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2002 Archives

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December 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Heart Failure, Risk Tackled by Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring
Leading Therapies in Gynecologic Laparoscopy
MedMarket Outlook:
Foretelling the Future of Medtech
Scripps Leaves Novation for Smaller GPO
Virtual Imaging Via Super High-Speed Internet2
Physicians Dropping Managed Care
Early Stage Companies
Embolic Protection
Smart Therapeutics Acquired by Boston Scientific
Bone and Vertebral Body Biopsy
Ambulatory Monitoring System Used for HF Product Development
Microspheres for Uterine Fibroids
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Inflammation a Key Heart Disease Indicator
Restoring Blood Vessel Architecture
Light-Powered Nanopump Shuttles Calcium Ions
Grape Seed Extract Speeds Wound Recovery
Scarless Skin Grafts?
New Lab-On-A-Chip Analyzer
Results in on Sirolimus-Coated Stent
Stabilization Platform Simplifies Beating-Heart Bypass
U.S. Launch of New "Zipper" Stent
Cardiac-Assist Technology Shows Promise
Tool Simplifies Epicardial Lead Implants
Balloon Catheters Reach U.S. Market
MRI Technology Improves Efficiency, Patient Comfort
Faster, More Accurate CT Scans
Digital X-Ray System Receives FDA Clearance
Digital Radiography Launch
Bio-Nanotech Product Comprises New Biosensor
Hemorrhage-Control Bandage Approved

November 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Spinal Discs Replaced at Double-Digit Rates
Nanoparticles Aimed at Drug Delivery
MedMarket Outlook:
A Question of Impact
Medtech, Biotech Continue to Surpass Other Industry Investments
Shortage of Physicians to Continue
Early Stage Companies
Ultrasonic Ablation
Microspheres for Wound Healing
Cryoablation of Breast Fibroadenoma
Tiny Catheter Injects Drug into Arterial Adventitia
Peripheral Nerve Guides Enter Clinicals
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Tissue-Engineered Cells Replace Pacemakers
Bone Marrow Cells Slow Atherosclerosis
Marrow Injections Improve Heart Function
MicroPET "Sees" Genetic Variants
High-Risk Multiple Myeloma Revealed with FDG PET
Durable, Clot-Resistant Engineered Vessels
Microdevices Control Magnetic Flux Quanta
IVF Linked to Birth Defect Syndrome?
Ductoscopy Detects Breast Abnormalities
Radiotherapy Reduces Cognitive Function

Gene to be Injected into Parkinson's Patients
Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent
A Pacemaker for Apnea
Implantable Defibrillator Launched in Europe
Bankrupt PocketScript to Sell Assets
3-D Imaging for Breast Receives 510(k)
Nonsurgical Female Sterilization Approved
Four-Millimeter Hysteroscope Introduced
New Ophthalmic Lasers Launched
Punctum Plug Cleared
Cartilagenous Wound Dressing Receives Canadian Approval

October 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

The Thriving Market for Endoscopy Products
Dental Implants--One of the Fastest-Growing Orthopedic Markets
MedMarket Outlook:
Innovation on the Legislative Front Lines
Hospital Charges Up, Stays Down
Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Increases
Early Stage Companies
Coronary Embolic Protection
Bifurcated Artery Stenting
Craniofacial Neurosurgical Fixation
Thrombectomy for DVT
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Genetically Engineered Pacemaker
Off-Pump Surgery Reduces Complications
Gene Transfer Prevents Restenosis
Gene for Heart Cell Development Discovered
Ice Slurry Injections May Save Cardiac Arrest Patients
Deadly Skin Disorder Improves with Genetic Therapy
Biomedical Devices Cause Blood Cell Damage
New Technique Allows Faster, More Powerful DNA Devices
New Device Shows Brain Function on Limb Control
Prostate Cancer Linked to Cardio Disease Gene

Gene Therapy Trials Halted
Company Blocked from Using Trial Results
Angiogenesis Patent Coverage
Undeveloped Gene-Based Tests Spoken For
Study to Compare X-Ray with Spiral CT
Human Tissue Recalled
Suit Over Oximeter Patents
Blood Substitute Submitted to FDA

