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Global Nanomedical Technologies, Markets and Opportunities, 2016-2021

· 175 pages   · 40 Exhibits   · 100+ Company Profiles   · Report #T650    · January 2017

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This report will assess the current status of technology and product development of nanotechnologies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications, with a forward-looking outlook on the anticipated timing and relative impact on existing diagnostic or therapeutic markets and new clinical applications and markets enabled by nanotechnology advances in medicine. The report will detail the developmental and market status of major nanomedical technology categories, including drug delivery, drugs and therapies (e.g., diabetes, antimicrobial resistance, Alzheimer’s Disease, infectious disease, arthritis, and others), nanotechnology in biomaterials, nanomedicine in personalized treatments, diagnostics (i.e., in vivo imaging and in vitro diagnostics), as well as a review of a wide range of emerging nanomedical applications. The report will detail the ethical, regulatory, legal, policy, government/private funding, and other drivers and limiters of nanomedical technologies in global markets. The report will seek to characterize the size of the market opportunities for nanomedicine based on penetration of markets otherwise served by non-nanomedical technologies, the current and emerging competitive landscape for nanomedical applications. The report will profile over 100 active companies developing nanomedical products.


Table of Contents

1.       Overview of Nanomedicine

1.1.       Definition and Specifications of Nanomedicine

1.2.       History

1.3.       Nanotechnological Advances

1.3.1.        Liposomes

1.3.2.        Micelles

1.3.3.        Nanocrystals

1.3.4.        Fullerenes

1.3.5.        Bucky balls

1.3.6.        C60

1.3.7.        Carbon nanotubes

1.3.8.        Nanowires

1.3.9.        Molecular nanotechnology

1.3.10.        Polymer nanoparticles

1.3.11.       Nanoparticle-drug conjugates

1.3.12.       Ceramic nanoparticles

1.3.13.       Virosome nanoparticles

1.3.14.       Quantum dots

2.       Therapeutic Applications of Nanomedicine

2.1.       Drug Delivery

2.1.1.        Chemotherapy drug delivery

2.1.2.        Magnetic nanoparticles attached to cancer cells

2.1.3.        Nanoparticles carrying drugs to arterial wall plaques

2.1.4.        Therapeutic magnetic carriers (TMMC) [guided using magnetic resonance navigation, or MRN]

2.2.       Drugs and Therapies

2.2.1.        Diabetes

2.2.2.        Combatting antimicrobial resistance

2.2.3.        Alzheimer’s Disease

2.2.4.        Infectious Disease

2.2.5.        Arthritis

2.3.       Tissue, cell and genetic engineering involving Nanomedical tools

2.3.1.        Nanomedical tools in gene therapy for inherited diseases

2.3.2.        Artificial kidney

2.3.3.        ACL replacements

2.3.4.        Ophthalmology

2.3.5.        Implanted nanodevices for alleviation of pain

2.4.       Biomaterials

2.5.       Nanomedicine and Personalized Treatments

3.       Diagnostic Applications

3.1.       In vivo imaging

3.2.       In vitro diagnostics

3.3.       Nanotheranostics - the use of nanoplatforms combining targeted therapy and diagnostic imaging functionality - is a rapidly growing trend.

