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2004 Archives

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December 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Progress and Markets in the Treatment of Atherosclerotic Disease
    New EU Members Bring Growth to European Medical Device Markets

    MedMarket Outlook: Impacts on the Medical Device Market in 2005
    Biotechnology Update: New Compound May Lead to Gallstone Prevention
    Early Stage Companies
    ev3: Embolic Protection Device IDE
    Advanced Neuromodulation Systems: Spinal Cord Stimulation PMA
    Percutaneous Systems: Endoscopic Device Approval for Urogynecology
    SurgRx: Vessel Sealing and Hemostasis Device Approval
    Early Stage Company Financings: EnteroMedics, Inc.; EnzySurge Ltd.; Tepha, Inc.
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Expanded Medicare Coverage of ICDs Threatened
    CDC Overstates Obesity Deaths, Insurers Balk at Surgeries
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Molecular Switch Technology Perfected
    New Micro Device Controls Medication Flow
    Stem Cells Ineffective in Cardiac Muscle Repair
    New Female Sterilization Technique Cheaper, Easier
    DSC MRI Useful in Measuring Blood Volume
    Protein Pair Stops Blood Vessel Growth
    Skeletal Muscle Cells Useful in Nerve Tissue Repair
    Magnetic Brain Imaging Shows Promise
    Innovative Therapy Shows Promise in Restoring Sight
    Online Only: Artificial Joints Enhanced with Nanotubes
    J&J to Acquire Guidant for $25 Bln
    Data Presented on “Heart Wrap” Device
    Access CardioSystems Recalls Defibrillators, Shuts Doors
    Radi Medical Annouces New Coverage Code for 2005
    Medtronic Rolls Out 3rd Phase of Carotid Stent Trial
    Human Trial Results Favorable for BioMatrix Stent
    Gore Acquires ArteriA Medical Science
    Medtronic’s Endeavor DES Reaches Milestone
    Ventracor Submits IDE for VentrAssist LVAS
    Medicare Excludes Cambridge Heart From Registry
    St. Jude Medical, Conor Medsystems Join Forces
    Study Confirms Defibrillators’ Cost-Effectiveness
    Study Links Bextra to Heart Attacks
    Nanomix Develops Breakthrough Medical Sensor
    FDA Approves New Surgical Marker
    Device Created for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
    Boston Scientific Receives Reimbursement Codes for IVUS
    Online Only: Boston Scientific to Invest in REVA Medical
    Online Only: Human Stem Cells Aid in Spinal Cord Repairs
    Online Only: GE Wins $200 Mln British Contract

November 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Surgical Sealants and Glues: New Product Developments Continue
    The Impact of Non-Fusion Technologies on the Spine Market

    MedMarket Outlook: Innovations in Implants
    Biotechnology Update: The Genetic Link Between Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes
    Early Stage Companies
    Quill Medical: Suture Technology Agreement
    InSightec: Ultrasound Ablation of Uterine Fibroids Approved
    MicroVention: Embolization Device Trial
    SynCardia Systems: Bridge-to-Transplant Approval
    Appriva Medical Inc.: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion in AF
    Early Stage Company Financings: 3DM, Inc.; Afferent; CoAxia; Pelikan Technologies; Symetis AG; UltraShape
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare Coverage Changes for Select Therapies
    Leading Clinical Edge
    World’s Longest Electrically Conducting Nanotubes Developed
    Gene Therapy Reverses Diabetic Neuropathy in Animal Model
    Brain Cell Transplants Used to Correct Muscle Spasms
    Transplants of Olfactory Bulb Stem Cells Treats ALS
    Lasers Used to Stimulate Neurons
    Adult Human Stem Cells Converted to Dopamine Neurons
    Retinal Stem Cells Regenerate After Transplant
    Online Only: CT with Multiplanar Reconstruction Effective for Complex Ankle Fractures
    Online Only: New Desorption Electrospray Method Effective

