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Medtech Startups Database

Note:  The Medtech Startups Database replaces the previous startups directory published by MedMarket Diligence.

MedMarket Diligence offers an online, searchable database of startup medtech companies. Currently comprised of nearly 500 companies recently founded in the U.S. and outside the U.S., the Medtech Startup Companies Database is updated each month with 5-10 companies founded typically within the most recent one year period. 

  • "Stealth" companies
  • Companies started weeks or even days ago
  • Many startups outside the U.S.

Data included are company name, contact, address, tel, fax, email, website, year founded, company summary, extended business description, clinical/technology category.

See http://mediligence.com/startups-db.htm for more details.

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Medtech Startups Directory
(out of print)

UPDATED October 2006

Technology Startups in the Medical Product Industry
January 2005 - September 2006

* Over 60 Medtech Companies    * 33 Pages   * October 2006   * Publication #X101

MedMarket Diligence has tracked numerous sources of data on the formation of new medical product companies.  Now a live, online database of nearly 500 medtech startup companies founded in the past five years. 

The Startups 2006 directory has been produced from research across multiple sources in the public domain as well as sources that are proprietary to MedMarket Diligence.

The technology scope of companies covered is focused on medical device and related technologies, with “related” technologies to include biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals and others that are either being integrated with medical devices or competing with them directly. There was no strict limit to the clinical applications included.  Inclusion in the directory has strictly been based on the subjective decision of MedMarket Diligence and the availability of relevant state corporate filing or other appropriate records regarding the date of formation of the company.  In instances in which companies state a specific filing date that differs from the corporate filing record for that company, the priority is given to the corporate filing record as an official date.

Sample technologies/applications among the included startup companies:

  • Intervertebral disc installed with semi-permeable conduits to re-establish the exchange of nutrients and waste

  • Device company focused on preventing contrast-induced nephropathy

  • Devices for use in total joint arthroplasty

  • Synthetic bone substitute material

  • Surgical product development in implants, instrumentation and surgical devices

  • Intestinal pacing for treatment of obesity

Sample record

Company name
Date founded

*Given the desire of many companies to remain in stealth mode, not all data elements are available for all companies. However, all records contain company name and date founded.

[Note:  Inclusion or exclusion of a company in this publication in no way constitutes an endorsement (or lack thereof) by MedMarket Diligence as to the company’s likely commercial success.]


(Out of print)
STARTUPS 2006:  Technology Startups in the Medical Product Industry, January 2005 - September 2006

Price:  $695 for PDF (out of print)


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Contact: Patrick Driscoll, (949) 859-3401.  (patrick AT mediligence DOT com)

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Revised: 02/16/11

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