy of the Ankle

Arthroscopy of the Wrist Joint

Arthroscopy of Temporomandibular joint

Arthroscopy for Foreign Body Removal

Market Leaders


Section 1:        Clinical Market

1.1       Disease & Injury Types

1.1.1          Arthropathies       Arthritis          Demographics of Arthritis          Rheumatoid Arthritis          Osteoarthritis (OA)          Secondary OA       Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

1.1.2          Soft Tissue Disorders       Joint Derangement          Knee Disclocation          Shoulder Dislocations          Meniscal Tears          Rotator Cuff Syndrome          Sprains & Strains       Enthesopathies          Ligament Injuries          Tendon Ruptures          Tendinitis          Bursitis          Epicondylitis

1.2       Diagnosis & Treatment Trends

1.2.1          Palliative Therapies       Diagnostic Arthroscopy       Arthroscopic Debridement & Lavage       Viscosupplementation       Chondroprotective Agents

1.2.2          Reparative Therapies       Arthroscopic Marrow Stimulating Techniques       Arthroscopic Repair          Knee Arthroscopy          Shoulder Arthroscopy          Other Joints          Tissue Grafting          MIS Arthroplasty

1.2.3          Restorative Therapies       Osteochondral Transplant Grafting       Mosaicplasty

Section 2:        Products & Technologies

2.1       Visualization Equipment

2.2       Energy Systems

2.2.1          RF Systems

2.2.2          Utrasonic Energy

2.2.3          Low Level Lasers

2.3       Powered Equipment

2.4       Manual Instruments

2.5       Mechanical Implant Systems

2.5.1          Interference Screws

2.5.2          Anchors

2.5.3          Arrows, Darts and Staples

2.5.4          MIS Unicompartmental Implants

2.6       Tissue Implants

2.6.1          Allogenic Transplantation

2.6.2          Artificial Grafts

2.7       Emerging Technologies

2.7.1          Synthetic Materials       Resorbables       Synthetic Resurfacing       Hydrogels       Polymer Scaffolds

2.7.2          Biological Therapies       Growth Factors & Morphogenic Proteins       Cellular Therapies          Mesenchymal Stem Cells          Chondrocyte Applications       Chondroprotective Agents       Tissue Engineering          Ex-Vivo Engineering          In-Vivo Regeneration

2.7.3          Viscoelastics       Hyaluronan-based Technologies       Other Joint Lubricants

2.7.4          OrthoPharmaceuticals       Investigational New Drugs (INDs)

Section 3:        Market

3.1       Market Forces

3.2       Market Size

3.3       Product Segmentation

3.3.1          Mature Technologies

3.3.2          Growth Technologies

3.3.3          Emerging Technologies

3.4       Market Shares

Section 4:        Company Profiles

4.1       Key Market Leaders

4.1.1          Smith + Nephew

4.1.2          Conmed

4.1.3          Stryker

4.1.4          Johnson & Johnson

4.1.5          Genzyme Biosurgery

4.1.6          Fidia

4.1.7          Arthrex

4.1.8          Biomet

4.1.9          Arthrocare

4.1.10        Bionx Implants, Inc.

4.2       Highlighted Development Companies

4.2.1          Aastrom Biosciences

4.2.2          Acculaser Inc.

4.2.3          Advanced Tissue Sciences

4.2.4          Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

4.2.5          Artecel Sciences, Inc.

4.2.6          Articular Engineering, LLC

4.2.7          Axya Medical, Inc.

4.2.8          BD Biosciences

4.2.9          BioDelivery Systems

4.2.10        BioTissue Technologies

4.2.11        Collagen Matrix

4.2.12        CryoLife, Inc

4.2.13        Hydrocision

4.2.14        Integra LifeSciences

4.2.15        IsoTis N.V.

4.2.16        LifeCell

4.2.17        LifeNet

4.2.18        MorphoGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

4.2.19        NeuColl

4.2.20        Novozymes

4.2.21        Organ Recovery Systems

4.2.22        Orquest

4.2.23        Ortheon Medical

4.2.24        Orthologic Corp.

4.2.25        Orthovita, Inc.

4.2.26        Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

4.2.27        Osteobiologics

4.2.28        Regen Biologics, Inc.

4.2.29        Regeneration Technologies

4.2.30        TEI BioSciences

4.2.31        Tutogen Medical

4.2.32        Verigen

4.2.33        Zimmer


Exhibit ES-1: U.S. 2002(E) Musculoskeletal Market Size by Segment

Exhibit ES-2: Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue Repair Revenues Distribution 2002(E)