    Biopure Focuses on Cardio
    FDA Approves SynCardia’s Temporary Artificial Heart
    Sorin’s Stent Receives CE Mark
    Medtronic Acquires Angiolink
    CryoCor Attains Two Milestones
    Boston Scientific Launches ARRIVE 2 DES Registry
    Guidant Starts New Carotid Stenting Study
    Robotic Surgery Using Telemedicine
    FDA Approves InSightec’s Device to Treat Fibroids
    Abbott Labs Acquires Spine Next
    FDA Approves First Artificial Disc
    Online Only: First Human Trial of Bioartificial Kidney Shows Promise
    Online Only: Carl Zeiss Acquires Laser Diagnostic Technologies
    Online Only: CryoCath Files IDE with FDA
    Online Only: Spectranetics Launches Excimer Laser Trial
    Online Only: Data Supports New Therapy for Reducing Infarct Size
    Online Only: Guidant Lays Off 500+ Employees
    Online Only: Orbus Medical Concludes Enrollment for Stent Trial
    Online Only: Spinal Cord Stimulator Approved
    Online Only: AAA Stent Approved

October 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Embolic Protection Trials Post New Results; Devices Near Market Entry
    Off-Pump Bypass Facing Challenges in Europe

    MedMarket Outlook: Procedure Data for Gauging Market Potential
    Biotechnology Update: Bone Marrow Stem Cells’ Surprising Role in Wound Healing
    Early Stage Companies
    DISA Vascular: CE Mark for Bare Stent Competitive with DES
    MIV Therapeutics: Hydroxyapatite Coronary Stent Coating
    3F Therapeutics: Aortic Bioprosthetic Valve Gains CE Mark
    ReNeuron: Stem Cells Show Improvement in Stroke Animal Model
    Gamida-Cell: Adult Stem Cells Show Promise for Ischemic Heart Disease
    Early Stage Company Financings: FlowMedica; Glucon Medical; Novagali Pharma; Remon Medical Technologies; St. Camillus Medical; TxCell; Velocimed
    Recent Medtech Startups
    PSA Tests Declared Useless for Detecting Prostate Cancer
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Young Inventor Develops World’s Smallest Biomolecular Device
    Bone Marrow Cells Effective in Treating Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
    MRI Measures Benefits of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    Gene Patterns Predict Likelihood and Severity of Atherosclerosis
    Oak Ridge Scientists Develop Portable Brain Injury Scanner
    Nanowires Detect Individual Viruses
    Lower Doses of Radiation More Effective Than Thought
    Online Only: Brain Tumor Removal Easier With MRI
    Oral Mucosal Tissue Useful in Corneal Reconstruction
    St. Jude to Acquire Endocardial Solutions
    J&J’s Neck Stent as Effective as Surgery
    LuMend Introduces System for Peripheral Arterial Disease
    Trial for Vascular Closure Technology Completed
    Conor Medsystems Seeks IPO; Announces Trial Results
    Boston Scientific Offered Paclitaxel License
    Avantec Gets License for Stent Drug Pimecrolimus
    FDA OKs Boston Scientific’s New Guide Wire
    Abbott Enrolls First Patient in Heart Stent Trial
    Promising Results for Guidant’s SPIRIT FIRST Stent Trial
    CardioDynamics’ Monitor Useful in Study
    Possis’ Thrombectomy Device Fails Test
    Boston Scientific’s Symbiot Stent “Lacks Benefit”
    Point Biomedical Receives Patent for Microsphere Technology
    Cyberonics Rejects Suitor’s Offer
    Implantable ev3 Device May Offer Stroke Protection
    Online Only: Guidant to Launch Plaque Study

September 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Telesurgery to Impact Medical Care
    Ablation of Cancerous Tissue Poised for Growth

