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Micro- and Nanomedicine:  Technologies, Applications, Industry, and Markets Worldwide


Report #T625

· 280 pages   · 28 Exhibits   · 99 Company Profiles   · Pub. Date 06/2006   · Report #T625

This report details the current products and technologies under development and on the market with medical applications of nanotechnology and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) The report details the current markets and their actual penetration by micromedical and nanomedical applications.  The technologies and applications under development are critically analyzed to identify the technological, market, regulatory and other hurdles that developers must be overcome for products to achieve commercialization. Opportunities are revealed for development of specific applications.  Nearly 100 companies are profiled for their current activities and competitive outlook, and many additional companies are referenced throughout the report.

Table of Contents

Report Sample




Section 1:        Materials, Processes, Applications and markets

1.1       About Nanotechnology

1.1.1          Uses of Nanotechnology

1.1.2          Nano Building Bricks       C60/Fullerenes       Carbon Nanotubes       Nanoparticles       Nanowires       Molecular Nanotechnology

1.1.3          Nanotechnology Risks

1.1.4          Nanotechnology in the Marketplace

1.1.5          The Nanotech Industry

1.1.6          Financing Nanotechnology

1.2       MEMS

1.2.1          Common Applications for MEMS

1.2.2          Materials       Silicon       Polymers       Metals

1.2.3          Processes       Deposition       Lithography       Etching

1.2.4          Dry Etching

1.2.5          The MEMS Market       Current Market Sectors       The MEMS Industry

1.3       Summary


Section 2:        Biomedical Applications

2.1       Nanotechnology

2.1.1          Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy       Silica Nanospheres       Nanoscale Hydrogel Shells       Carbon Nanoparticles       Photodynamic Therapy and Gold       Dendrimer Conjugates       Ligand-targeted Emulsion Technologies       Linear Cyclodextrin-Containing Polymers       Smart Lipid-based Nanocarriers       Thermotherapy Using Magnetic Nanoparticles     Targeted Cell Destruction     Nanoshells

2.1.2          Drug Delivery

2.1.3          Diagnostic Tools

2.1.4          Various Therapeutic Targets and Technologies       Anthrax       Cholesterol       Artificial Retina       Nerve Regeneration       Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier       Protecting Against Radiation Damage       Antibody Therapeutics       Silver Nanoparticles Against Infection       Haemostasis     Bone Fracture Repair     Dental Implant and Tissue Regeneration     Vaccine Adjuvant     Treatment of Thrombosis     Coatings for Stents and Other Devices     Detecting Nanobacteria     Killing Vviruses

2.2       MEMS

2.2.1          Sensors       Packaging Challenges       Sensor Manufacturers and Developers

2.2.2          Accelerometers

2.2.3          Lab-on-a-Chip and Related Microdevices

2.2.4          Insulin Pump

2.2.5          Infrastructure


Section 3:        Future Trends, Research and Risks


3.1       Prospectve Devices and Applications

3.1.1          Non-invasive Nanodevices

3.1.2          Extracellular Devices

3.1.3          Intracellular Devices       Nanomachines to Control Tissue Healing       Eliminating Viruses       Correcting Chemistry       New Organs and Limbs

3.2       Limitations and Realizable Markets

3.3       Fundamental Nanotechnology Research

3.3.1          U.S.A.       University at Albany-SUNY       Cornell University       University of Michigan       Rice University       University of Pennsylvania       University of Virginia       University of North Carolina       Ohio State University       Northwestern University     University of Pittsburgh     Case Western Reserve University     University of California at Berkeley     Arizona State University     University of New Mexico

3.3.2          Europe

3.3.3          Japan       Development of Active Targeting DDS       Development of Novel Tissue Engineering       Development of New Biomaterials

3.4       The Risk Factor

3.4.1          The Goo Scenarios

Section 4:        Markets for Nanotechnology and MEMS


4.1       Nanotechnology Markets

4.1.1          The Growth of Nanotechnology       Financing Nanotech       Company Involvement          Venture Capital          Intellectual property          NBA Poll       Medical Applications: Drug Delivery       Molecular Diagnostics

