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2003 Archives

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December 2003 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Reversing the Effects of Arrhythmia
Peripheral Stents: An Often Chronic Opportunity

MedMarket Outlook: Medtech Innovation: Hedging the Bet
Biotechnology Update: Toward 3-Dimensional Tissue Engineering
Early Stage Companies
Vertebral Defect Device 510(k)—Spineology
Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy—Neothermia
Imprinted Polymers in Gastrointestinal Drugs, Sensors—Semorex
Online Only: Nanoparticle-Delivered Paclitaxel for Cancer—American Pharmaceutical Partners
Early Stage Company Financings: CardioMEMS, Chronogen, InatroQuest, Intercell AG, Neuroscience Solutions, Sanarus Medical, Sicel Technologies, T-cellic A/S
Recent Medtech Startups
Nanotech Bill Increases Federal Funding
Self-Assembly Enhances Miniaturization of Semiconductors
Cardiologists' Share of Imaging Services Growing
Leading Clinical Edge
Progress Made With Microneedles for Painless Drug Delivery
Genes Impact the Severity of Heart Failure
Blood Substitute Shows Promise for Emergency Use
MRI Useful in Predicting Future Memory Decline
Harvard Researcher Studies Nanoscale Laser Surgery
Online Only: New MR Tool May Provide Earlier MS Diagnosis
New Tool Predicts Likelihood of Additional Nodal Metastases
Stem Cells Used to Make Tissue-Engineered Joint
Biogen, Idec Pharmaceutical Complete Merger
Genzyme Announces Gene Therapy Trial Results
Boston Scientific's Drug-Eluting Stent Gets FDA OK
Biotronik Seeks Launch of New Drug-Eluting Stent System
Medtronic Begins Thoracic Stent Graft Study in U.S.
Medtronic Awarded CE Mark for Ablation System
Arrow International Receives CE Mark for LVAS
St. Jude's ICD Receives FDA Approval
CONMED Files Suit Against Johnson & Johnson
iCAD, CADx Systems to Merge
Biophan, Boston Scientific Join Forces
FDA Approves Kodak's New Mammography CAD
Closure Medical Begins Study for Vascular Sealant
iCAD Gets FDA Approval for Breast Cancer Detection System
Medtronic to Acquire Vertelink

November 2003 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Ultrasonic Surgical Systems Gaining Ground
Trends in Telemedicine

MedMarket Outlook: Cardiotherapeutics—From Complex to More Complex
Biotechnology Update: New Nanoscale Biomolecular Motor Powered by Viral Protein
Early Stage Companies
Early Stage Company Financings: 3F Therapeutics, Altiva, ArthroSurface, Conor Medsystems, Converge Medical, LipoScience, OmniSonics Medical Technologies, Quotient Diagnostics
Recent Medtech Startups
Recent Gastric Bypass Death Not a Market Barrier
Leading Clinical Edge
New Microfluidic Devices Use Principles of Electronic Integration
Re-engineered Blood Vessels Used for Bypass Surgery
Respiratory-Pacing Device Helps Heart Failure Patients
Study Demonstrates Laser Therapy Helps Acne Sufferers
Vital Sign Device Improves Resuscitation Monitoring
New Combination Therapy Shrinks Liver Tumors
Study Identifies Stem Cells in Artery Wall
Guidant Earns FDA Approval for Expanded Defibrillator Use
Digital Pacemaker Receives FDA Approval
AbioCor Implantable Heart Gains HUD Status
Abbott Acquires Integrated Vascular Systems
Medicare Expands Coverage of Thoratec’s Heart Pump
Biosensors and X-Cell Medical Form New Stent Company
World’s Smallest Glucose Meter Now Available
GE Purchases Amersham
Computer Network Could Bring Digital Mammography to Forefront
Siemens Enters the Particle Therapy Market
Varian Medical to Acquire Zmed
Excimer Laser Approved for Myopia, Hyperopia
TEI Receives 510(k) Clearance for Skin Wound Treatment

October 2003 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Embolic Protection Gains Momentum
Diabetes Devices: An Energized Market

