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Emerging Trends, Technologies and Opportunities in the Markets for Orthopedic Biomaterials, Worldwide

226 pages   64 Exhibits   66 Company Profiles   Report #M625    Published Dec. 2006

This report is a detailed assessment of products and technologies in orthopedic biomaterials under development and on the market, including bone grafts (including allografts), bone graft substitutes, polymers, growth factors, surgical glues and sealants, anti-adhesion products, and tissue engineering products.  The report addresses the major pathologies requiring surgical intervention (e.g., trauma, degenerative diseases of hip, knee and spine, etc); the most common and most important surgical procedures, with caseload detailed globally and regionally; the range of products available and their role in the various surgical procedures; trends in surgical practice, especially as they affect product uptake; description of the range of product types and specific products in current use; discussion of product trends, including changing market expectations leading research towards new products; and discussion of the main factors driving the market, and those inhibiting growth; the regulatory environment and its evolution; market size and growth, globally and regionally (USA, Europe, Japan, RoW) for 2006; market breakdown by main product types; leading companies and their market shares; five-year market forecasts (2007-11); and company profiles of the largest and/or most important companies.

Table of Contents




Materials and Their Uses




Other Orthopaedic Biomaterials

Growth Factors

Surgical Sealants and Glues

Anti-Adhesion Products

Tissue Engineering

The Market

Total Orthopaedic Market

Orthopaedic Biomaterials



1.1       Definitions

1.2       Bone

1.2.1          Bone Formation

1.3       Orthopedic Surgery

1.3.1          Hip Replacement       Procedures and Biomaterials       Caseload

1.3.2          Knee Replacement and Repair       Knee Replacement: Technique and Biomaterials       Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair       Caseload

1.3.3          Spinal Surgery       Surgical Procedures and Biomaterials       Caseload

1.3.4          Fractures

1.4       Orthopedic Biomaterials

1.4.1          Graft Materials       Bone Allografts       Cartilage Allografts       Tendon Allografts

1.4.2          Safety Concerns with Allografts

1.4.3          Polymers       Polymers Used as Biomaterials       Bioresorbable Polymers

1.4.4          Ceramics       Ceramic Bone Implants       Ceramic-on-Ceramic Implants       Ceramic Dental Implants

1.4.5          Surgical Glues and Sealants       Types of Surgical Sealants

1.4.6          Anti-Adhesives       Research in Anti-Adhesion

1.4.7          Tissue Engineering       Comparison with Other Therapies       Current Research in Tissue Engineering

1.4.8          Growth Factors


2.1       Advances in Bone Graft Materials

2.1.1          Selected Product Offerings       Allosource       AltivaCorp       Cortek       LifeNet       Osteotech Inc.       Tutogen Medical

2.2       Synthetic Bone Substitutes

2.2.1          Selected Product Offerings       Biocoral Inc.       CeraPedics       CryoLife       ETEX Corp.       Medtronic Sofamor Danek       Novabone LLC       OsteoBiologics Inc.

2.3       Polymer-based Biomaterials

2.3.1          Selected Product Offerings       Arthrex Inc.       Arthrotek Inc.       Biocoat Inc.       Durect Corp.       Invibio Material Solutions       Protein Polymer Technologies Inc (PPTI)       Smith & Nephew plc       Zimmer Holdings

2.4       Ceramics

2.4.1          Selected Product Offerings       Amedica Corp.       Angstrom Medica Inc       ApaTech Ltd       Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials       CeramTec AG       Encore Medical       Interpore Cross International Inc.       Japan Medical Materials Company       Metoxit AG     Morgan Technical Ceramics     NovaBone Products LLC     OrthoVita, Inc.     OsteoBiologics, Inc.     Stryker     Teknimed SA     Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

2.5       Growth Factors

2.5.1          Selected Product Offerings       Acologix, Inc.       BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc.       BD Biosciences       Biodesign International       OrthoLogic Corp.       Stryker Biotech

2.6       Tissue Engineering

2.6.1          Selected Product Offerings       Aastrom Biosciences Inc.       Encelle Inc.       Integra Life Sciences Corporation       Isto Technologies Inc.       Ortec International, Inc.       Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.       TEI Biosciences Inc.

2.7       Sealants and Glues

2.7.1          Selected Product Offerings       Abbott Laboratories       Closure Medical (Johnson & Johnson)       Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.       Baxter       Confluent Surgical Inc.       Haemacure Corp.       CryoLife, Inc.       Nycomed       ThermoGenesis Corp.     Tissuemed Ltd.

