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Trends & Opportunities in the U.S. Markets for Ablation Technologies and Other Energy-Based Therapies, 2004

248 pages   65 Exhibits   71 Company Profiles   Pub. Date February 2004   Report #S110


Click for sample dataThis report is a detailed market and technology assessment and forecast of the products and technologies in the treatment of soft tissues via energy-based modalities, including cryogenic energy, hydraulic energy, laser energy, magnetic energy, mechanical energy, microwave energy, radiation energy, radiofrequency energy, thermal energy, and ultrasonic energy. The report describes the energy-based technologies in terms of the nature of their effect on soft tissue, the underlying basis of the technology, the requisite systems for their use (including capital equipment, devices and disposables), and their strengths and weaknesses for specific clinical applications. The report details the current and anticipated target applications, assessing the current and forecast caseload for each energy-based therapeutic considering competition from alternative energy-based and other therapeutics. The report details the current and emerging products, technologies and markets for each energy-based therapy. The report provides a current and forecast assessment of the U.S. markets for these technologies, with particular emphasis on the market impact of new technologies through the coming decade, and profiles key companies in this industry detailing their current products, current market position and products under development.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Trends & Opportunities

Market Leaders

Section 1:    Energy-Based Therapies, Clinical Applications and practices by Disease State

1.1    Cancer

1.1.1    Brachytherapy

1.1.2    Cryogenic Therapy

1.1.3    FluidJet Therapy

1.1.4    Microwave Therapy

1.1.5    Radiation Therapy

1.1.6    Radiofrequency Therapy

1.1.7    Stereotactic Surgery

1.1.8    Thermal Ablation

1.1.9    Ultrasonic Ablation

1.2    Cardiovascular Disease

1.2.1    Angina Pectoris

1.2.2    Atrial Arrhythmias    Laser Ablation    Cryotherapy Ablation    Electrical Cardioversion    Microwave Ablation    RF Ablation

1.2.3    Bradycardia

1.2.4    Critical Ischemia

1.2.5    Vascular Occlusive Disease

1.2.6    Ventricular Arrhythmias

1.2.7    Wolf-Parkinson-White Disease

1.3    Elective Surgery

1.3.1    Cosmetic Surgery    Laser Hair Removal    Port Wine Stains    Psoriasis    Varicose Veins

1.3.2    Ophthalmic Surgery    Capsulotomy Surgery    Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)    Wavefront-guided Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)    Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK)

1.4    General Surgery

1.4.1    Fecal Incontinence

1.4.2    GERD

1.4.3    Gynecological Disorders    Hysterectomy    Menorrhagia    Bladder Neck Suspension

1.4.4    Urological Applications    Urinary Tract Stones    BPH    TUMT    TUNA    Vaporization of the Prostate (PVP)    Water-Induced Thermotherapy

1.4.5    Tonsillectomy

1.5    Orthopedic Therapies

1.5.1    Capsular Shrinkage

1.5.2    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1.5.3    Chondroplasty

1.5.4    Debridement

1.5.5    Epicondylitis & Tendinitis

1.5.6    Inflammatory Conditions

1.5.7    Nucleoplasty

Section 2:    Products & Technologies by Energy Modality      

2.1    Cryogenic Energy

2.2    Electrical Energy

2.2.1    Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs)

2.2.2    Resynchronization Systems

2.2.3    Pacing Systems

2.2.4    Pain Management

2.3    Hydromechanical Energy

2.4    Light Energy

2.4.1    Cold Lasers

2.4.2    Excimer Lasers

2.4.3    Photonic Ablation

2.4.4    Ultraviolet B (UVB) Lasers

2.5    Microwave Energy

2.6    Radiation Energy

2.6.1    Brachytherapy

2.6.2    Radiosurgery    CyberKnife    Gamma Knife

2.7    Radiofrequency Energy

2.8    Thermal Energy

2.9    Ultrasonic Energy

2.9.1    Shock Wave Therapy

2.9.2    Ultrasonic Surgical Systems

Section 3:    Ablation Technologies Market   

3.1    Market Overview

3.2    Market Trends

3.3    Energy-Based Systems Segmentation

3.3.1    Cardiovascular Systems    Arrhythmia Ablation Market    Implantable Energy-Based HF Devices

3.3.2    Cancer Systems    Minimally Invasive Tumor Ablation Systems    Radiation-based Products    External Beam Systems    RadioSeed Implants

