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2005 Archives

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December 2005 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

    Diabetes:  A Big Market with Bigger Opportunities
    Nanomedicine:  Small World, Vast Possibilities
    MedMarket Outlook: 
    Nosocomial Infections, Reprocessing, Nanotech
    Biotechnology Update: Gene Delivered Via Virus Cuts Plaque Buildup, Reduces Macrophage Activity
    Early Stage Companies
    Image Guidance in Orthopedic MIS
    PMA for Stress UI Bulking Agent
    Early Stage Company Financings: Celladon, Hansen Medical, Pluromed, Tomophase
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare Proposes Coverage of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Biological Pacemaker Shows Promise
    Cell Transplantation Restores Insulin Production
    Noninvasive Treatment Shrinks Fibroids
    Stem Cell Genes May Play Role in Cancer
    Magnetic Probe Useful for Cancer Patients
    Online Only: Gene Sequences Promote Artery Growth
    Online Only: Virtual Colonoscopy Enhanced by CAD
    Online Only: Polymer Gel Useful in Gene Therapy
    Online Only: Stem Cells Used to Grow Cartilage
    Online Only: Stenting Opens Blocked Carotid Arteries
    Edwards' Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Introduced
    Medtronic Issues Physician Advisory for Pacemakers
    Angiotech Buys Edwards' Vascular Graft Business
    Thoratec Receives CE Mark for LVAS
    Collagen Matrix' Bone Repair Device Approved
    Uroplasty Receives CE Mark for Neuromodulation System
    Micrus Endovascular Launches Cerebral Aneurysm Product
    Elana Receives CE Mark for Laser-Assisted Neurosurgical Therapy
    Online Only: St. Jude's Atrial Fibrillation Study Results Published
    Online Only: Cardiogenesis' TMR Therapy Approved for Angina
    Online Only: FDA Approves Arteriocyte's Stem Cell Study
    Online Only: Osiris Stem Cell Trial Reaches Safety Milestone
    Online Only: Promising Results for Tissera's Pancreatic Study
    Online Only: Viatronix, QI Form Partnership
    Online Only: MRI Useful in Selecting UFE Patients
    Online Only: Cooper Acqures NeoSurg, Inlet Medical
    Online Only: Triage Medical's Spinal Fixation Devices Cleared
    Online Only: New CPT Codes for Kyphoplasty
    Online Only: VIASYS Healthcare Acquires Intermed Precision
    Online Only: Smith & Nephew Gets Injunction
    Online Only: Millenium Biologix' Microporous Skelite Technology Approved

November 2005 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

    Drug-Eluting Stents Vie for Supremacy With New Study Results
    Embolic Protection Gaining Market Acceptance
    MedMarket Outlook: 
    Confidence Growing in Medical Device Investment
    Biotechnology Update: Gene Therapy Succeeds in Animals Genetically Susceptible to MD
    Early Stage Companies
    Investment in Drug Delivery and Biosensing
    Vertebral Body Replacement Device Approval
    Vascular Anastomosis Company IPO
    Suturing Device Company Spinoff
    Early Stage Company Financings: FlowMedica, IntElect Medical, Nanosys, SpineMedica Corp., Luminous Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    New ICD Registry to Become Effective April 2006
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Fetal Cells Useful for Birth Defect Repair
    Stem Cells May Heal Hearts Years After MI
    Ultrasound Shown to Kill Cancer Cells
    Gel Reduces Pain, Improves Healing
    Online Only: New Method for Evaluating Fetal Heart
    Online Only: Improved Imaging with Gold Nanorods
    Online Only: Destroying Cancer with Human Embryonic Stem Cells
    Online Only: New Battery Helps Stimulate Nerves
    Online Only: Combining fMRI, PET Proves Effective
    J&J-Guidant Deal Settled
    Medtronic, St. Jude Receive Subpoenas
    Healing II Study Results Presented
    Endologix Begins Powerlink Trial
    TyRx's Surgical Mesh on Verge of FDA Approval
    NuVasive Files IDE for NeoDisc
    Spire Receives NIH Grant for BMP
    Uroplasty Receives FDA Approval
    Gore Launches VIBRANT Study
    ev3 to Buy Minority Stake in MTI
    Covalon Applies for FDA Approval
    Online Only: Medtronic Introduces New Ablation System
    Online Only: Evalve Launches MitraClip Trial
    Online Only: ISSYS Receives Grant for CHF Study
    Online Only: St. Jude Introduces the Venture Catheter
    Online Only: Given Imaging's PillCam SB Proves Effective
    Online Only: Volcano Gets FDA Approval for IVUS Catheter
    Online Only: StemCells Receives Clearance for Stem Cell Trial
    Online Only: FDA Seizes Baxter's Infusion Pumps
    Online Only: Boston Scientific Acquires Stent Technologies
    Online Only: VNUS Medical Sues Companies