4.       Future

4.1.       Nano robots repairing human DNA

4.2.       Microchip devices for drug delivery

4.3.       DNA machines with moving parts [Nanomechanical sensors, switches and tweezers]

4.4.       Light-activated therapeutics

4.5.       Injectable electronics

4.6.       Respirocytes

4.7.       Microbivores

4.8.       Clottocytes

4.9.       Pharmacytes

4.10.       Dentifrobots

4.11.       Vasculoid

4.12.       Programmable Dermal Display

5.       Industry Overview

5.1.       Key Regions of Development

5.2.       Ethical, regulatory and legal issues

5.3.       Government Policies Affecting the Industry

5.4.       Government Funding Driving the Industry

5.5.       Industry News Analysis

5.6.       Patents

5.7.       Pipeline Analysis

6.       Market Potential

6.1.       Technologies already in clinical use: diagnostics, therapeutics, and surgical aids

6.2.       Competitive Landscape

6.3.       Nanomedicine Commercialization Efforts

7.       Company summaries

7.1.       Ablynx NV

7.2.       Abraxas Biosciences, Inc.

7.3.       AcryMed Inc.

7.4.       Acusphere, Inc.

7.5.       Alltracell

7.6.       Amag Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7.7.       ANP Technologies

7.8.       Anson Nano-Biotechnology

7.9.       AparnaBio

7.10.       Aphios Corp.

7.11.       Arch Therapeutics

7.12.       Arrogene

7.13.       Artificial Cell Technologies

7.14.       Asklepios BioPharmaceuticals

7.15.       Azacycles

7.16.       Azaya Therapeutics

7.17.       BIND Therapeutics, Inc.

7.18.       Bio Delivery Sciences International

7.19.       Biocrystal Ltd.

7.20.       Bioforce Nanosciences, Inc.

7.21.       Bio-Gate AG

7.22.       Bionostra

7.23.       Biophage Pharma, Inc.

7.24.       Biophan Technologies

7.25.       Blend Therapeutics

7.26.       C Sixty Inc.

7.27.       Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7.28.       Camurus

7.29.       Cardiomems

7.30.       Celator Pharmaceuticals

7.31.       Celgene

7.32.       Combimatrix Corp.

7.33.       Contipro Group

7.34.       Cristal Therapeutics

7.35.       Cureport, Inc.

7.36.       CytImmune

7.37.       Elan Drug Technologies

7.38.       EnGene

7.39.       Ensysce Biosciences

7.40.       Exicure

7.41.       Farfield Scientific

7.42.       GE Healthcare

7.43.       Genetic Immunity

7.44.       iCeutica

7.45.       IGI Laboratories, Inc.

7.46.       Intezyn Technologies

7.47.       Kereos

7.48.       Keystone Nano, Inc.

7.49.       Kleindiek Nanotechnik GmbH

7.50.       Labopharm Inc.

7.51.       Liplasome Pharma A/S

7.52.       Lumera Corp.

7.53.       Magforce Nanotechnologies AG

7.54.       Magnamedics GmbH

7.55.       Meda Biotech

7.56.       Mersana Therapeutics

7.57.       Microfluidics International Corp.

7.58.       Midatech Group

7.59.       MIV Therapeutics, Inc.

7.60.       Juniper Pharmaceuticals

7.61.       Molecular Targets

7.62.       Nano Medtech

7.63.       Nano Retina

7.64.       Nanobac Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7.65.       Nanobio Corp.

7.66.       NanoBiotech

7.67.       NanoBiotix

7.68.       NanoCarrier Co. Ltd.

7.69.       Nanocopoeia, Inc.

7.70.       NanoCor Therapeutics

7.71.       Nanocyte, Inc.

7.72.       Nanogen, Inc.

7.73.       Nanologix, Inc.

7.74.       Nanomed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

7.75.       NanoMedia

7.76.       NanoMedical Systems

7.77.       Nanomix, Inc.

7.78.       Nanoprobes

7.79.       Nanospectra

7.80.       Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc.

7.81.       Nanosphere, Inc.

7.82.       Nanostructures, Inc.

7.83.       Nanosyn, Inc.

7.84.       Nanotherapeutics, Inc.

7.85.       Nanotrope, Inc.

7.86.       NanoVector

7.87.       NanoViricides

7.88.       Nicast

7.89.       Novavax

7.90.       Nucryst Pharmaceuticals

7.91.       Nutralease Ltd.

7.92.       Oasmia

7.93.       OmegaGenesis

7.94.       Orion Integrated Biosciences, Inc.

7.95.       Orthovita, Inc.

7.96.       Parvus Therapeutics

7.97.       PDS Biotechnology

7.98.       Pioneer Surgical Technology

7.99.       Psivida Ltd.

7.100.       Qiagen NV

7.101.       RXi

7.102.       Savara Pharmaceuticals

7.103.       Selecta Biosciences

7.104.       Sirnaomics

7.105.       SignaBlok

7.106.       Sol-Gel Technologies

7.107.       Solubest Ltd.

7.108.       Starpharma

7.109.       Supratek Pharma

7.110.       Taiwan Liposome

7.111.       Tecan Group Ltd.

7.112.       Transgenex Nanobiotech, Inc.

7.113.       Uluru

Appendix—Company Addresses

MedMarket Diligence Reports are produced through primary and secondary research. Primary research includes interviews with clinicians, industry representatives, and other stakeholders in the market for their knowledge and insights on product development, market development, clinical practice and trends associated with the evolving use of technologies. Secondary data includes SEC filings; company annual reports; regional, federal, and international datasets; brokerage other investment reports; and other indendent market research is used to corroborate and support assessments and projections. Reports are written and researched by industry insiders, whose familiarity with the companies, industry dynamics and other marketplace specifics facilitate the research process and ensure high quality and thorough reports.

Global Nanomedical Technologies, Markets and Opportunities, 2016-2021

January 2017


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