September 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Orthobiologics Driving the Soft Tissue Repair Market
Delivering New Methods for Chronic Pain Management
MedMarket Outlook: The Development of Development

Wearable Heart Rate Sensors on the Horizon
Benefits of Radical Prostatectomy Proven But Overall QOL is Static
Early Stage Companies

Neurotech to Focus on Ophthalmics
Sertoli-Cell Technology
Noninvasive MEG Measures Fetal Activity
Antibacterial Coating for Contact Lenses, IOLs
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge

Cloned Calves Produce Human Immunoglobulin
Three-Way System for Drug Delivery
Elasticity Gene Linked to Early Coronary Disease
Bioengineered, Rhythmically Beating Heart Muscle
New Test Could Reduce or Eliminate DNA Amplification
Bone Marrow Cell Transplants Could Help Lower Limb Ischemia
Smart Tattoo Monitors Glucose Levels in Diabetics
Scanner May Help Prevent Fetal Brain Damage
Sperm Survives Cross-Species Transplant

Boston Scientific Stent Approved
Nanotechnology System for Disease Detection
Cytoscopy for Bladder Cancer
MEMS-based Array May Lead to Retinal Implant
Bone Regeneration Milestone
First Antibiotic Device for Orthopedics Cleared
Closure, Antimicrobial Dressings and Adhesion Prevention News

August 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Arthroscopy Overtakes Hip, Knee Procedures
Use of Computers in Surgery -- A Multibillion Dollar Industry
MedMarket Outlook:
Strong Forces Suddenly Impacting the Healthcare Industry
Partnership to Explore "Bio-Nanotech"
Surgeons Simultaneously Implant Two Brain Stimulators
Purchasing Groups Pressured to Change Methods
Early Stage Companies
Coronary Imaging
Noninvasive CVP
Ultrasound-Mediated Transdermal Drug Delivery
Artificial Blood
Carbon Nanotube X-Rays
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
New Doppler Device Finds Cerebral Microemboli
Liposomes Carry Drugs to Damaged Arteries
Fluroescence Molecular Tomography Resolves Protease Activity In Vivo
Biocompatible Magnetic Nanosensors Act as Magnetic Relaxation Switches
Nanoparticle Assemblies with Density Gradients
Antioxidant Protects Transplanted Islet Cells
H. pylori May Contribute to Stroke
Proof that Damaged Brains Reorganize
Link Between HGH and Colorectal Cancer
Firefly Luciferase Illuminates Metastases
Computer Predicts Outcome of Breast Cancer

New Covered Stent Trials Commence
First Dual-Head, Solid-State Gamma Camera for Cardiology
Mechanical Embolectomy Successful
Stroke Trial to Include New Microcatheter
Device Produces Fewer False Positives Than HPV Tests
Arthroscopy for Osteoarthritis Ineffective
RF Device Measures Up to TURP
FDA OKs Antimicrobial Dressing

July 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Cell-Based Therapy Spawns Huge Market
Physician Adoption of Wireless Technology Comes of Age
MedMarket Outlook:
Therapeutic Methodologies Evolving
HMO Rates to Rise 20%
Updates for Medicare Payments
Technology Transfers Driving Medtech
Early Stage Companies
Perfusion Monitor
Remote Vital Signs Monitoring
Biological Heart Valve Development Collaboration
Expanding Ureteral Stent
Alternative to Surgery for CHF
Soft Tissue Lung Resection/Sealing
Bipolar RF for AFib
Drug-Eluting Stents and Other Controlled Drug Delivery
Nitinol Mesh in CHF
CAD in Orthopedic Surgery
MEMS in Minimally Invasive Instrumentation
Recent Medtech Start-ups