    MedMarket Outlook: The Push for Transparency
    Biotechnology Update: Aneurysms Affected by Asthma Inflammatory Pathway
    Early Stage Companies
    Cardica: Automated Coronary Anastomosis
    CardioDynamics: Impedance Cardiography
    Restore Medical: Sleep Apnea Device Cleared
    Regenerex, LLC: Adult Stem Cell Company Gets Phase I NIH Grant
    Early Stage Company Financings: Affinergy; BioSurface Engineering Technologies, Inc.; Ceregene; SurgRx; Suros Surgical Systems
    Recent Medtech Startups
    NCI Launches Nanotech Development Program
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Applying Heat to Drug Implants Shows Promise
    New Imaging Device Detects Early Signs of Type 1 Diabetes
    Novel MAS Technology Proves Effective
    New Class of Molecules Could Result in “Nano-device” Advances
    RNA: A Vital Ingredient of Nanotech Device Construction
    Rhodium-based Agents Used With Light Fight Cancer
    Study Reveals Earliest Stages of Prostate Cancer
    Diagnostic Device for Eye Disease Shows Promise
    FDA OKs Expanded Indication for Heart Failure Therapy
    Human Implant of Self-Expanding Stented Aortic Heart Valve
    Cleveland Clinic Researchers Develop Heart Pumps
    Medtronic Receives FDA Approval for Defibrillator
    FDA Reviews Boston Scientific Device After Patient’s Death
    Device Studied for Treatment of Crohn’s Disease
    Implantable Weight Loss Device for Bariatric Patients
    Vista Medical Focuses on Obesity
    New X-ray Imaging Film Cuts Radiation Dose by Half
    FDA Approves Concentric’s Device to Clear Blood Clots
    FDA Rejects Vagus Nerve Stimulator
    New Type of Cataract Surgery a Major Breakthrough
    Myopia IOLs Nearing Market Entry
    Angiotech Completes Acquisition of NeuColl
    ArthroCare to Acquire Opus
    Online Only: Stryker Completes Acquisition of SpineCore
    Online Only: System for Pelvic Floor Repair Earns Positive Early Results
    Online Only: Positive Results for Biotronik’s Metal Stent

August 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Market for Ablation of Atrial Arrhythmias Heating Up
    Stem Cells: Promise and Problems

    MedMarket Outlook: Cautious Wall Street Reviews Biotech, Medical Sectors
    Biotechnology Update: Stem Cells Repopulate Damaged Brain
    Early Stage Companies
    NeuroMEDX: Device for Electrical Conduction Defects
    Endoscopic Technologies (ESTECH): Electrosurgical Device 510(k)
    Kerberos Proximal Solutions: Occlusive Guiding Catheter 510(k)
    CardioMag Imaging: Magnetocardiograph Receives FDA Approval
    Early Stage Company Financings: Alveolus, BioSurface Engineering Technologies (BioSET), CardioKinetix, Delex Therapeutics, EADevices, IntraPace, LipoSonix, Novadaq Technologies
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare Launches Council on Technology and Innovation
    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Screening Test for Heart Disease Shows Promise
    Smart” Gene Therapy Limits Heart Attack Damage
    FTP: A New, Less Invasive Surgical Technique
    Wavefront Technology Helps Justify Earlier Cataract Surgery
    Online Only: Laser Microscopy Could Help with Alzheimer’s, Stroke Studies
    Online Only: Researchers Study New Cancer Detection Method
    Online Only: Light-Sensitive Probe Might Find Missed Breast Cancers

    Biopure Focuses on Cardiac Ischemia
    Miravant, Guidant to Develop Cardiovascular Products
    Surgical Robot Cleared for Coronary Anastomosis
    Boston Scientific Receives FDA Approval for Stent Clinical Trial
    AVI BioPharma Severs Medtronic License
    Medtronic Introduces New AAA Stent Graft Material
    Devax Begins Trial for Drug-Eluting Bifurcated Stent
    Siemens Acquires CADVision
    GE, Celera Collaborate on Targeted Medicine
    IsoTis Launches OsSatura TCP Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute
    Resorbable Spinal Product Gets FDA, CE Mark Approvals
    Non-Coronary Drug-Eluting Stent to Enter Clinicals
    American Medical Systems Acquires TherMatrx
    Online Only: St. Jude’s CRT-D Available in U.S.
    Online Only: Medtronic’s Carotid Filter System Receives CE Mark
    Online Only: FDA Approval for Medtronic Sprinter Balloon Catheter
    Online Only: MDCT Proving its Strength in Various Applications
    Online Only: Genzyme Acquires ILEX Oncology
    Online Only: Cushion-Bearing Femoral Head Receives CE Mark of Approval
    Online Only: Defense Bill Funds BioFoam Development

July 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Disc Arthroplasty Gaining Ground Among Spine Surgeons, Patients
    Aortic Aneurysm Stent-Graft Markets Recover, Prepare for New Entrants