October 2005 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML)

    The Growing Market for Obesity Surgical Devices
    Lumbar Devices for the Treatment of Spinal Disc Disease Continue to Fuel Market Growth
    MedMarket Outlook: 
    Stem Cell Research Pushing Ahead, Despite Obstacles, On All Possible Fronts
    Biotechnology Update: Nanowires Show Promise for Detecting Cancer Presence, Type and Stage
    Early Stage Companies
    Colonoscopy Device Approval
    Urology Device Approvals
    Cord Blood Studied in Treatment of Cardiac Infarct
    Early Stage Company Financings: Cellerant Therapeutics, MitralSolutions, Pervasis Therapeutics, Replication Medical, VeraLight
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Drivers: New Technology to Greatly Impact Medicare Costs
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Fat-Derived Stem Cells Show Promise
    Gene Therapy Lowers Blood Pressure
    UW Receives $15 Million Grant
    New Fetal Brain Imaging Technique Developed
    Researchers Work on Artificial Cell Membrane
    Researchers Develop Artificial Kidney
    Anti-infective Implants Show Promise
    ACI Scaffold Effective for Talar Lesions
    Online Only: Stem Cells Help Regenerate Cartilage, Bone
    J&J/Guidant Deal in Jeopardy
    Abbott's Neck Stent, Filter Gets Approval
    Data Favors Abbott Vascular's Closure System
    Drug-Eluting Stent News
    Boston Scientific Recalls Enteryx
    Medtronic to Receive $51 Million in Patent Case
    CAD Useful for Detection of Small, Invasive Breast Cancer
    Intelligent Medical Implants Develops Retinal Implant
    Bone Graft Substitute Plug Launched
    Vertebral Compression Fracture Studies Presented
    Orthofix Settles Patent Case
    DuraSeal Receives CE Mark
    Trimedyne Introduces BPH Device
    CSI Receives IDE Approval
    Online Only: Update on Guidant:  ICD Approval, Recalls and Investigations
    Online Only: World's First Endoluminal Fundoplication Performed

September 2005 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML)

    Virtual Reality in Medicine -- More than a Virtual Market
    Thoracic Devices Extend Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
    MedMarket Outlook: 
    The Non-Invasive Future
    Biotechnology Update:  Researchers Find Gene That Contributes to Type 2 Diabetes
    Early Stage Companies
    Surgical Mesh Approval for Soft Tissue Repair in Spine Surgery
    Thermoregulation in OPCAB Minimizes Need for Transfusion
    European Introduction of Pedicle Screw System
    Patent Applications in Device Coatings
    Early Stage Company Financings: Arbor Surgical Technologies, Direct Flow Medical, ISTO Technologies, KFx Medical Corporation, NovoStent, Pavad Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Drivers: Effectiveness of Drugs Matches Interventional Therapies
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Under-the-skin Sensor Monitors at a Distance
    FDA OKs Stem Cell Clinical Trial
    MRI Used to Note Heart Changes
    Magnetic Stimulation Effective for Stroke Recovery
    Biosensor Reveals Information about Alzheimer's Disease
    Researchers Work on Growing Lungs for Transplantation
    Online Only: Stem Cells Effective in Incontinence Treatment
    Online Only: Fetal Skin Cells Useful for Burn Treatment
    Online Only: New Technique Developed for Creating Human Stem Cells
    St. Jude Gets FDA Approval for Stented Tissue Valve
    CRT-D Device Detects Fluid Accumulation
    OrbusNeich Receives CE Mark Approval for Stent
    Biotronik ICD Allows Remote Access
    FDA Approves Medtronic's Glucose Monitor
    FDA Clears Boston Scientific's Brain Stent
    Medtronic Introduces Dissolvable Spinal Implant
    Spray-On Skin Trial to Begin
    Online Only: CyberKinetics Launches New Pilot Study
    Online Only: NuVasive Acquires Pearsalls Technology Rights
    Online Only: FDA Clears Natural Bone Graft Material
    Online Only: Uroplasty Sends Two Urology Submissions to FDA
    Online Only: Angiometrx; Balloon Catheter Approved
    Online Only: Clinical Study Favorable for Celleration
    Online Only: Covalon Introduces Collagen Wound Dressings
    Online Only: FDA Approves Portable Cardiac Monitor
    Online Only: Angiotech's Stent Patent Remains Valid
    Online Only: New Mini-Maze Technology for Atrial Fibrillation
    Online Only: FDA Warns of Problems with Metal Airway Stents
    Online Only: Biophan Receives Equity Investment from Boston Scientific
    Online Only: Ultrasound Probe Testing Device Receives Patent