2.8       Orthopaedic Surgical Trends



3.1       Market Size

3.2       The Market for Orthopaedic Biomaterials

3.2.1          Regional Markets       North America       Western Europe       Japan

3.2.2          Markets by Materials       Allografts          Companies and Products       Synthetic Bone Substitutes       Polymers          Companies and Products       Ceramics          Companies and Products       Growth Factors          Companies and Products       Tissue Engineering       Sealants and Glues          Companies and Products       Anti-Adhesion Products          Companies and Products       Other - Viscosupplementation          Market          Companies and Products     Consolidated Market Estimates and Forecasts

3.2.3          Market Analysis by Clinical Use       Hip and Knee Surgery       Spinal Surgery       Trauma

3.2.4          Leading Companies

Section 4:        Company profiles

4.1       Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.

4.2       Absorbable Polymer International

4.3       Acologix Inc.

4.4       Advanced Cell Technology Inc.

4.5       Allograft Tissue Systems Inc (ATSI)

4.6       Allosource

4.7       Alphatec Spine, Inc.

4.8       Altiva Corporation

4.9       Amedica Corporation

4.10     Angstrom Medica Inc.

4.11     ApaTech Ltd.

4.12     Arthrex

4.13     Arthrotek

4.14     Artimplant

4.15     Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Inc.

4.16     Biocoat Inc.

4.17     Biocomposites Ltd

4.18     Biocoral, Inc.

4.19     BioMimetic Therapeutics Inc.

4.20     Biopharm GmbH

4.21     BioSyntech Inc.

4.22     CeramTec AG

4.23     CeraPedics LLC

4.24     Clearant Inc.

4.25     Closure Medical Corporation

4.26     Cortek, Inc.

4.27     CryoLife, Inc.

4.28     De Puy Inc.

4.29     Encelle Inc.

4.30     Encore Medical

4.31     Enobia Pharma Inc.

4.32     Etex Corporation.

4.33     Fidia Advanced Biopolymers s.r.l.

4.34     FzioMed Inc.

4.35     Genzyme Biosurgery, Inc.

4.36     Haemacure Corporation

4.37     Inion Ltd

4.38     Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corporation

4.39     Interpore Cross International

4.40     Invibio Material Solutions

4.41     Isotis, N.V.

4.42     Isto Technologies Inc.

4.43     Japan Medical Materials Corporation

4.44     LifeCell Corp.

4.45     LifeNet Allografts

4.46     Medtronic Sofamor Danek

4.47     Metoxit AG

4.48     Morgan Advanced Ceramics

4.49     NovaBone Products LLC

4.50     Ortec International, Inc.

4.51     OrthoLogic Corporation

4.52     Orthovita, Inc.

4.53     Osiris Therapeutics Inc.

4.54     OsteoBiologics Inc

4.55     Osteohealth Company

4.56     Osteotech, Inc.

4.57     Protein Polymer Technologies Inc.

4.58     Regen Biologics, Inc.

4.59     Regeneration Technologies, Inc.

4.60     Smith & Nephew, plc.

4.61     Stryker Biotech

4.62     Synthes, Inc.

4.63     TEI Biosciences

4.64     Teknimed SA

4.65     Tutogen Medical, Inc.

4.66     Wright Medical Technology, Inc.



Company Contact Details





Exhibit ES-1:  Examples of Polymers Used in Orthopaedics

Exhibit ES-2:  Worldwide Market for Orthopaedic Devices

Exhibit ES-3:  Size and Growth of Worldwide Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market, 2006-2011

Exhibit ES-4:  Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market by Region, 2006

Exhibit ES-5:  Company Shares of the U.S. Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market, 2005


Exhibit 1-1:  The Bones of the Hip Joint

Exhibit 1-2:  Hip Replacement Caseload in the U.S., Europe and Worldwide, 2004

Exhibit 1-3:  Knee Joint Replacement Frontal and Lateral Views

Exhibit 1-4:  Total Knee Replacement Caseload, U.S., Europe and Worldwide, 2004

Exhibit 1-5:  Spinal Fusions, U.S., Europe and Worldwide, 2004

Exhibit 1-6:  Main Advantages of Allografts

Exhibit 1-7:  Polymer Biomaterials Used in Orthopaedics

Exhibit 1-8:  Ceramics Relative Properties Compared with Steel and Titanium Alloys