MedMarket Outlook: Growth Prospects for the Long Haul
Biotechnology Update: Antioxidants Extend Brain Cell Life, Hold Promise as Implant Coatings
Early Stage Companies
Encapsulated Porcine Islet Cells Normalize Glucose—MicroIslet
Electrosurgical Biopsy and Excision Patent Suit—Neothermia vs. Rubicor Medical
Hemostatic Bandage Cleared—Vascular Solutions
Decoy Therapy for Prevention of Graft Failure—Corgentech
Nanoparticle Detection of Biomarkers—Nanosphere
Wound Healing Drug Completes Phase I—RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Startups
Bypass More Cost-Effective Than Stents?
Prostate Cancer Deaths on the Decline
Leading Clinical Edge
Researchers Study Repeat Stenting for Re-Narrowed Vessels
Surgeons Remove, Rebuild Woman’s Heart
Study Proves Value of Automated External Defibrillators
MRI Useful in Identifying Spread of Cancer to Bone
Nanolaser Extends Life-Spans by Analyzing Neuroprotectant Drugs
New Guideline Suggests MRIs Diagnose MS Faster
New Method Developed for Revealing Genetic Basis of Cancer
Protein-Detection Tool Aids in Prostate, Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Accelerated Radiotherapy Improves Cancer Treatment
Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Improve Bone Implant Technology
Large Scale Biology to Sell Protein
Atrial Flutter System Receives FDA Approval
FDA Clears Vascular Architects’ aSpire Stent
Medtronic Gets FDA Clearance for Stent System
SMART Stent System Receives FDA Approval
Guidant Acquires Polymer Technology for Stent Program
Boston Scientific Teams Up with CryoVascular Systems
Australian LVAS Patients Improve
TriActiv System Tested in Carotid Patients
Wireless ECG Monitoring System Receives FDA Clearance
Baxter and Cerus Halt Red Blood Cell Clinical Trials
Boston Scientific Introduces New IVUS System
Neoprobe Announces Results of Blood Flow Measurement System
FDA Approves Breast Imaging Technologies
Medtronic Acquires Rights to Bone Morphogenetic Protein
Medtronic Sofamor Danek Under Investigation for Kickbacks
Spire Receives NIH Grant to Develop Implant Coatings

September 2003 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Biotech's Targeted Cancer Therapies
Securing Soft Tissue is Big Business

MedMarket Outlook: The Compelling Drive for the Pragmatic, Even
Simple Solution
Biotechnology Update: Monitoring Cardiac Patients With Spray-on Computers
Early Stage Companies
Tracheal Stents Implanted Following CE Approval—Alveolus
Bowel Management Device—Zassi Medical Evolutions
Intravascular MRI Catheteer Trial—TopSpin Medical
Cardiac Tissue Adhesion Barrier—MacroPore Biosurgery
Percutaneous Urology Access—Onset Medical
Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter Treatment—CryoCor
Surgical Clamps Patent, Distribution Agreement—Novare Surgical Systems
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Startups
Leading Clinical Edge
Researchers Use MRI to Identify Plaque
CAT, PET Scans Detect Early Stage Lung Cancer
New Imaging System Detects Slight Tissue Changes
Contrast Digital Mammography Study
MRI Techniques Used to Distinguish Dementias
Researchers Study Value of Limited-Field Radiation
New Lens Replacement Promising for Presbyopia
Oral Splint Helps Patients With Sleep Apnea
Texas A&M Develops Collagen-based Wound Sealant
Human Cardiomyocytes Transplanted into Rats
MultiCell, XenoTech Sign Exclusive Distribution Deal
Genzyme Buys SangStat for $600 Million
Positive Clinical Results for Drug-Eluting Stents
Edwards Lifesciences Sues for Patent Infringement
Cardima Launches Surgical Ablation System
Medtronic Acquires TransVascular
Medtronic’s ICD System Gets FDA Approval
Guidant Boosts Investment in Cardica
Boston Scientific and Corautus Form Alliance
CardioGenesis Submits More to FDA on PMR System
Johnson & Johnson Receives $425 Million Settlement
Aspect Medical, Datascope Ink Licensing Agreement
Siemens Sells Life Support Systems to Getinge
Fischer, Philips Collaborate on Imaging System
CADx Systems Receives FDA Approval for Digital CAD System
Data Presented on Breast Cancer Detection Method
Hancock Jaffe’s Bioprothesis Receives PMA Approval
Boston Scientific’s Coils Approved for Additional Use
Knee Implants Withdrawn From Market
Prosthetic Disc Device Receives Marketing Approval
FzioMed Presents Data on Adhesion Barrier Gel
Medtronic Lands Protein Licensing Deal
Abbott to Spin Off Hospital Products Business
Biotech Sling for Stress UI Introduced