August 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    A New Era Dawns in Advanced Wound Management
    Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies Inching Closer to Commercial Viability

    MedMarket Outlook:  Over-arching Market Forces -- A Limited Sample
    Biotechnology Update:  Nanoparticles Deliver Genes Nonvirally In Vivo, Reactivate Adult Brain Cells in Mice
    Early Stage Companies
    Stress Urinary Incontinence Treatment System Approval
    Orthopaedic Lithotripsy Business Acquired
    Enhanced Collagen Matrix in Wound Healing
    Suture Fastener 510(k)
    Patent for Electrical Stimulation of Angiogenesis
    Transendocardial Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Trial
    Bone Graft 510(k)
    Early Stage Company Financings: CritiSense, Tengion, Innovative Spinal Technologies
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Drivers:  Effectiveness of Medical Devices Questioned Anew
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Laser Light Identifies Plaques
    Stem Cell Therapy Successfully Treats Heart Attacks
    Genetic Mutations for Aneurysm Identified
    PediPump Shows Promise for Children
    New Polyester Heart Stent
    Virtual Colonoscopy Reveals Cancer Outside Colon
    Bone Grafts Grown In Vivo
    Online Only: Method Developed for Determining Bone Fracture Risk
    Online Only: Surgeons Report Positive Outcomes of MIS Procedure
    Online Only: Stem Cells Restore Egg Production in Mouser Ovaries
    Cardiogenesis Submits IDE Protocol for PMC Trial
    Newsworthy Season for Guidant
    Medtronic Gets European Approval to Market Stent
    CryoCor Submits PMA for Cryoablation Atrial Flutter Device
    CryoCath Launches FrostByte Globally
    StemCells Grants License to ReNeuron
    ev3 Gets PMA Approval of Onyx
    Boston Scientific Launches Matrix2 Coils
    MIV Therapeutics Completes Studies of AEPD Device
    AMS Completes Ovion Acquisition
    Conceptus Gets FDA Approval to Extend Effectiveness Data
    VisiJet Changes Name to Advanced Refractive Technologies
    STAAR Surgical Receives Approvable Letter from FDA
    FzioMed's Bone Growth Factor Shows Promise
    NuVasive Files IDE for Total Disc Product, Announces Study Results
    Online Only: Globus Begins IDE Trial
    Online Only: Mentor Receives Approvalbe Letter from FDA
    Online Only: Baxter Required to Recall Intravenous Pumps
    Online Only: Urologix Achieves Marketing Milestones

July 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Coronary Artery Disease Market Battleground
    Shakeout in the Resynchronization Device Market