Exhibit ES-3: U.S. Forecast Arthritis and Soft Tissue Population

Exhibit ES-4: Distribution of Soft Tissue Injuries by Age Category

Exhibit ES-5: Demographics of Age Group 18-59 as % of US Population

Exhibit ES-6: Therapeutic Trends in Arthroscopy

Exhibit ES-8: Top 10 in U.S. Market Share in Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue Repair

Exhibit ES-9: Market Leaders Product Focus

Exhibit ES-10: Projected Product Mix: Soft Tissue Repair Devices vs. Orthobiologics

Exhibit ES-11: Companies Developing Orthobiologic Technologies

Exhibit ES-12: hMSCs Differentiation Process

Exhibit 1-1: Demographics of Arthritis in U.S. Population (n=32,000)

Exhibit 1-2: Chondryl Injury Classification System

Exhibit 1-3: Knee Dislocation Classifications

Exhibit 1-4: Meniscal Tear Classifications

Exhibit 1-5: Rotator Cuff Syndrome Classifications

Exhibit 1-6: Ligament Sprain Classifications

Exhibit 1-7:  PCL Tear Grading

Exhibit 1-8: Major Causes of The Most Common Tendon Rupture

Exhibit 1-9: Common Causes of Bursitis of the Shoulder and Knee

Exhibit 1-10: Diagnosis & Treatment Trends in Arthroscopy

Exhibit 1-11: Effects of Viscosupplementation

Exhibit 1-12:  Rotator Cuff Tear Configurations with Recommended Repair

Exhibit 2-1: Typical Arthroscopic Procedure:

Exhibit 2-2: Arthroscopic Cameras

Exhibit 2-3: Autoclavable Cameras Potential Sterilization Savings

Exhibit 2-4:  4mm Direct View Arthroscopes

Exhibit 2-5:  Powered Light Source

Exhibit 2-6: Arthroscopic Application Electrosurgical Devices

Exhibit 2-7: Suture Management Instrumentation

Exhibit 2-8: Comparison of Screw Implants

Exhibit 2-9: Suture Anchor Products

Exhibit 2-10: Mini Anchors Comparison by Minor Diameter

Exhibit 2-11: Comparison of Meniscus Repair Devices

Exhibit 2-12: Comparison of Pullout Force of Meniscus Repair Devices

Exhibit 2-13:  Sources of Allograft for Knee Soft Tissue Repair

Exhibit 2-14: Complications from Arthroscopic Procedures

Exhibit 2-15: Resorbable Shoulder Repair Products

Exhibit 2-16: Resorbable Meniscus Repair Products

Exhibit 2-17: Resorbable Ligament Repair Products

Exhibit 2-18: hMSCs Differentiation Process

Exhibit 2-19: MACI Success Rate

Exhibit 2-20: Collagen Types

Exhibit 2-21: Comparison of the Molecular Weights of Naturally Occurring and Commercially Available Viscosupplements

Exhibit 2-22: Comparison of HA Products by Dosage

Exhibit 2-23: U.S. Pending Approval HA Products

Exhibit 3-1: Demographics of Age Group 18-59 as % of US Population

Exhibit 3-2: Technology Mix in Soft Tissue Repair Market

Exhibit 3-3: Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue Repair Revenues Distribution

Exhibit 3-4: Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder Procedural Volumes

Exhibit 3-5: Product Segmentation by Life Cycle

Exhibit 3-6: U.S. Arthroscopic Equipment Forecast

Exhibit 3-7: U.S. Procedure Specific Device Forecast

Exhibit 3-8: ASP Meniscus Repair Product

Exhibit 3-9: ASP Ligament Repair Products

Exhibit 3-10: ASP Anchor Repair Products

Exhibit 3-11: Orthobiologic Forecast

Exhibit 3-12:: Top 10 in U.S. Market Share in Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue Repair

Exhibit 3-13:  Market Leaders Product Focus




Trends & Opportunities in Arthroscopy & Soft Tissue Repair Markets, 2002-2012

Published September 2002

Price: $2,250  (print or PDF) or $2,450 (print and PDF). (Add $1,500 for site license)





MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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