August 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Breakthroughs in Tissue-Engineering to Bring Explosive Growth
The Market for Orthopedic applications in Computer-Aided Surgery
MedMarket Outlook: Investment Up But Still Risk-Averse
Biotechnology Update: Vascularizing Vital Organs
Early Stage Companies
CE Approval for Temporary Prostatic Stent
RF Vein Ablation Versus Stripping
Transcervical Sterilization
IVS Acquisition or Vulnerable Plague
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Startups
Leading Clinical Edge
Detector Identifies Harmful Pathogens
Hand-Held Sensor Detects DNA
Stem Cells Used to Treat Muscular Dystrophy
Ultrasound Surgery Shrinks Fibroids
Breast CT Developed for Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer
Digital 3-D Mammograms Used for Breast Cancer Screening
Miniature “Biolab” Inserted into Silicon Chip
Molecular Markers May Explain More About Cancer
Radiation Effective Treatment for Pre-Invasive
Breast Cancer
Pfizer Considers Sale of Pharmacia
More Biotech Firms File Suit Against Columbia Universty
Artificial Heart Trials Begin
Guidant Reintroduces Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System
Angiometrx Metricath Gains Marketing Approval
FDA Approves New Diabetes Device
FDA Clears Bowel Disorders Detection System
Angiotech Enrolls First Patient in European Anti-Adhesion Study
R2, Stanford Develop Cancer Detection Products
Digital System Designed for Detection of Lung Cancer
FDA Grants Expedited Review Status of STAAR Surgical PMA
Zimmer Holdings Acquires Fixation System
DePuy Markets Minimally Invasive Bone Marrow Collection Device
ONLINE ONLY: Teleflex Acquires Genzyme's Cardiothoracic Devices Business
ONLINE ONLY: CryoCath Receives CE Mark for Cardiac Ischemia Treatment
ONLINE ONLY: Medicare Delays Decision on LVAD Destination Therapy Coverage
ONLINE ONLY: Preclinical Trials to Start for SmartPill
ONLINE ONLY: Results Announced of Renal and Pedal MRA Studies
ONLINE ONLY: Simulation System Created for Physician Training
ONLINE ONLY: FDA Approves New Fusion Implant
ONLINE ONLY: Pain Treatment Pump Introduced in Europe

July 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Stents Gaining Ground in Peripheral Applications
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Undaunted
MedMarket Outlook: Where is Technology Headed?
Biotechnology Update: Can Biological Understanding Lead to Better Tissue Repair?
Biotech Market Strength Escalates
Plasma Business in Decline
Early Stage Companies
Medical Imaging Software
Embolic Protection
Thrombus Management
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Startups
Leading Clinical Edge
“Pumpless Pump” Promises to Help Diabetics
Progress Made in Noninvasive Optical Biopsies
MRI Detects Dangerous Plaque
Endograft Helps Prevent Deaths from Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Radiofrequency Combined with Chemotherapy Destroys Tumors
Nanotechnology Technique Could Create New Organs
Bioreactor Helps Acute Liver Failure Patients
MRI Accurately Measures Breast Cancer
Treatment Response
Researchers Team up to Develop “Intelligent” Implants
Tissue-Engineered Bone Speeds up Healing
Idec, Biogen Merge to Create No. 3 Biotech Firm
Transplanted Stem Cell Used to Re-Grow Heart Muscle
FDA Issues 510(k) Approval for Diagnostic Electrocardiograph
Guidant to Acquire Device for Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease
i-STAT Submits 510(k) for Troponin Test
Gel Prohibits Post-Surgical Adhesion Reformation
Surgical Robot Attracts $7 Mln
Digital System Provides Full Body Scan in 13 Seconds
SEC Subpoenas Fischer Imaging; President/CEO Steps Down
GE, Cytogen Form Alliance
Remon Medical Introduces New Device for AAA Repair
Eunoe Completes $40 Million Private Placement
Merger Company to Develop Bone Substitutes
Medtronic Launches System for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