    MedMarket Outlook: Core Medical Technologies Drive Market
    Biotechnology Update: Triple Therapy Restores Locomotion in Rats
    Early Stage Companies
    MicroIslet: Islet Cell Collaboration for Diabetes
    Nastech Pharmaceutical: Nasal Spray for Obesity
    Globus Medical: Cervical Spine Implant
    NeuColl: Angiotech Acquires Orthopedic/Spine Surgery Company
    Early Stage Company Financings: Emphasys Medical, MILLiMED Vascular Intervention, MultiGene Vascular Systems (MGV Systems), Proteus Biomedical, Sadra Medical, Tensys Medical, Zonare Medical Systems
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare to Consider Coverage of Obesity Therapy
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Coated Medical Devices Could Prevent Staph Infections
    Immune Therapy Suppresses Autoimmune Diabetes in Mice
    Under-Skin Sensor Monitors Blood Sugar
    Development of “Nanovehicle” Receives Award
    Nanoliter-Scale Synthesis for Embryonic Stem Cell Work
    Microarray Chip Tracks Genetic Makeup of Tissue
    Online Only: Advanced Gamma Cameras for Cancer Detection
    Online Only: Implantable Chip Shows Promise as Prosthetic Retina
    Mirus Announces Intravenous Gene Delivery System
    St. Jude Completes Purchase of Epicor
    Orbus Starts Clinical Trial with Bio-Engineered Coronary Stent
    ev3 Obtains CE Mark for Protégé GPS Nitinol Stent
    Conor Medsystems, Biotronik to Develop Drug-Eluting Stent
    Cardima Receives Non-Approvable FDA Letter for REVELATION Tx
    FDA Rejects WorldHeart’s Plans for Novacor Expansion
    Inamed Reaches Settlement with Ethicon Endo-Surgery
    Toshiba Introduces Aquillion 64-Slice CT Scanner
    FDA Recommends Approval for Ultrasound Surgery System
    Spinal Concepts Launches InFix Device for Spinal Surgery
    Online Only: ViroLogic Acquires Aclara
    Online Only: Guidant Leaves Houston Area
    Online Only: Trimedyne Issued Patent for Mitral Valve Laser
    Online Only: Medtronic Launches Defibrillator in Europe
    Online Only: American Medical Systems Acquires TherMatrx
    Online Only: Ethicon Launches First Ever Antibacterial Suture
    Online Only: Pfizer’s Surgical Ophthalmology Unit Acquired
    Online Only: Nanoshells for Cancer Treatment Prove Effective in Animal Study

June 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Newborn Hearing Screening Market to Grow Off-Shore
    Interventional Therapies for Heart Failure Management

    MedMarket Outlook: Stem Cell Research Under Revitalized Debate
    Biotechnology Update
    Defective Muscle Cells Repaired by Researchers
    Early Stage Companies
    Mazor Surgical Technologies: Robot for Spine Surgery
    CoreValve: Percutaneously Implanted Heart Valve
    Alveolus: Tracheobronchial Stent
    ApaTech: Bone Graft Substitute Approval for Osseous Defects
    Early Stage Company Financings: Spine Next, Microsulis Medical, Gamida Cell, Spinal Kinetics, Disc Dynamics, SynCardia Systems, Evalve, GI Dynamics, Multi Gene Vascular Systems (MGV Systems)
    Recent Medtech Startups
    World’s First Stem Cell Bank Opens
    Growth in Health Care Costs Slows Again
    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Laser Method Used to Build Micro-Polymeric Structure on Hair
    Molecule Reverses Obesity by Ablation of Adipose Tissue
    Nanoparticle Crystals Used to Study Brain Lesion TIssue
    New Chemotaxis Assay Shows Sensitivity of Nerve Fibers
    Turning Bone Marrow Stromal Cells into Neuronal Cells
    Radiation-Inducible WAF1 Shows Promise as Cancer Treatment
    Technique Promises Detection of Lung Transplant Rejection
    Guidant Invests in Heart Valve Repair Firm
    CE Mark for ev3’s Nitinol Stent
    Medtronic, Genzyme Joint Venture to Focus on Cardiac Therapy
    ProRhythm Begins U.S. Atrial Fibrillation Study
    CardioDynamics Acquires Medis
    Abbott Vascular Introduces StarClose Vascular Closure
    AngioLink Submits PMA to FDA
    Medtronic Extends Internet-Based Device Monitoring to Pacemakers
    St. Jude Medical Introduces Remote Monitoring System
    Court Rules for Boston Scientific
    Orbus Starts HEALING II CE Mark Clinical Trial
    Boston Scientific Buys Electronic Implant Maker
    Stomach “Pacemaker” Studied
    Given Imaging, Ethicon Sign Agreement
    First Clinical Images Using 64-Slice CT Scanner
    RITA Medical, Horizon Medical Announce Merger
    FDA Approves Minimally Invasive Treatment for Bladder Prolapse