    MedMarket Outlook:  Synopsis of Current Forces Governing Healthcare
    Biotechnology Update:  Researchers Grow New Human Blood Vessels with Adult Vascular Cells
    Early Stage Companies
    Kyphon, Disc-O-Tech Patent Suite Resolved
    Heart Failure Device Trial Enrollment
    Patient Weaned from LVAS
    Ovion Acquisition to Proceed
    Online Only: Collaborative Agreement in Orthopedic Growth Factor Peptides
    Online Only: Intra-operative Fluorescent Imaging for CABG
    Early Stage Company Financings: Cardiva Medical, U.S. Spine, Torax Medical, IRM
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Rate of Bariatric Surgeries Quadruples
    Massachusetts Bill Targets Medical Device Reuse
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Researchers Implant Vascularized Muscles
    Stem Cells Grown from Human Skin
    Study Reveals Endovascular Repair Outcomes
    Using Elastin for Vascular Grafts
    Stem Cells May Prove Useful to Prevent Blood Shortages
    Cancer Risk from Virtual Colonoscopy Insignificant
    Chemical May Hold Key to Halting Spinal Cord Damage
    Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Oncology Shows Promise
    Technique Reveals Possible Location of Lung Cancer Genes
    Scalpel Reduces Blood Loss, Facial Nerve Trauma
    Cordis Endovascular Introduces New Catheter
    Edwards Lifesciences Delays Heart Valve Clinical Trials
    FDA Approves New Blood Test to Screen Strokes
    FDA Rejects Abiomed's Artificial Heart
    Biotronik's New Pacemaker Receives FDA Approval
    Boston Scientific Completes Acquisiition of Rubicon
    Boston Scientific Recalls Vascular Grafts
    First U.S. Patient Treated in Atrial Fibrillation Trial
    ATS Medical Teams Up with Genesee BioMedical
    Lilly/Alkermes Inhaled Insulin System Shows Promise
    MannKind Presents Efficacy Data on Inhaled Insulin System
    UK's Gyrus to Acquire ACMI
    Siemens to Acquire Sensant
    Medtronic's Pain Therapy Device Receives FDA Approval
    STAAR Surgical Introduces New Cataract Lens & Injector System
    Ranier Technology Receives Funding
    OsteoBiologics Introduces TruGraft BGS Syringe
    Preclinical Data Published on OrthoLogic's Fracture Repair
    Misonix Receives FDA Clearance for Wound Debrider
    Online Only: CardioGenesis Reports First RoboticallY Assisted TMR
    Online Only: Boston Scientific Agrees to Settle Stent Case
    Online Only: Promising Results with DePuy's Charite Lumbar TDR Prosthesis

June 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Seal of Success for the Wound Dressings Market
    Biotechnology Expecting worldwide Growth

    MedMarket Outlook:  Europe as Force(s) for Change
    Biotechnology Update: Arthritis Trial Shows Promise of Gene Therapy
    Early Stage Companies
    CABG Medical:  Artificial Bypass Graft Trial
    Xoft:  Electronic Brachytherapy Compares Favorably to Radionuclide Brachytherapy
    Angiological:  Herniorrhaphy Mesh 510(k)
    Lanx, LLC:  Spinal Fixation 510(k)
    MAST Biosurgery USA:  Bioresorbable Mesh 510(k)
    Medartis:  Craniofacial Fixation 510(k)
    Early Stage Company Financings: Aperon Biosystems, BioniCare Medical Technologies, Calypso Medical Technologies, Cierra, superDimension, Verus Pharmaceuticals
    Recent Medtech Startups
    The Growth (or Demise) of Specialty Hospitals
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Gene Therapy Found to Reverse Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
    Fluorescence Device Diagnoses Athersclerosis, Tumors
    CT Reduces Need for Appendectomy
    Sonic Flashlight Makes Catheter Insertion Easier
    NEMS Device Detects Mass of Single DNA Molecule
    Magnetic Stimulation May Aid Stroke Recovery
    Breast Cancer Metastasis Uses Growth Factors
    Online Only: Nanoprinter Could Mass-Produce Nano-Devices
    Online Only: Nanosensors Used to Study Brain Cells
    Online Only: New Technique Inhibits Abnormal Blood Vessel Growth
    Hospira to Acquire Physiometrix
    Guidant Recalls Defibrillators
    ATS Medical's heart Valve Earns High Marks
    Researchers Study "Mini" Heart-Bypass System
    FDA Clears Biotronik's ICD
    Biophan Signs Agreement with German Researchers
    MIVT Begins Animal Trials of Stroke-Prevention Device
    CSI Receives CE Mark for Orbital Atherectomy System
    ELA Medical Conducts First Worldwide Implant of ICD
    Medtronic Gets FDA Approval for New Balloon Catheter
    Terumo Europe Launches Stent Clinical Trial
    Boston Scientific vs. J&J -- Wins and Losses
    CT Enterography Useful in Detecting Crohn's Disease
    Trimedyne Acquires Exclusive License for Sphincter Valve
    Medicare Approves NDO Surgical's GERD Procedure
    MicroVention's HydroCoil Aneurysm Devices in the Spotlight
    LDR Spine Conducts First U.S. Easyspine Surgery
    Five-year Collagen Meniscus Implant Data Published
    Positive Results for Aastrom's Bone Repair Trial
    Angiotech Licenses ChondroGEL Biomaterial to Histogenics
    J&J's New Matrix Dressing
    FDA Approves Smith & Nephew Antimicrobial Barrier Dressing
    Online Only: Mentor Launches Aris Trans-Obturator Sling

