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This report has been superceded by the newest report on Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy & Transplantation. Click here.

Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Transplantation: Products, Technologies & Market Opportunities, 2003-2013

Report S505

· 338 pages   · 32 Exhibits   · 176 Company Profiles   · Pub. Date August 2003   · Report #S505


This report examines the status of technologies, applications and markets for tissue engineering. The report reviews therapeutic technologies under various stages of development at over 150 companies. Products being developed address major causes of death and disease spanning applications in cardiovascular, neurological, orthopaedic, skin, organ and others. The report details the status of product development and assesses the current and forecast market for tissue engineering and transplantation products.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Section 1:        Introduction

1.1       Overview

1.2       Definitions

1.3       History of Tissue Reconstruction and Engineering

1.4       Growth of Key Procedures

1.5       Evolution of Tissue Processing Corporations

1.6       Regulatory Controls Shaping the Industry

1.7       Tissue Engineering as a Solution

1.8       Development Challenges

1.8.1          Material Based Tissue Replacements

1.8.2          Allograft Derived Tissue Replacements

1.8.3          Cell and Tissue Engineered Products

1.9       Market Expectations for Tissue Reconstruction and Engineering

1.9.1          Material Based Tissue Replacements

1.9.2          Allograft Tissue Replacements

1.9.3          Cell and Tissue Engineered Replacements

1.10     Unmet Clinical Need

1.11     Developing Tissue-Engineered Products

1.11.1        Culturing Cells

1.11.2        Cell Delivery

1.11.3        Bioengineering Cells and Tissues

1.12     Autologous, Allogeneic, and Xenogeneic Products

1.13     Timescales

1.14     Sector Challenges

1.15     Regulatory, Cost Effectiveness and Clinical

1.15.1        Regulatory

1.15.2        Cost Effectiveness

1.15.3        Clinical

1.16     Competition Intensity

1.16.1        Industry Focus

1.16.2        Investment Levels

1.16.3        Investor Returns

Section 2:        Clinical Caseload

2.1       Overview

2.2       Cardiovascular Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

2.2.1          Introduction

2.2.2          Coronary Heart Disease

2.2.3          Myocardial Infarction

2.2.4          Congestive Heart Failure

2.2.5          Dysfunctional Heart Valves

2.2.6          Peripheral Vascular Disorders

2.2.7          Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

2.2.8          Drivers of Caseloads for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

2.3       Neurological Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

2.3.1          Introduction

2.3.2          Stroke

2.3.3          Parkinson’s

2.3.4          Alzheimer’s

2.3.5          Epilepsy

2.3.6          Traumatic Injury

2.3.7          Peripheral Nerve Treatment

2.3.8          Multiple Sclerosis

2.3.9          Neurology Drivers

2.4       Orthopedic Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

2.4.1          Introduction

2.4.2          Cartilage Repair

2.4.3          Ligament Damage

2.4.4          Other Joints

2.4.5          Bone Graft Materials

2.4.6          Vertebral Disc Repair

2.4.7          Drivers of Orthopedic Tissue Engineering

2.5       Urological Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

2.5.1          Introduction

2.5.2          Incontinence

2.5.3          Drivers of Urological Tissue Engineering

2.6       Skin Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

2.6.1          Introduction

2.6.2          Burns

2.6.3          Diabetic Ulcers

2.6.4          Venous Ulcers

2.6.5          Plastic Surgery

2.7       Organ Transplantation and Engineering

2.7.1          Introduction

2.7.2          Liver Disease

2.7.3          Kidney

2.7.4          Pancreas

2.7.5          Intestinal Tissue Engineering

2.7.6          Hematopoietic Tissue Engineering

2.7.7          Drivers of Organ Replacement Tissue Engineering

Section 3:        Technologies, Products and Markets

3.1       Overview

3.2       Cardiovascular

3.3       Neurological

3.4       Orthopedic

3.5       Urological

3.6       Skin Cell Engineering

3.7       Hematopoietic

3.8       Organ Reconstruction and Replacement

3.9       Potential for ‘Tissue Engineering’ Reconstruction

Section 4:        Company Profiles

3DM Inc.

Aastrom Bioscience Inc.

Advanced Medical Solutions PLC

Acorda Therapeutics Inc.

Advanced Cell Technology

Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Algenix Inc.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Artecel, Inc.

Arthrex Inc.

Anthrogenesis Inc. (Celgene Corp.)

Avax Technologies Inc.


Baxter International Inc.

BeFutur Biotechnologies


Biocoral Inc.

Biovascular Inc. (Synovis Life Technologies Inc.)

Bioheart Inc.

Biolife Solutions Inc.

Biomet, Inc.

BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals

Bionx Implants, Inc. (CONMED Corporation)

BioNova International

BioTissue Technologies

Biotransplant Inc.

Biohybrid Technologies



Bresagen Inc.

Cambrex Bioproducts

Cardiotech International Inc.

Celgene Corporation

Cell Based Delivery Inc.

Cell Genesys Inc.

Cell Pathways, Inc.

Cell Science Therapeutics Inc.

Cell Trends Inc.

Cellect Bio Inc.

CellExSys Inc.

CellFactors Ltd

Cell-Lining GmbH

CellTran Ltd

Celmed BioSciences Inc. (Theratechnologies)

Chrysalis BioTechnolology, Inc.

Circe Biomedical Inc.

co.don AG

Cook Group

CorCell, Inc.

CRYO-CELL International, Inc.

CryoLife, Inc.

Clinical Cell Culture (C3)

Curis Inc.

Cytomatrix LLC

Cytograft Tissue Engineering

Dendreon Corporation

Dentigenix, Inc.

Diacrin Inc.

Durect Corporation

Encelle Inc.