Leading Clinical Edge
Therapeutic Cloning Creates Heart Patches, Kidneys
Strong, Biodegradable, Biocompatible Elastomer
Repeat Stenting for In-Stent Restenosis with and Without Radiation
High-Resolution Breast-specific Gamma Camera
First Boron Nanowires Created
Neurometabolic Analysis of Alzheimer's with Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
3-D High-Resolution MRI of Ocular and Orbital Malignancies
Deep Lamellar Keratoplasty with Cataract Surgery
Artificial Lung on Track for Clinicals

Hearing Loss Pill Developed
Genentech to Pay Damages of $500 Million
The Fight for Position in Drug-Eluting Stents Market
Microelectrodes Monitor Organs in Transport
Bone Graft Biomaterial Receives FDA Clearance

June 2002  (Subscribers Only: PDF)

TUMT to Take BPH Market by Storm
Wireless Monitoring and 3-D Mapping Steal the Show
MedMarket Outlook:
On the Regulatory Front
Ups and Downs of Healthcare Costs
GPOs vs. Small Device Manufacturers
The Age of "DiaTherapeutics"?
Elective Medicine on the Rise
Medicare Payments Up
Early Stage Companies
Orthopedic Biomaterials
Implantable Glucose Sensor
Needle-Free Suturing
Vascular Sealing
Glucose and Retinopathy
Wound Closure
Retinal Implant
Advanced Interventional Procedures
Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies
Recent Medtech Start-ups

Leading Clinical Edge
Erectile Dysfunction Predicts Heart Disease
Angiogenic Therapy May Reduce Claudication
"Smart" Sutures Tie Themselves
Porous Titanium Tracheal Prosthesis
Customized Brain Atlas Improves Diagnosis
3-D Imaging of the Inner Ear
Brain-controlled Neuroprosthetics
Regenerating Adult Neurons
Pulsed Electron Avalanche Knife on Retinal Tissue
Bioartificial Kidney as a Metabolic Replacement
Gene Expression by Microarray During Wound Healing

Drug-Eluting Stent Competitive Arena
Camera Pill
Arterial Puncture Closure
Genetic Cancer Testing

May 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

OPCAB Startups Fuel Market Growth
Image-Guided Systems: A View to the Future
MedMarket Outlook
: Medtech Fights Biopharm for Limited Investment Dollars
Deals Changing Course
Symptoms Prompt Internet Searches
Medicare Cuts Pinching Equipment Sales...
...And Outpatient Procedure Payments Need Better Accounting
Pain Management Likely to Drive New Practices, Products
Early Stage Companies
Recanalization Through Total Occlusion
Dx of Cardiac Ischemia and Tx of Myocardial Infarction
Spinal Disc Repair
Cryoablation of Breast Fibroadenoma
ePTFE Covered Stent for PFA and Iliac Occlusions
Recent Medtech Start-ups

Leading Clinical Edge ...NEW FEATURE!
Radiation and Repeat Stenting of Little Value Long-term
Brachytherapy Reduces 5-Year Restenosis Rates
Smaller AAAs Best Left Untreated
Astrocytes Key in Neurogenesis
Stroke Victims Have Weaker Bones
Holographic Optical Coherence Imaging Shows Inside of Tumor
Electricity Drives Fluids in Micro- and Nanochannels
Radiation-Induced Lung Scarring Reduced by Blocking a Gene
Raman Spectroscopy Provides Rapid Screen for Macular Degeneration
Cardiac Ablation
Heart Valve Repair
Cardiovascular Implants: ICDs, Stents & Leads
Image Guidance Systems
Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion
RF Procedure for Hyperopia

April 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Restenosis Under Seige
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding: Hysterectomy Alternatives
MedMarket Outlook:
Wireless Technology Joins the Medtech Party
Medical Diagnosis and Monitoring via Pocket PC
"Test Flights" for Physicians
Next-Generation ECG Introduced
American/Swedish Partnership on Stem Cell Research
Early Stage Companies
Microsensors in GI Tract, Other Applications
3-D Image-Based Sensor Devices
Beating Heart CABG
Congestive Heart Failure
Prevention of Post-Surgical Adhesion
Recent Medtech Start-ups

