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Medtech Company Startups Database
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"This is a robust database of startups identified often very early in their life (sometimes just days or weeks old) and detailed with more information than is available anywhere (these are frequently stealth companies). Should we follow up on these through the life of the company and detail all their address changes as they get older and more well (and widely) known? Perhaps, but others can do that better (or at least try to), while I would pit this database against ANY for identifying real startups." - Patrick Driscoll, Head Startup Hunter.

MedMarket Diligence offers an online, searchable database of medical technology company startups. Updated regularly with addition of at least 10 new companies per month, the database currently contains contact details, business/product/technology descriptions and other data with records searchable by keyword and categorized by clinical/technology segment.  Currently the database contains nearly 2,000 medical technology startup companies spanning medical device, biotech, biomaterials, diagnostics, "device-competitive" pharmaceuticals and other medical product companies. 

The Medtech Startup Companies Database focuses on medical technology companies founded typically within the most recent one year period in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia/Pacific. 

  • "Stealth" companies

  • Companies started weeks or even days ago

  • Many startups outside the U.S.

  • See a listing of technologies at startup medtech companies recently added

Data included are company name, contact, address, tel, fax, email, website, year founded, company summary, extended business description, clinical/technology category.

Clinical and technology areas represented in the Medtech Startups Database (subject to update):

  • ablation

  • arrhythmia management

  • biomaterials

  • biotechnology

  • blood, cell therapy, organ repair replacement, tissue engineering

  • cardiovascular diagnostics

  • cardiovascular therapeutics

  • critical care and patient management

  • dental/oral surgery

  • diabetes

  • diagnostics

  • drug delivery

  • drug discovery

  • diagnostic imaging

  • gastrointestinal

  • interventional radiology / vascular surgery

  • minimally invasive therapies

  • nanomedicine

  • neurology/neurosurgery

  • neuromodulation

  • obesity

  • obstetrics / gynecology

  • oncology

  • ophthalmology

  • orthopedics/musculoskeletal

  • patient monitoring

  • pediatric

  • pharmaceutical

  • pulmonary

  • spine

  • stem cell therapy

  • surgery

  • tissue engineering

  • urogenital

  • wound management

  • other


Records on existing companies in the database are reviewed on a regular basis to update company data. The companies in this database represent companies identified via proprietary research specifically for inclusion in the database and those separately identified by MedMarket Diligence through research in its proprietary Reports and other research activities.  Companies included span the medical device, biotech, biomaterial, pharmaceutical and other areas.

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About the Database

The MedMarket Diligence Startups Database is compiled from multiple published and unpublished sources, including those in the public domain as well as sources that are proprietary to MedMarket Diligence. 

MedMarket Diligence began tracking the formation of startup medical product companies in 2001, reporting on them within the regular “Startups” feature in the company’s  previously published MedMarkets publication. The companies included in Startups are those identified as medical product companies that had been founded typically no more than a year prior to the date research was being conducted.

The technology scope of companies covered is focused on medical device and related technologies, with “related” technologies to include biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals and others that are either being integrated with medical devices or competing with them directly.  There is no strict limit to the clinical applications included.  A company’s inclusion in the database is strictly based on the subjective decision of MedMarket Diligence and the availability of relevant state corporate filing or other appropriate records regarding the date of formation of the company.  In instances in which companies state a specific filing date that differs from the corporate filing record for that company, the priority is given to the corporate filing record as an official date.

Upon formation of medical product startups, there are varying degrees to which companies actively engage in the process to either make themselves known or aggressively keep their technology and company details under wraps.  The minimum necessary data on companies for them to be included in the database are:

  1. Strong evidence that a company has been formed, such as:
    1. Corporate filing with the relevant state office
    2. Announcement (press release or other) by the company or by investment principals that a company has been founded and specific city/state location given.
  2. Company involvement in medical technology development, as indicated by:
    1. Company website or investment portfolio company, product or description
    2. Investment by an entity that is by history or professed focus dedicated to medical technology (device, drug, biotech, Pharma) investments.
  3. Identifiable company details including at least either the company name or investment group and a year founded.
  4. The judgment of MedMarket Diligence on whether to include the company based on clinical/technology scope.
    1. Generally based on whether it is a device company or has a clinical application competitive with device companies.
    2. We simply find the technology compelling or full of significant potential in medical application.

Note:  Inclusion or exclusion of a company in the database in no way constitutes an endorsement (or lack thereof) by MedMarket Diligence as to the company’s likely commercial success. 


Q:  What are the sources for your information?

A:  While we would love to provide you with all of our carefully cultivated information sources and methods so that you could do this yourself, we prefer that you focus on your business and let us help you by doing the footwork to find the startups.  Suffice it to say, we pursue a wide range of public and private sources of information, often piecing together limited bits of information to reveal a company’s founding.  Our sources change regularly and we are continually pursuing new sources and methods to identify new medtech companies.


Q:  How often are new companies added to the database?

A:  Every month, we add anywhere between five and ten newly identified startups.  Most often, each startup added will fit a definition of having been founded within the past year, but we may add startups 1-2 years old if we find that they have been operating in stealth mode, have recently become known to us and are particularly interesting for the clinical application and/or market opportunity.


Q:  If this is a “Startups” database, why are there companies over five years old?

A:  The database includes companies founded 2001 or later that were identified as being less than a year old at the time of our research, at which point such companies arguably were startups.  We include them now because we feel their technologies, which may still be under development or in any case have not yet penetrated the market, are still very much of interest to our customers.


Q:  Why do some companies have limited details?

A:  Some companies just don’t want particular details known so that they can ensure the proprietary nature of their development and/or ensure that they maximize the value of their product/technology to be “harvested” once they do make themselves known.  While we respect their interest to be in stealth mode, we are in the business of assisting our customers identify such valuable companies and will therefore pursue every legitimate means possible to reveal details on these companies.


Q:  The company (or other source) says it was founded in a different year than is indicated in the database.

A:  We typically report a company’s founding date (year) as the earlier of either the year the company reports or the year on record with the corporate filing (company’s corporate registration with a state registrar).  If there is a discrepancy, it is often (though not always) that the company is reporting a later founding year than is on record, which artificially indicates a shorter development timeframe.  We prefer to consistently report the earliest date we can find of the company’s actual formation.


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