May 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Surgical Stapling Market Grows Via New Procedures, New Technologies
    New Support Found for OPCAB

    MedMarket Outlook: Managing the Risks of Off-Label Usage
    Biotechnology Update
    Smart Tags and Smart Packaging in Health Care
    Gene Therapy Enhanced by Virus Peptides
    Early Stage Companies
    CryoCath Technologies: Cryotherapy Device Approval
    TherMatrx: Thermal Therapy BPH Device Approval
    Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces Ltd.: Nanosynthetic Percutaneous Valve
    Pearsalls Implants: Artificial Cervical Disc Device Trial
    Early Stage Company Financings: Acologix, Affymax, AngioGenex, Antisense Pharma, ApaTech, Axya Medical, Cardiokine, Dune Medical Devices Ltd., Mazor Surgical Technologies, Microsulis, Neovasc, Novasys Medical, PhotoThera
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Industry Making Gains Toward Profitability
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Researchers Control Biomolecules with Magnetic “Tweezers”
    Technology Allows Researchers Glimpse of Kidney Interior
    New Technique Developed for Detection of Skin Cancer
    New Coating Developed for Nanoscale Particles
    Engineered Cells Help Alzheimer’s Patients
    Near-Infrared Optical Imaging May Improve Brain Tumor Surgery
    Self-Assembling Nanotubes Offer Promise for Artificial Joints
    Miniature Biological Computer Diagnoses Cancer
    Baxter International Cuts Jobs
    Guidant Receives CE Mark Approval for Bifurcated Lesions Stent
    Medtronic Recalls Older ICDs
    Boston Scientific Acquires Precision Vascular Systems
    Medtronic Releases New EP Catheters
    Edwards Lifesciences to Discontinue AAA Graft Program
    Genaissance Launches Genetic Cardiac Test
    U.S. Implant of Perimount Magna Heart Valve with ThermaFix Tissue
    Safety of Boston Scientific Stent Sought, Patent Upheld
    Medtronic Expands Drug-Eluting Stent Trial
    MIV Therapeutics’ Coating Passes Injection Test
    Future II Clinical Trial Launched in Europe
    Cypher Stent Approved in Japan
    Enrollment Completed in Guidant’s SPIRIT FIRST Trial
    Cyberkinetics Starts Pilot Clinical Trial of Brain Implant
    Medtronic Begins Pivotal Trial for Epilepsy Treatment
    Scripps, PARC Institute Creates Technology for Cancer Detection
    Varian Receives FDA Approval for HDR Brachytherapy Afterloader
    Online Only: Biomet Receives FDA Approval for Knee System
    Online Only: Microvision Launches Nomad Expert Technician System
    Online Only: Biorthex Reorganizes, Suspends Spine Implant Trials

April 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Alternatives to Spinal Fusion Surgery on the Horizon
    A Minimally Invasive Approach to Hip Surgery