E.S. Cell International Pte Ltd

Enact Pharma PLC

Exactech, Inc.

Excorp Medical, Inc.

FibroGen, Inc.

Fidia Advanced Biomaterials

Gamida–Cell Ltd

Genetix Ltd

Genetix Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Genta, Inc.

Genzyme Biosurgery

Genzyme Molecular Oncology

Geron Corporation

GHO Pharma

Immerge Biotherapeutics

Immunicon Corporation

Incara Pharmaceuticals

Inion Ltd

Innogenetics (Xcellentis)

Instrument Makar Inc.

Integra Life Sciences Inc.

Interface Biologics Inc.

Intermountain Organ Recovery Service

Interpore Cross International Inc.

IsoTis NV

Isto Technologies Inc.

Islet Sheet Medical

Islet Technology, Inc.

Ixion Biotechnology Inc.

Johnson and Johnson Inc. (Ethicon, DePuy, Mitek)

Kensey Nash


Kourion Therapeutics AG

Layton Biosciences Inc.

Lifebank Inc.

Lifecell Inc.

Life Medical Sciences Inc.

Linvatec Corporation Inc.

Macropore Biosurgery Inc.


MeGA Tech GmbH

Microislet Inc.

Millenium Biologix Inc.

Modex Therapeutics

Mojave Therapeutics

MorphoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Morphogenesis Inc.

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

NanoMatrix Inc.

Nephros Therapeutics Inc.

NeuralStem Biopharmaceuticals Inc

NeuroNova AB

Neuronyx Inc.

Neurotech SA and Neurotech U.S. Inc.

Nexell Therapies

Novocell Inc.

Onux Medical Inc.

Organ Recovery Systems

Ortec International Inc.

Organogenesis Inc.


Osiris Therapeutics Inc.



Polyganics Ltd

Poly-Med, Inc.

PPL Therapeutics Ltd

Protein Polymer Technologies Inc.

Progenitor Cell Therapy Inc.

ProNeuron Biotechnologies, Inc.

Regen Biologics Inc.

Regeneration Technologies Inc.

Renaissance Cell Technologies

RegenRx Pharmaceuticals

ReNeuron Ltd

Revivicor, Inc.

Scaffix International

Sciperio Inc.

Select Therapeutics Inc.

Selective Genetics

Sertoli Technologies Inc.

Smith and Nephew Ltd

Spiration Inc.

Stem Cells Inc.

Stem Cell Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Stem Cell Sciences Ltd UK

Stem Cell Sciences Ltd

StemCell Technologies Inc.

StemSource Inc.

Surgical Dynamics Inc.

Synovis Life Technologies, Inc.

SyStemix, Inc.

Targeted Genetics Inc.

TEI Biosciences Inc.

Tepha Inc.

Theratechnologies Inc.

Therics Inc.

TiGenix N.V.

Tissue Transformation Technologies Inc.

TheraCyte Inc.

TissueMed Ltd

Tissue Therapeutics, Inc.

Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.

TolerRx, Inc.

Transition Therapeutics Inc

Triage Medical Inc.

Tristem Corporation


ViaCell, Inc.

VitaGen, Inc.

Vitrolife AB


Xcyte Therapies, Inc.


Xylos Corporation

Appendix: List of Companies



List of Exhibits


Exhibit 1-1:  Corporate Involvement in Tissue Transplantation and Engineering

Exhibit 1-2:  Worldwide Market for Material Based Tissue Reconstruction Products, 2001–2013

Exhibit 1-3:  Select Companies Developing Materials Applicable to Material-Based Tissue Reconstruction

Exhibit 1-4:  Worldwide Sales of Tissue Engineered Products, 2002

Exhibit 1-5:  Worldwide Sales of Donor Tissue Products, 2001-2013

Exhibit 1-6:  Worldwide Market for Tissue Engineered Products, 2001–2013

Exhibit 1-7: Timescales for Development of Tissue Engineered Products

Exhibit 1-8:  Clinical Development and Approvals (U.S.)

Exhibit 1-9:  Examples of Tissue Engineering Strategies

Exhibit 1-10:  Annual Revenues from Cell-Based Tissue Engineering Ventures in 2002

Exhibit 2-1:  Potential For Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering — Incidences of Applicable Surgical Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 2-2:  Potential for Neurological Tissue Engineering — Incidences of Applicable Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 2-3:  Potential for Orthopedic Tissue Engineering — Incidence of Applicable Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 2-4:  Potential for Urological Tissue Engineering — Incidence of Applicable Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 2-5:  Potential for Dermal Tissue Engineering — Incidence of Applicable Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 2-6:  Potential for Organ Tissue Engineering — Incidence of Applicable Procedures, 2002

Exhibit 3-1:  Cardiovascular Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-2:  Key Developments for Cardiovascular Repair

Exhibit 3-3:  Neurological Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-4:  Key Developments in Neurological Repair

Exhibit 3-5:  Orthopedic Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-6:  Key Developments in Orthopedic Repair

Exhibit 3-7:  Urology Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-8:  Key Developments in Urological Tissue Engineering

Exhibit 3-9:  Skin Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-10:  Key Developments in Skin Tissue Engineering

Exhibit 3-11:  Hematopoietic Cell Engineering Companies - Timescales

Exhibit 3-12:  Key Developments in Hematopoietic Tissue Engineering

Exhibit 3-13:  Organ Cell Engineering Companies — Timescales

Exhibit 3-14:  Key Developments in Organ Tissue Engineering

Exhibit 3-15:  Worldwide Market for Tissue Engineered Products, 2001–2013



This report has been superceded by the newest report on Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy & Transplantation. Click here.


Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Transplantation: Products, Technologies & Market Opportunities, 2003-2013

Report #S505, August  2003



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MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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