June 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Growth in ICDs Drives the Cardiac Rhythm Market
Efforts Abound to Bring New Heart Failure Therapies to the Front Lines
MedMarket Outlook:
Complex Therapies for a Complex Organism
Drivers: Growth in Outpatient Procedures and Costs
Biotechnology Update: A Biological Basis for Back Treatment
Early Stage Companies
Early Detection of Lung Cancer
Patent Foramen Ovale Device Trial; Patent Ductus Arteriosus Occluder Approval
First Bio-Engineered Coronary Stent Implanted
Pulmonary Stenting
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
MDCT Preferable in Depicting Spine Fractures
Nanofiber DNA Micro-Injection Technique Developed
Bone Marrow Stem Cells May Help Treat Damaged Livers
MRI May Detect Missed Breast Cancers in High-Risk Women
Role of TOB Gene in Cancer Studied
Retinal Prosthesis Trial Completes First Phase of Testing
Relationship between Abnormal Immune Response and Glaucoma Studied
Scientists Study Painless Bone Substitute Graft

Guidant Pleads Guilty, Pays $92 Mln
Decreased Deaths with OPCAB
New Artificial Cornea Shows Promise
FDA Clears Therics Bone Graft Substitute

May 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Less Invasive Innovations in Female Stress Incontinence
Neurosurgery Sees Growth in Image-Guided Systems
MedMarket Outlook:
The Cost of Innovation
Biotechnology Update: Stem Cell Debate Rages, Research Progresses
Drivers: Biotech Markets Worldwide Rebound
Early Stage Companies
VasClip Vasectomy Alternative Approved
Chronic Total Occlusion Catheter
GERD Device Receives Approval
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
New Imaging Technique Shows Mobilization of Cells for Immune Response
DNA Chip Detects Harmful Pathogens
Stem Cells Improve Severe Ischemic Heart Failure
Researchers Study Molecular Structure Involved with Heart Disease
"Contact Lens" Glucose Sensor Developed
Gene Therapy Cures Diabetes in Mice
Nanodevice Targets Defective Genes
Undergraduate Creates Nanofilter for "Laboratory of the Future"
New Laser Technology Improves Vision

Testing for Biological Pathogens
Drug-Eluting Stent Wins Approval
Study Begins for Stent with Side Branch Access
Stent-Graft System Approved
Line of Vascular Access Grafts Expanded
New Cataract Removal System
Medication Management System in the Works
Oximetric Forehead Monitor Cleared
Noninvasive Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring
Implantable Device for Incontinence Uses Micro Battery
Antimicrobial Silver Hydrogel Reduces Infection
Burn Matrix Released for Distribution

April 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Drug-Eluting Stent Makers Race Toward Market Entry
Competition Intense in Robotics, Bariatric Surgery
MedMarket Outlook:
Healthcare Investment on the Uptick, but Still Tight
Drivers: New Doctors to Spur New Technology
Early Stage Companies
Hemostatic Sponge
Cardiac Cryoablation
Coronary Stent in Bifurcated Lesions
Embolic Protection
CABG Anastomosis Device
Diagnosis/Treatment of Vulnerable Plaque
Recent Medtech Start-ups

Leading Clinical Edge
Atherosclerosis Linked to Blood Clots
Diagnostic Catheterization Could Cause Stroke
Antibacterial Varnish
New Nanobiosensors Detect DNA Sequences
Nanoplug Detects Blood Glucose Levels
Liquid Manipulated with Heat
Microfluidic Fuel Cells Power Implants
Carbon Nanotubes Form Neuro-Type Web
Direct Injection of Urokinase Shrinks Clots
MRI Shows Early Tumor Response
New Contact Lenses Deliver Medication

Improved LVAS Approved for Destination Therapy
Nonsurgical Replacement of Heart Valves
FDA Recommends Approval of AAA Stent
New High-Resolution Ultrasound System
Minimally Invasive Treatment of Uterine Fibroids
Noninvasive Blood Flow Monitor
Surgical Simulation

March 2003   (subscribers PDF or HTML)