    MedMarket Outlook: What is the Outlook?
    Biotechnology Update: Screening Adult Leukemia Patients with Gene Chips
    Early Stage Companies
    Inion: Guided Tissue Regeneration
    Polyganics: Transparent Nerve Guide
    Conor Medsystems: Paclitaxel Stent Trial
    Online Only: EndoTex Interventional Systems: Carotid Artery Stenting and Embolic Protection Trial
    Early Stage Company Financings: Ablynx, ACell, AgaMatrix, Arthrosurface, Evotec Neurosciences, Favrille, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, MaxCyte, Nucleonics, TaiGen Biotechnology
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Insurers Balk at Paying for Bariatric Surgery
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Carbon Dioxide Studied in Producing Medical Implants
    Stem Cells Fail to Repair Heart Muscle in Stanford Study
    Nerve Cell Proteins Show Promise for Reducing Disability
    Online Only: Researchers Find MRI Useful in Diagnosing IBD in Children
    Online Only: Electric Pulse Technology May Improve Cancer Treatment
    Online Only: Nanosensor Using Phospholipids Shows Promise
    Online Only: Protein Plays a Role in Controlling Cell Growth
    Online Only: Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment Effective
    Panel Recommends FDA Approval of Artificial Heart
    New Endovascular Simulation System Launched
    FDA Denies Cardiogenesis PMA Submission
    Edwards Lifesciences Partners with PLC Medical Systems
    Boston Scientific Forms Alliance with Endoscopic Technologies
    Medtronic Earns FDA Approval for Pacemaker
    FDA Approves Infrared Sciences' New BreastScan IR System
    Bristol-Myers Squibb and Kereos Team Up
    ChromaVision Works with UCLA on Targeted Cancer Drug Study
    Biogen to Settle Suit for $20 Mln
    Cooper Companies Acquires Argus Biomedical Assets
    Medtronic Introduces New Scoliosis Treatment
    Online Only: PDT May Stabilize Atherosclerotic Vulnerable Plaque
    Online Only: Volcano Therapeutics Launches IVUS Imaging Catheter
    Online Only: Datascope Introduces Prolumen Thrombectomy Device
    Online Only: TechEn's Brain Monitor Awarded DARPA Funding
    Online Only: OpGen Works with Henry Ford Hospital's Brain Tumor Center
    Online Only: Infectio Diagnostic Receives FDA Approval

March 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Obesity Market Shows Strong Growth, Promises Significant Revenues
    Drug-Eluting Stents: Enter Boston Scientific

    MedMarket Outlook: Competition and Other 2004 Market Drivers
    Biotechnology Update: Market Segment Focus on Biomedical Nanotechnology
    Early Stage Companies
    MicroVention: Embolization Device Patents
    CorNova, Inc.: Drug-Eluting Stents Start-up
    Volcano Therapeutics: Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging Catheter
    Evalve: Endovascular Mitral Valve Repair
    Early Stage Company Financings: Kurve Technology, Sinus Rhythm Technologies, OmniSonics Medical Technologies, CeMines, Insulet, igeneon, Cameron Health, Orla Protein Technologies, Isto Technologies
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Cost of Health Care to Slow
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Steroid-Coated DNA Studied for Gene Delivery
    Researchers Produce Tissue-Regenerating Mouse
    Scientists Turn Stem Cells into Beating Heart Cells
    Damaging Mechanism in Transplants, Heart Attacks
    New Imaging Technique Studied for Breast Cancer Detection
    Researchers Create Single, Clonable DNA Strand
    Neuron-Semiconductor Chip Shows Promise
    Nanogen Acquires SynX Pharma
    WorldHeart Submits Request for Novacor LVAS Trial
    Inovise Medical Receives FDA Approval for Heart Monitor
    FDA Approves DeBakey VAD Child LVAD
    Boston Scientific Acquires Stake in Endoscopic Technologies
    Hitachi Develops Noninvasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Device
    Northfield Laboratories’ Artificial Blood Tested
    Biopure CEO Resigns
    Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Studies New Imaging Technology
    Microwave Generator Earns FDA Approval
    DePuy Spine Files FDA Application for Charite Artificial Disc
    Zimmer Holdings Closes Centerpulse Facility
    ISSYS Receives Award for Infusion Device
    Prime Medical Acquires Lithotripsy Company

February 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Diverse Energy Therapies Market Heats Up
    Heart Valve Repairs Outpace Replacements