4.2       Regional Market Analysis

4.2.1          International Overview

4.2.2          USA

4.2.3          Europe

4.2.4          Japan

4.3       MEMS Markets


Section 5:        The Nanotech and MEMS industries


5.1       Nanotech Companies

5.1.1   Ablynx

5.1.2   Abraxis Bioscience

5.1.3   AcryMed Inc.

5.1.4   Acusphere Inc.

5.1.5   Advanced Magnetics Inc

5.1.6   Alltracell

5.1.7   AlphaRx

5.1.8   American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.(American Bioscience Inc)

5.1.9   Anson Nano-Biotechnology Company Ltd

5.1.10   Angstrom Medica

5.1.11   Aphios Corp.

5.1.12   Applied Nanoworks

5.1.13   Avidimer Therapeutics (previously Nanocure)

5.1.14   Biocrystal Ltd

5.1.15   Biodelivery Sciences International (BDSI)

5.1.16   Bioforce Nanosciences Inc

5.1.17   Bio-Gate Bioinnovative Materials GmbH

5.1.18   BioLok International Inc.

5.1.19   Bionova Inc

5.1.20   Biophage Pharma Inc.

5.1.21   Biophan Technologies

5.1.22   Biosanté Pharmaceuticals Inc.

5.1.23   C Sixty Inc

5.1.24   Capsulution Nanoscience AG

5.1.25   Combimatrix Corporation

5.1.26   Damage Prevention Concept

5.1.27   Farfield Sensors Ltd

5.1.28   Flamel Technologies SA

5.1.29   GE Healthcare Sciences (Amersham Biosciences Corp)

5.1.30   HealthPlus International Inc.

5.1.31   IGI Inc.

5.1.32   ImaRx Therapeutics Inc

5.1.33   Immunicon Corporation

5.1.34   Insert Therapeutics Inc.

5.1.35   Introgen Therapeutics

5.1.36   JR Nanotech plc

5.1.37   Kereos Inc.

5.1.38   Keystone Nano

5.1.39   Kliendieck Nanotechnik

5.1.40   Labopharm Inc.

5.1.41   LiPlasome Pharma A/S

5.1.42   Lumera Corporation

5.1.43   Magforce Nanotechnologies AG

5.1.44   MagnaMedics GmbH

5.1.45   MFIC Corporation

5.1.46   MIV Therapeutics Inc

5.1.47   Molecular Profiles

5.1.48   Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc

5.1.49   NanoBio Corporation

5.1.50   Nanobiotix

5.1.51   Nanocarrier Co Ltd

5.1.52   Nanocopoeia Inc.

5.1.53   Nanocrystal Technology

5.1.54   Nanocyte Inc.

5.1.55   Nanogen Inc

5.1.56   NanoInk, Inc.

5.1.57   Nanologix Inc.

5.1.58   NanoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc

5.1.59   Nanomix Inc

5.1.60   NanoPharm AG

5.1.61   Nanospectra Biosciences Inc.

5.1.62   Nanosphere, Inc.

5.1.63   Nanostream Inc.

5.1.64   Nanostructures, Inc.

5.1.65   Nanosyn Inc.

5.1.66   Nanotherapeutics Inc

5.1.67   Nanotrope Inc

5.1.68   Nanoviricides

5.1.69   Nexxion Corporation

5.1.70   Nucryst Pharmaceuticals

5.1.71   Nutralease

5.1.72   Orion Integrated Biosciences Inc.

5.1.73   Orthovita Inc.

5.1.74   pSivida Ltd

5.1.75   Qiagen N.V.

5.1.76   Solubest Ltd

5.1.77   Sphere Medical Ltd.

5.1.78   Spherics Inc.

5.1.79   Spinelix

5.1.80   Starpharma Pooled Development Ltd

5.1.81   SurgRx Inc.

5.1.82   Tecan Group Ltd

5.1.83   Telemolecular Corporation

5.1.84   TransGenex Nanobiotech, Inc.

5.1.85   Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd

5.2       MEMS Companies

5.2.1   Apogee Technology Inc.

5.2.2   Aquamarijn MicroFiltration BV

5.2.3   Caliper Life Sciences

5.2.4   CardioMEMS Inc

5.2.5   Cascade Microtech, Inc.

5.2.6   Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd

5.2.7   IMT

5.2.8   MEMSCap SA

5.2.9   MEMX

5.2.10   Micralyne Inc

5.2.11   Micronics Inc

5.2.12   Silex Microsystems AB

5.2.13   TRONIC Microsystems S.A.


Appendix I:    Company Directory


Appendix II:   Glossary



Micro- and Nanomedicine:  Technologies, Applications, Industry, and Markets Worldwide


Report #T625

May 2006



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MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Data is gathered from published sources on products and technologies on the market and under development.  Clinicians and industry representatives are interviewed for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections.  Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.


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