Surgical Securement--Technologies Address Rising Need
Demand Increases for MIS Joint Replacement
MedMarket Outlook:
Seven Medtech Vital Sciences
Medicare Covers Deep Brain Stimulation
National Healthcare Spending to Outpace Economic Growth Long-Term
Medicare Boosts Physician Payment Rates for 2003
Early Stage Companies
Ultrasonic Ablation
Knotless Tissue-to-Bone Suture
Spinal Repair
Post-Surgical Adhesion Prevention
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Genetic Splicing Manipulated
RNA Interference Sets Level of Gene Activity
A Causing Factor of Heart Failure Found
Rapid Plague Detection
RNA Molecules Can Form a Nano-Motor
3-D Battery Design Could Power MEMS Devices
Artificial Hippocampus to be Tested
Nerve Regeneration With Polymer Films
Tomography Method Reveals Retinal Flow Dynamics
Dopamine Plays a Role in Visual Disturbances
Bandages Mimic Natural Healing Process
Cook and Purdue Settle Dispute Over Bioscaffolds
Abbott, Boston Scientific Launch Drug-Eluting Stents in Europe
Cobalt Alloy Stent Launched in Europe
Lab Test Rules Out Heart Attack
Perforation Risk Greater with Colonoscopy
Intuitive Surgical and Computer Motion Agree to Merge
HydroDrive Surgical Device Receives Key Patent
Hospital-to-Hospital Telerobotics Surgery Performed
Portable Digital Radiography System Cleared
Endovascular Cooling System Shows Promise
Routine Use of Cardiotocography Unjustified
Spinal Fusion Alternative Makes U.S. Debut
Blood Substitutes to Enter Human Trials
Study Begins for Drug-Eluting Renal Stent

February 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

Wound Management Innovations
Advances in Heart Valve Replacements
MedMarket Outlook

More Transparency at the FDA
Milestones in the Artificial Heart Field
Benefits to Medicine on Hold with the Space Shuttle
Research to Combine Molecular Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
The Ever-Shrinking Medicare Market
Early Stage Companies
Bone Densitometry
Surgical Debridement
Spinal Implant Distribution
Artificial Liver Trial
Sutureless Anastomosis Developments
Endovascular Hypothermia
Cervical Allograft
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Tr1 Immune Cells Grown
Human Heart Tissue Created
Artery-Hardening Enzyme Found
Amino Acid Breakdown Related to Coronary Disease
Post-angioplasty Recovery Hindered by Protein Deficit
Microtomography Reveals Limb Regeneration
Intracoronary Gamma Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis
Liver Cells Converted to Pancreas
In Vitro Human Neurons Created From Bone Marrow
Preventing Amyloid Disease
Topical Oxygen Aids Wound Healing

On-Pump Versus Off-Pump CABG in Low-Risk Patients
Acoustic System for Heart Murmurs Gets a Boost
MRI Excels at Diagnosis Chest Pain
Implantable Defibrillator Receives CE Mark
Cordis Sues Boston Scientific; Paclitaxel Stent Gets CE Mark
Data Released for Sirolimus-Coated Stent
Development of Continuous Glucose Monitor Resumed
AAA Stent Developments
RFA Versus Cryosurgery
Hip Replacement Approved

January 2003   (Subscribers Only: PDF)

The State of Medical Biotechnology
Cardiac Applications Leading CT Imaging Market
MedMarket Outlook:
The Coming Boom of Vascular Medicine
Drivers: HMO Profits Up, Cost Increases Expected
Early Stage Companies
Dural Sealant
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessel
Early Stage Company Financings
Recent Medtech Start-ups
Leading Clinical Edge
Silkworms Produce Recombinant Human Protein
Cancer and Stem Cells Use Same Protein
In Vivo Imaging of Estrogen Receptors
Select Blood Cells Switch Identity
Angioplasty Outperforms Drugs After Heart Attack
Molecular Trigger Linked to Heart Failure
CMV Linked to Heart Attack
CT Scan Endangers Lung Injury Patients
Nanoparticle Electrophoresis
Quantum Dots Used to Label Live Cells
Human Kidneys Grown in Mice
New Testing Method for Parkinson's-Type Disease
Chemo Delivery Via Molecular "Capsules"
Photoreceptors Drive Pupil Reaction
Laser Shoots Streams of Cells

Guidant-Cook Deal Collapses
New ICDs Launched
Pacemakers Approved
Carotid Artery Stent Trial Progresses
Study Results in for Paclitaxel Vascular Wrap
Heart-Assist Pump
Patient Granted for AAA Catheter
Less Invasive Hernia Patch
First Antibacterial Suture Approved
Renal Arterial Stent FDA Approved
PDA Programmer for Implantable Devices
Soft Tissue Anchor Under Research
Computer Assistance for Orthopedic Surgery
Hydrogel Dressing Received FDA Approval



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