    MedMarket Outlook: Balancing Dangers and Benefits of Innovation
    Biotechnology Update: Neuron Growth Could Lead to Reversal of Paralysis
    Early Stage Companies
    Biological Signal Processing: Detecting and Monitoring Ischemic Heart Disease
    Sanarus Medical: Cryo-Assisted Lumpectomy
    CryoCath Technologies: Cryosurgical Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
    MIV Therapeutics: Hydroxyapatite-Coated Stent
    Early Stage Company Financings: Aspire Medical, Inc.; Ophthonix; Proteus Biomedical; Scandius BioMedical, Inc.; SurgRx; TargeGen; TeraView; TransMedics Inc.; Vascular Biogenics; Vivant Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Health Care Investments Surge
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Targeted Gene Therapy Shows Promise
    Gene Linked to Atherosclerosis Risk
    Stenting Neonatal Arterial Duct Appears Effective
    Incidental PET Results May Detect Unsuspected Cancer
    Online Only: PET Superior in Revealing Response to Treatment
    for GISTs

    AFM Useful in Studying Effects of Drugs on Alzheimer’s Plaques
    Online Only: New Technique Useful in Detection of Head, Neck Cancers
    Online Only: Calcaneus Ultrasound Predicts Hip Fracture Risk
    Medicare Change Benefits Organogenesis Inc.
    U.S. Patent Granted for “Smart Drug Delivery” Device
    Ablation Company AFx Acquired by Guidant
    Guidant Files Suit Against St. Jude Medical
    Boston Scientific Receives CE Mark for New Stent
    Medtronic Paceart Supports Patient and Device Data
    Philips, EP MedSystems to Jointly Market EP Products
    Vital Images to Acquire HInnovation
    Biophan Expands Technology Rights with Nanoset
    Hitachi to Launch Medical “Nanostamp” Technology
    Portable Kidney Dialysis Machine Introduced
    New Genetic Test for Alzheimer’s
    Researchers Studying Handheld Device to Detect Brain Injury
    New Surgical Device Available for Stress Incontinence
    Varian Receives FDA Clearance on Imaging, Radiotherapy Systems
    DePuy Spine Acquires Assets of The Bright Group

January 2004 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Gene Therapy: More Reality, Less Fantasy
    Rapid Growth Continues in Market for Image-Guided Surgery Products

    MedMarket Outlook: 2004
    Biotechnology Update: Carbon Nanofibers Promise Benefits in Neural and Orthopedic Implants
    Early Stage Companies
    Surgical Marker System—Z-Kat
    Total Occlusion Device—IntraLuminal Therapeutics
    Difficult Occlusion Device—Xtrak Medical
    Bioabsorbable Elastomer Devices—Tepha
    Early Stage Company Financings: Spiration, U-Systems, Volcano Therapeutics, NeoGuide Systems, Glucon Medical, USGI Medical, Vivant Medical, Emergent Respiratory Products, Ikonisys, NsGene A/S, Auxeris Therapeutics, Kibow Biotech
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Poised for Growth, Say Analysts
    OPCAB May Increase Restenosis
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Researchers Discover Potential Hearing Loss Cure in Mice
    Device Provides Early Detection of Botulism
    Whole-body PET/CT Scan Effective for Tumor Staging
    Mayo Clinic Develops New Imaging Technology
    Nanowire Sensor Could Improve Medical Diagnostics
    Proteins Could be Targets for Gene-Based Cancer Therapy
    Researchers Create Peptide Templates on Retinal Tissues
    Microdissection Needle Tonsillectomy Less Painful
    Early Ultrasound Effectively Screens Infants for Hip Dysplasia
    Edwards Lifesciences to Buy Heart-Valve Company
    Guidant's Insignia Pacemaker Receives FDA Approval
    AccessClosure Begins Matrix VSG System Clinical Trial
    FDA Approves Cook's IDE for Thoracic Aneurysm Graft
    MindGuard's Permanent Carotid Diverter Implanted in Human
    St. Jude's ICD Receives FDA Approval, CE Mark
    SpectRx Granted Second Patent for Insulin Delivery Patch
    Viking Systems to Buy 3-D Visualization Business
    Angiotech Acquires STS Biopolymers
    FDA Approves Medicsight's Two CAD Products
    FDA Clears CAD Technology for Digital Mammography
    FDA's Ophthalmic Device Panel Considers Phakic IOL
    FDA Awards Orthovita IDE for Bone Filler Study
    Protein Polymer, SpineWave Announce Extension of Joint R&D
    OSI Systems to Acquire Spacelabs
    Abbott Laboratories' New Hospital Products Unit to be Called Hospira
    Global Precision Medical to Acquire MDMI Therablate


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