3.3.3    Elective Surgical Systems    Cosmetic Surgical Systems    Ophthalmic Surgical Systems

3.3.4    General Surgical Systems

3.3.5    Orthopedic Systems    Soft Tissue Repair Products    Orthopedic Pain Management Products

3.4    Market Leaders

Section 4:    Company Profiles       

4.1    Acoustic MedSystems

4.2    Acculaser

4.3    Accuray

4.4    ACMI/ArgoMed

4.5    AFx, Inc.

4.6    Alcon Laboratories

4.7    American Medical Systems/Cryogen

4.8    ArthroCare Corporation

4.9    ATI Medical, Inc.

4.10    AtriCure

4.11    Bard EP

4.12    Bausch & Lomb

4.13    Berchtold

4.14    Biotronik, Inc.

4.15    Biowave Corporation

4.16    Biomet EBI

4.17    Boston Scientific/BEI Medical Systems

4.18    Candela Corporation

4.19    Cardima, Inc.

4.20    CardioGenesis Corporation

4.21    Celsion Corporation

4.22    Coherent/Lumenis

4.23    ConMed Corporation

4.24    CryoCath Technologies, Inc.

4.25    CryoCor, Inc.

4.26    Curon Medical

4.27    DirexGroup

4.28    Dornier MedTech

4.29    EDAP Technomed

4.30    Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

4.31    Endocare, Inc.

4.32    EPMedSystemsm, Inc.

4.33    ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH

4.34    Focus Surgery, Inc.

4.35    Guidant Corporation

4.36    Gyrus (Everest, Skymed, Somnus)

4.37    HealthTronics Surgical Services

4.38    HydroCision, Inc.

4.39    Implant Sciences Corporation

4.40    Irvine Biomedical, Inc.

4.41    J&J BioSense-Webster

4.42    J&J Ethicon Endo-Surgery

4.43    J&J Gynecare

4.44    J&J Mitek-DePuy

4.45    LaserScope

4.46    Light Sciences Corporation

4.47    Medtronic, Inc.

4.48    Medtronic VidaMed

4.49    Microsulis Medical Ltd

4.50    Novacept

4.51    Olympus

4.52    OmniSonics Medical Technologies, Inc.

4.53    Oncura

4.54    Orthofix

4.55    PhotoMedex

4.56    ProSurg

4.57    Proxima Therapeutics, Inc.

4.58    RITA Medical Systems, Inc.

4.59    Smith + Nephew-Oratec

4.60    The Spectranetics Corporation

4.61    Spectrasonics Imaging, Inc.

4.62    St. Jude Medical

4.63    Starion Instruments Corporation

4.64    Stryker Instruments

4.65    SURx, Inc.

4.66    Theragenics Corporation

4.67    TissueLink Medical, Inc.

4.68    Tyco (Radionics, U.S. Surgical, Valleylab)

4.69    Urologix, Inc.

4.70    VISX

4.71    Vivant Medical

Appendix: Company Listing


List of Exhibits


Exhibit ES-1: Overview of the U.S. Energy-Based Therapies Market by Modality

Exhibit ES-2: Growth of the U.S. Energy-Based Therapies Market by Modality

Exhibit ES-3 U.S. Energy Therapies Segment Mix of Total Market

Exhibit ES-4: U.S. Energy-Based Therapies Market by Clinical Application

Exhibit ES-5: Market Leaders in Energy-Based Therapies

Exhibit 1-1: Energy-Based Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Exhibit 1-2: Energy-Based Therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases

Exhibit 1-3: Energy-based Therapies for Atrial Arrhythmias

Exhibit 1-4: Energy-based Systems to Treat Bradycardia

Exhibit 1-5: Ventricular Arrhythmia Therapies

Exhibit 1-6: Energy-based Implants for Ventricular Arrhythmias

Exhibit 1-7: Cosmetic Lasers

Exhibit 1-8: FDA Approved Procedures by Laser System

Exhibit 1-9: Tradition LAVH vs PK LVAH

Exhibit 1-10: Orthopedic Application of Electrosurgical Devices

Exhibit 1-11: Collagen Types

Exhibit 1-12: Chondroplasty Systemsí Zone of Thermal Damage

Exhibit 2-1: Energy-Based Technologies

Exhibit 2-2: Cryogenic-based Technologies

Exhibit 2-3: Electrical-based Technologies

Exhibit 2-4: Clinical Trials Status CHF Devices

Exhibit 2-5: Newly Developed ICD Devices

Exhibit 2-6: Newly Developed Resynchronization Devices

Exhibit 2-7: Newly Developed Pacemakers

Exhibit 2-8: Microwave Energy-based Technologies

Exhibit 2-9: Radioactive Seed Products for Brachytherapy

Exhibit 2-10: Radiofrequency-based Technologies

Exhibit 2-11: Ultrasonic-based technologies

Exhibit 2-12: High Growth Applications of Ultrasonic Surgical Systems

Exhibit 2-13: Ultrasonic Surgical Systems

Exhibit 3-1: Overview of the U.S. Energy-Based Therapies Market by Modality

Exhibit 3-2: Market Drivers by Energy Modality

Exhibit 3-3: Overview of the U.S. Energy-Based Therapies Market by Clinical Application

Exhibit 3-4: Arrhythmias Treated with Ablation Therapy

Exhibit 3-5: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Arrhythmia Ablation Systems

Exhibit 3-6: 2003 Arrhythmia Ablation Market Share

Exhibit 3-7: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Cardiac Rhythm Systems

Exhibit 3-8: U.S. Market for Energy-based Cardiac Rhythm Products

Exhibit 3-9: U.S. Tumor Ablation Systems Market, 2003-2013

Exhibit 3-10: U.S. Tumor Ablation Systems Market Share 2003

Exhibit 3-11: U.S. External Beam Radiation Equipment Market, 2003-2013

Exhibit 3-12: U.S. External Beam Radiation Equipment Market Share

Exhibit 3-13: U.S. Brachytherapy Implant Market, 2003-2013

Exhibit 3-14: U.S. Radioactive Seed Market Share for Brachytherapy

Exhibit 3-15: Cosmetic Market Share of Energy-based Systems

Exhibit 3-16: Market Leaders in Energy-based Systems for Ophthalmic Surgery

Exhibit 3-17: General Surgical Market Segment by Energy Modality

Exhibit 3-18: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Ultrasonic Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-19: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Radiofrequency Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-20: General Surgical Radiofrequency Systems Market Shares, 2003

Exhibit 3-21: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection, Light Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-22: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection, Thermal Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-23: General Surgery Thermal Surgical Systems Market Shares, 2003

Exhibit 3-24: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Hydromechanical Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-25: General Surgery Hydromechanical Surgical Systems Market Shares, 2003

Exhibit 3-26: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Cryogenic Surgical Systems in General Surgery

Exhibit 3-27: General Surgery Cryogenic Surgical Systems Market Shares, 2003

Exhibit 3-28: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Microwave Surgical Systems

Exhibit 3-29: General Surgery Microwave Surgical Systems Market Shares, 2003

Exhibit 3-30: General Surgical Ultrasonic Systems Market Share

Exhibit 3-31: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Orthopedic Radiofrequency Systems

Exhibit 3-32: Orthopedic Surgical Radiofrequency Systems Market Share

Exhibit 3-33: Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder Procedural Volumes

Exhibit 3-34: U.S. 10 Year Market Projection Orthopedic Pain Management Products

Exhibit 3-35: Energy-based Technologies Market Leaders





(See the forthcoming report, "Worldwide Ablation Technologies, 2008-2017," publishing July/August 2008)



Trends & Opportunities in the U.S. Markets for Ablation Technologies and Other Energy-Based Therapies, 2004




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