Beating Heart CABG Devices Introduced
Stent Patent Suit Reversed; Supply Suit Continues
ICD Recommended for Approval
Surgical Diode Laser Clears 510(K)
Intravascular MRI Coils Used for Image Guidance
Full Field Digital Mammography Systems Introduced
Blood Vessels Grown From Stem Cells
FDA OKs Study of Uterine Fibroid Ablation
Injectable Bone Graft Launched
Bacterial Infections Related to Transplants
Urinary Catheter Developer Files for Chapter II

March 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Reengineering Spine Surgery
Ablation Technologies Driving Surgical Advances
MedMarket Outlook:
The Natural Selection of Technology Development
Physicians Slow to Adapt Information Technologies
Intracardiac Imaging Evolves
Brain Surgery Device Finds Use in Orthopedics
European Tissue Directive Drafted
Early Stage Companies
Coronary Dilatation Catheter
Cold Laser for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy
Auscultation in Primary Care
Liver Cancer Brachytherapy
Cardiac and Other Cryoablation Technology Development
Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysm
Prosthetic Spinal Disc
Transurethral Thermotherapy for BPH
Hyperoxygenated Blood After Heart Attack Studied
MRI-Compatible Pacemaker Under Development
Endoscopic Cardiac Arrhythmia Ablation Cleared
Monoleaflet Commercially Introduced
Periodontal Dental Laser Approved
New Lasers Introduced, Cleared
Faster Telemedicine System Launched
Endoscopes Recalled
Virtual Colonoscopy Gains CE
RF Ablation Patents Granted to RITA
CIPRO Catheters More Effective

February 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

Tissue Engineering Companies Turning the Corner
Trends in Critical Care
MedMarket Outlook:
Fundamental Future Implications
First All-Digital Heart Hospital in U.S. to Open in December
California Biomedical Industry Leads the Pack
Early Stage Companies
Cryoablation for Atrial Fibrilation
Magnetic Targeted Carrier Drug Delivery
Temperature Management System
Self-Expanding Carotid Stent
Allograft Bone Supply Agreement
Nerve Cuff Distribution
Puncture Sealing and Hemostasis
Trans-Blood Vision System
Cardiac Recovery System for CHF
Mapping Cardiac Arrhythmias
Cryotherapy for Kidney Cancer
Magnetic Coronary Anastomotic Connector
Embryonic Cells Create Kidney-Like Organ
Mechanical CABG Connector, Heart Valve
Neurostimulator for Pain Management
Uterine FIbroid Embolization
Brain Pacemaker for Parkinson's
Bone Graft for Spinal Fusion

January 2002   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

New Applications to Bolster Surgical Sealant Market
Radiology Guides, Advances Therapies
MedMarket Outlook:
2001 Developments with Top Impact on 2002 and Beyond
2002 Medicare Outpatient Rates Postponed While Debate Rages
Market-Changing Product Innovations
Early Stage Companies
Artificial Heart
Synthetic Bone Substitute
Prosthetic Disc Nucleus
Fecal Incontinence
Online Medical Reference
Automated External Defibrillators
Laser Therapy for Leg Stenoses
Synthetic Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
Ablation Catheter for Atrial Fibrillation
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
Pediatric System Approved
Glucose Measurement
Insulin Injection System
New Approach to Leg Ulcers
Developments in Multislice and Hybrid Technologies

2001 Archives

December 2001   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

TCT and AHA Cardiology Meetings Highlight New Therapies
High Growth Opportunities in Vertebral Fracture Repair

MedMarket Outlook: The Multi-Pronged Thrust of Innovation
Healthcare Cost Increases to Rise in 2002
Physician Use of Handheld Devices on the Rise
Early Stage Companies
Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning
Intravascular Stent Grafts
Preventing Graft Failure
Allogeneic Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Remote, Real Time Surgical Consulting
Advances in Stents and Restenosis
Genetically Engineered Bone Replaces Spinal Fusion Autograft
Cryopreserved Biologically Active Wound Dressing



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