Exhibit 2-1:  Allograft Products

Exhibit 2-2:  Synthetic Bone Products

Exhibit 2-3:  Polymer-Based Products

Exhibit 2-4:  Ceramic-Based Products

Exhibit 2-5:  Growth Factor Products

Exhibit 2-6:  Tissue Engineering Products

Exhibit 2-7:  Sealants and Haemostat Products


Exhibit 3-1:  Current Value and Growth of Orthopaedic Device Market

Exhibit 3-2:  Countries Having at Least 10% of Their Population Age 65 and Over, by Population Totals and Percentages, 2003

Exhibit 3-3:  Size and Growth of Worldwide Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market, 2006-2011

Exhibit 3-4:  Main Product Groups in US Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market, 2005

Exhibit 3-5:  European Orthopaedics Market, 2005

Exhibit 3-6:  Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market by Region, 2006

Exhibit 3-7:  Allograft Market in 2006 and 2011

Exhibit 3-8:  Regional Distribution of World Allograft Market, 2006

Exhibit 3-9:  Worldwide Market for Synthetic Bone Substitutes, 2006-2011

Exhibit 3-10:  Regional Distribution of World Market for Synthetic Bone Substitutes, 2006

Exhibit 3-11:  Polymers in Orthopaedic Biomaterials: Market Value and Growth

Exhibit 3-12:  Regional Distribution of World Market for Orthopaedic Polymers, 2006

Exhibit 3-13:  Worldwide Market for Ceramic Biomaterials, 2006-2011

Exhibit 3-14:  Regional Distribution of World Market for Orthopaedic Ceramics, 2006

Exhibit 3-15:  Worldwide Market for Bone Growth Factors, 2006-2011

Exhibit 3-16:  Regional Distribution of World Market for Orthopaedic Bone Growth Factors, 2006

Exhibit 3-17:  Worldwide Market for Surgical Sealants, Glues and Haemostats

Exhibit 3-18:  Regional Distribution of World Market for Sealants, Glues and Haemostats in Orthopaedics, 2006

Exhibit 3-19:  Worldwide Market for Anti-Adhesion Products

Exhibit 3-20:  Regional Distribution of World Anti-Adhesion Products Market, 2006

Exhibit 3-21:  World and Regional Viscosupplementation Markets, 2006

Exhibit 3-22:  Sales of Leading Hyaluronic Acid Products, 2005

Exhibit 3-23:  World Orthopaedic Biomaterials Market, 2006-2011, By Product Categories

Exhibit 3-24:  Orthopaedic Market by Clinical Use and Device Type, 2006

Exhibit 3-25:  Hip and Knee Replacements, U.S., 2000-2020

Exhibit 3-26:  Company Shares in the Main Regional Orthopaedic Biomaterials Markets, 2005


Exhibit 4-1:  Aastrom Financial Data, Year to June 30th 2006

Exhibit 4-2:  Advanced Cell Technology Financial Data for Six months to June 30, 2006

Exhibit 4-3:  Artimplant Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-4:  BioMimetic Selected Financial Data for Six Months to June 30 2006 and 2005

Exhibit 4-5:  CryoLife Selected Financial Data, 2005

Exhibit 4-6:  Encore Medical Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-7:  Integra Lifesciences Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-8:  IsoTis Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-9:  LifeCell Selected Financial Data, 2005

Exhibit 4-10:  Medtronic Selected Financial Data for Years to April 30th 2006 and 2005

Exhibit 4-11:  The Morgan Crucible Company Selected Financial Data for The Morgan Crucible Company, 2005

Exhibit 4-12:  OrthoLogic Selected Financial Data, 2003-2005

Exhibit 4-13:  OrthoVita Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-14:  Osiris Therapeutics Selected Financial Data, Six Months to June 30th, 2006

Exhibit 4-15:  Osteotech Selected Financial Data, 2003-2005

Exhibit 4-16:  Smith & Nephew, Selected Financial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-17:  Stryker Selected Financial Data for 9 months to September 30th 2006 and 2005

Exhibit 4-18:  Synthes Selected Dinancial Data, 2004-2005

Exhibit 4-19:  Wright Medical Group Selected Financial Data for the first 9 months of 2006 and 2005


Emerging Trends, Technologies and Opportunities in the Markets for Orthopedic Biomaterials, Worldwide

Published December 2006


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