May 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Vertical Compression Fractures Treatment -- A Rapidly Evolving Marketplace
    GERD Therapy Moving to Endoscopic Repair

    MedMarket Outlook: Push Comes to Shove on Pricing
    Biotechnology Update: Key Mechanism in Heart Cell Division May Lead to New Therapy
    Early Stage Companies
    MicroVention:  Hydrogel Patent
    Alltracel Pharmaceuticals/Elmarco: Nanofiber Wound Management Development Agreement
    Collagen Matrix:  Membrane and Tubular Matrices Introduced
    Sunshine Heart:  Counterpulsation Extra-aortic Device Implanted
    CABG Medical:  Synthetic Graft for CABG in Trials for CE Mark
    Early Stage Company Financings: Prospex Medical, Confluent Surgical, Sanarus Medical, Luminetx Corp., BioPheresis Technologies
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare Coverage Expands for Orthopedics, Ophthalmology
    Hospitals Request Mandatory Bar Codes for Medical Devices
    Leading Clinical Edge
    "Nano-bumps" Improve Performance of Stents
    MDCT Useful for Coronary Artery Disease Detection
    Study Reveals New Approaches to Nerve Regeneration
    Gold Nanoparticles Useful in Cancer Detection
    Metal Stents Effective in Treating Pancreatic Cancer
    New Method for Halting Tumor Growth
    Results of Graft Materials Study Announced
    New Method Developed to Generate Bone
    "Smart Bandages" a Breakthrough in Wound Care
    Hansen Medical Buys endoVia Medical
    MedicalCV's AtriLaze Trial Ends
    Nasdaq Delists Cardima
    Boston Scientific to Acquire CryoVascular Systems, TriVascular
    ABIOMED to Acquire Impella CardioSystems
    ACMI Launches All-Digital Flexible Endoscope
    Trials Demonstrate Effectiveness of ThermoGenesis Sealant
    Biophan, New Scale Get Patent for MRI-compatible "Mini Motor"
    CoAxia Gets Approval for NeuroFlo Aortic Catheter
    Online Only: Covalon Attains Major Milestones
    Online Only: Boston Scientific Starts SYNTAX Stent Trial
    Online Only: CSI Starts First Human Trial of Atherectomy System
    Online Only: Rubicon Medical Receives CE Mark for Embolic Filter
    Online Only: Abbott Seeks Approval of Vascular Closure System
    Online Only: Boston Scientific Receives Approval for Libert Stent
    Online Only: Abbott Receives Approval to Start Stent Trial
    Online Only: Gore Receives FDA Clearance for Hernia Plug
    Online Only: Alveolus' Tracheobronchial Stent Available in Turkey

April 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Tissue Engineering:  Promises, Potential and Many Challenges
    The Role of Nanotechnology in Medical Devices

    MedMarket Outlook: Forces and Trends Toward Future Medtech
    Biotechnology Update: Researchers Test Heart Muscle Repair in Post-MI Patients with Stem Cell Therapy
    Early Stage Companies
    CryoCor: IPO Filed
    CVRx: Device for Baroreflex-mediated Blood Pressure Management
    CardioTech International:  CE Mark Application for Artificial Coronary Graft
    Suros Surgical Systems:  Breast Biopsy FDA Approval
    Novalung:  Artificial Lung Development
    AngioScore:  Scoring Balloon Catheter
    Early Stage Company Financings: Confluent Surgical, CorNova, iScience Surgical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare to Cover Carotid Artery Stent Surgery
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Optical Technique Effective in Identifying Plaque
    First Islet Cell Transplant Succeeds
    New 3-D Imaging System Shows Promise
    Motor Neuron Differentiation from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
    Online Only: In-Depth Study of Neurons Now Possible
    Online Only: MRI Method Useful with Brain Cancer Therapy
    Online Only: Molecule Regulates PTEN Tumor Suppressor
    Online Only: Stanford Researchers Develop "Bionic Eye"
    Abbott's Carotid Stent Approval Getting Closer
    Medtronic Thoracic Stent Graft Gets CE Mark
    Boston Scientific Introduces Spinal Cord Stimulator
    Pearsalls' Artificial Cervical Disc Shows Promise
    Archus Orthopedics Receives IDE
    Medtronic Has Its Days in Court:  Spine and Bone Graft Suits
    Stent Trial for Peripheral Arterial Disease Begins
    Online Only: ELA Medical Releases New Pacing System
    Online Only: Boston Scientific Loses Patent Case
    Online Only: Angiotech, CABG Medical Collaborate on Paclitaxel Grafts
    Online Only: MIV Therapeutics Acquires Saga X
    Online Only: Enrollment Begins for ev3 Embolic Protection Device Trial
    Online Only: Study Shows Strength of SJM Heart Valve
    Online Only: Siemens to Acquire CTI Molecular Imaging
    Online Only: Advanced Neuromodulation Receives IDE
    Online Only: Medtronic Renames Surgical Navigation Technologies
    Online Only: Justice Department Investigates Orthopedic Companies
    Online Only: Nellcor to Challenge Jury Decision
    Online Only: Medicis to Acquire Inamed for $2.8 Bln
    Online Only: New Nonsurgical Technique for DVT

March 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Drug-Eluting Stents Steal the ACC Show
    An Evolving Strategic Landscape in Spine Surgery

    MedMarket Outlook: Forces and Trends Toward Future Medtech
    Biotechnology Update: Immune Complications Resulting From Combination
    Medical Devices
    Early Stage Companies
    Archus Orthopedics: Arthroplasty CE Mark
    Biomerix: Vascular Occlusion Device
    CrossCart: Porcine ACL Trial
    DISA Vascular: Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent CE Mark
    Keraplast Technologies: Keratin-Based Technologies in Wound, Bone, Tissue Engineering
    Suros Surgical Systems, SenoRx: Suros Files Patent Infringement Suit Against SenoRx
    MIV Therapeutics: Stent Manufacturer Acquired
    Nexa Orthopedics: Arthroplasty Acquisition
    Early Stage Company Financings: Xtent, AxioMed Spine, Scandius BioMedical, Axial Biotech
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Complications Prevalent in Minimally Invasive Hip Surgeries
    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Technology Measures Changes in Cell Volume
    Patent Obtained for New Endoscopic Device
    Spoc Cells Effective in Heart Repair
    PET Effective for Heart Disease Diagnosis
    TheraSpheres Show Promise for Liver Cancer Patients
    Bipolar Radio Frequency Effective for Knee Injuries
    New Device Helps Stroke Victims
    Scientists Regenerate Optic Nerve
    Quinton Cardiology to Merge with Cardiac Science
    Medtronic Device Fails in Study
    Guidant Recalls Catheters to Address Leak Potential
    St. Jude to Acquire Velocimed
    Medtronic Announces Results of COMPASS-HF Study
    Stomach Pacemaker Approved in Canada
    Closure Medical Receives CE Mark for Surgical Sealant
    CSMG Technologies Subsidiary Signs Agreement
    SmartPill Starts Trial for GI Monitoring System
    Genetronics Initiates Pancreatic Cancer Trial
    Advanced Medical Optics, VISX Announce Merger Plans
    Genzyme Acquires Verigen AG
    OsteoBiologics Earns CE Mark for Bone/Cartilage Repair
    Kensey Nash, Orthovita Expand Collaboration
    CSI Receives Approval for Clinical Trial
    CryoPlasty Therapy Effective for Blocked Leg Arteries
    Device for Prostate Cancer Gets FDA Approval
    Online Only: Stryker Acquires eTrauma
    Online Only: Kerberos’ Rinspirate Study Enrolls Patient No. 25
    Online Only: Study Shows Brachytherapy with Palladium-103 Beneficial

February 2005  (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Developments in Heart Valve Technologies
    Bioartificial Liver Development

    MedMarket Outlook: Investment Conservatively on the Upswing
    Biotechnology Update: Spinal Cord Device Shows Promise
    Early Stage Companies
    FlowCardia: CTO Device CE Mark, U.S. Trials
    Endius: Spine Surgery Device Patents
    Alveolus: Nonvascular Stenting Distribution Agreement
    Arteriocyte: Patent Awarded for Ischemia Treatment
    Sanarus: Results on Cryoablation of Benign Breast Tumors
    Orbus Medical Technologies: Stent Developer Acquired
    Early Stage Company Financings: Arthrosurface, Inc.; CHF Solutions, Inc.; OctoPlus
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare to Expand Coverage of ICDs
    Federal Task Force Recommends Screening for AAA
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Study Could Lead to New Treatments for Heart Failure
    Gene Therapy Proves Promising for Bone Growth
    Living Donor Islet Cell Transplant a Success
    Neurons Grown from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
    “Bladder Pacemaker” Could Become a Reality
    Online Only: Nanoscale Superconductors May be Used in MRI
    Online Only: Quantum Dot Imaging in Cancer Detection
    Online Only: Cell “Miscommunication” Related to Cancer
    Online Only: Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease

    Stent Ruling Against Medtronic Reversed
    JAMA Study Claims Cypher Better than Taxus
    Boston Scientific Introduces Next-Generation Drug-Eluting Stent
    Results of Corautus Genetics’ Gene Transfer Technology
    St. Jude to Invest $25 Million in ProRhythm
    Velocimed Receives CE Mark for Closure System
    Medicare Expands Coverage of Implantable Defibrillators
    FzioMed Earns CE Mark for Cosmetic Dermal Filler
    New Technology Offered for Minimally Invasive Surgery
    iCAD Launches New Second Look CAD System
    Molecular Breast Imaging Shows Promise
    Kodak to Acquire OREX Computed Radiography
    Cyberonics’ VNS Therapy Deemed Approvable by FDA
    Technology Useful in Detecting Risk of Premature Delivery
    Encore Medical to Acquire Osteoimplant Technology
    Spacelabs Medical and Masimo Announce Alliance
    Uroplasty to Acquire CystoMedix
    Datascope Launches Linear 7.5 Intra-Aortic Balloon
    Absorbable Metal Stent a Success


January 2005 (Subscribers Only: PDF or HTML)

    Market for Gastric Surgery Devices to Continue Explosive Growth
    Advances in Dental Technologies

    MedMarket Outlook: Obesity Increases Cost of Health Care, Stimulates Therapy Markets
    Biotechnology Update: Pathway May Lead to New Anti-Angiogenesis Therapies
    Early Stage Companies
    Velocimed:  PFO Closure CE Mark
    NeoSurg Technologies:  Patent for Trocar TIp Geometry
    BioCardia, Symphony Medical:  Joint Development for Arrhythmia
    Orqis medica:  CHF Treatment Expanded IDE Trial
    Vivant Medical:  Liver Tumor Microwave Ablation
    Early Stage Company Financings: CryoFluor Therapeutics, LLC; DexCom, Inc.; Impliant Ltd.; NDO Surgical, Inc.; NeuroBionics, Inc.; Remon Medical technologies Ltd.; VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Older Americans Receiving More Complex Procedures
    Leading Clinical Edge
    MDCT Angiography Can Assess Stroke Risk
    Scientists Develop Cardiac Patch
    MRI Useful in Measuring Myocardial Infarct Size
    Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor Shows Potential in Medicine
    Carbon Nanotubes Used for New Class of Sensors
    Nerve Growth Controlled
    Device Enables Safer Delivery for Babies
    Online Only:
    Femtosecond Laser Scalpel Developed
    3D MDCT Angiography Useful in Imaging Liver Arteries
    Genzyme, AGTC Form Parnership
    Nanogen, Epoch Complete Merger
    Boston Scientific to Buy Advanced Stent Technologies
    Pharmos Completes CABG/Neuroprotection Trial
    CoreValve to Begin Clinical Trial
    Trial Ordered for Medinol's Claim Against Boston Scientific
    Medical Ventures' Metricath Expanded to Peripheral Arteries
    Medicare Stalls Coverage of ICDs
    Rubicon Medical to Pursue FDA Clearance for Rubicon Filter
    Corgentech, Bristol-Myers Squibb Announce Trial Results
    Terumo Signs Development Contract with Mass General
    Ventracore Files Suit Against HeartWare
    FDA Approves InSightec's Device to Treat Fibroids
    Online Only:
         DaVita Buys Gambro Dialysis Unit
         Synovis Alliance Buys Rights to Neurogen's Nerve Conduit
         Medtronic Sofamor Danek Signs Deal with Purdue
         Study Shows Gamida-Cell Leukemia Treatment is Safe
         Spinal Fusion Device Approved by FDA
         Patients File Lawsuit Against Integrated Surgical Systems
         Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Continues Expansion
         Biophan Receives "Anti-Antenna" Patent
         Myocor Completes Financing for Heart Valve Studies



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