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2006 Archives

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December 2006 (Subscribers only, PDF or HTML)

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    Allografts and Synthetic Bone Substitutes: Two Sides to a Multi-billion Dollar Market

    Embolic Protection Devices Continue to Prove Worth

    MedMarket Outlook: Start-Ups Reflect Trends in Medical Device Technology

    Early Stage Companies:  CVRx, Coaxia, Microislet, Clearant

    Early Stage Company Financings: Aesthetic Sciences Corporation, BoneSupport AB, Galil Medical Ltd, iCardiac Technologies, Inc., OrthoMimetics Ltd., Softscope Medical Technologies, Inc., Vertebral Technologies, Inc.

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: Cardiac Master Stem Cells Identified, Paradigm Shifted

    Drivers: Medicare Reconsidering Spinal Disc Coverage

    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Techniques for MR Repair
    New Cardiovascular Disease Markers
    Ultrasound Makes Catheterization Safer
    Optical Technique Provides 3-D Views of Internal Surfaces
    New Treatment Option for Breast Cancer
    Gene’s Role in Cartilage Formation
    Giving Robotic Surgery Tools a Sense of Touch
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Micropump Useful for Lab-On-A-Chip
            New NIH Data Confirms Diabetes Protocol
            Movement Lubricates Bone Joints

    J&J to Acquire Conor Medsystems
    Pervasis Therapeutics Announces Trial Results
    Medtronic Begins AF Feasibility Trial
    Bioheart Expands Stem Cell Clinical Trials
    FDA Clears Medicsight’s Colonography Analysis Software
    Spirus Medical Introduces Colonoscopy Devices
    Anulex’ Xclose Tissue Repair Sees First Implantation
    First Human Neural Stem Cell Transplant for StemCells
    AngioDynamics to Buy RITA Medical
    FDA Clears Oncobionic’s Ablation Technology
    FDA Approves Life Spine’s Kinetic Cervical Plating
    Kyphon to Acquire St. Francis Medical Technologies
    Orthovita’s CORTOSS Comparable to PMMA Bone Cement
    Private Equity Group Buys Biomet
    FDA OKs Allergan, Mentor Silicone Breast Implants
    Valleylab Launches ForceTriad Electrosurgery System
    Galil Medical Agrees to Sell Interest in Oncura
    FDA Approves CoolTouch’s CTEV Laser
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Angiotech Requests CE Mark for Vascular Wrap
            Gore’s Vascular Graft Cleared by FDA

November 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or  HTML)

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    Spinal Device Market Transition Creates Opportunity

    Devices Penetrating the Glaucoma Drug Market

    MedMarket Outlook: Most Significant Medical Device Approvals Highlighted

    Early Stage Companies:  Advanced BioHealing, FlexiCath, Arteriocyte, FlowCardia

    Early Stage Company Financings: Avantis Medical Systems, Axial Biotech, Capricor, IMI Intelligent Medical Implants, Sage Medical, Transcend Medical

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: Implantable Microsensor Monitors Healing Rate in Joint Replacements

    Drivers: Off-Pump Bypass Decreases Complications

    Leading Clinical Edge
    LVADs Replace Transplants
    Miniature Endoscope Produces 3-D Images
    Brain Implant Restores Motion
    MRI Effective in Treating Retinal Diseases
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Visual Function Restored with Cell Implants
            Bone Growth Enhancers Show Promise
            Magnetic Attraction Improves Stents
            3-D Ultrasound Scanner Designed for Robotic Surgeries
            Pacemakers Could Prove Beneficial Over Beta Blockers

    Satiety Surgical Obesity Device Tested
    Abbott Reports Early Data on ABSORB Stent Trial
    Syscore to Acquire Berlin Heart
    S&N May Acquire Biomet
    Boston Scientific Launches Embolic Coil Study
    Datascope to Exit Vascular Closure Market
    FDA Approves Boston Scientific’s NexStent
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Allergan Wants FDA Approval for Lap-Band in Teens
            Intel Invests in BrainLAB
            Corindus Introduces CorPath
            CVRx Gets Approval for Hypertension Trial
            AGA, Ample Collaborate on CHF Treatment
            Guidant Wins CRT Patent Ruling
            Kensey Nash Receives CE Mark for Thrombectomy Catheter
            MIVT to Begin Human Studies of NanoFilm-Coated Stent
            Avantis Medical Achieves $12 Mln Funding
            Synovis Life Receives Circular Buttress Patent
            Novatrix to Buy Integrated Surgical Systems
            RITA Medical Starts RFA Lumpectomy Feasibility Study
            Uroplasty Receives FDA Approval for SUI Implant
            DermaPlus, MatrixDesign Team Up

October 2006 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  October 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Drug-Eluting Stents Vie for Market Share with Innovation, Acquisitions

    Technology and Demographics Drive Market Growth for Diabetes Devices

    MedMarket Outlook: Can We Handle the Pace of Technology Development?

    Early Stage Companies:  Arbios Systems, Globus Medical, Triage Medical, Pervasis Therapeutics, N Spine

    Early Stage Company Financings: Amaranth Medical, CardioSpectra, MiCardia, nContact Surgical, NeoGuide Systems, N-Spine, Sadra Medical, SpinalMotion

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update:  Gene Transfer Leads to 65% Cholesterol Decrease in Mice

    Drivers:  Cardiac Conditions Lead the List for Elderly Hospitalizations

    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Stent May Stimulate Natural Heart Bypasses
    Transplant Cures Rats' Type 2 Diabetes
    Nanotechnology Applied to Hemostasis
    New System Monitors Bone for Fractures
    Online (HTML) Only:
            New Imaging Technology Enhances Cancer Detection
            Genetic Causes of Breast and Colorectal Cancer Researched
            "Umbrella" Valve an Alternative to Lung Surgery?
            Novel Method for Reversing Heart Attack Damage
            Device Coatings May Prevent Infections
            Duodenal Switch Shows Promise

    Nanocopoeia Gets Funding for DES Coating Process
    Aptus' AAA Stape Trial Begins
    ATS' New Open Pivot Heart Valve Unveiled
    Medtronic Introduces Next-Generation Neurostimulators
    Orthovita Presents CORTOSS Vertebral Compression Data
    Endocare Receives FDA Clearance for Cyroablation System
    Ethicon Introduces Gynecare TVT Secure SUI Mesh Implant
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Ventracor LVAD Clinical Trial Results Released
            Impulse Dynamics Presents Data on CCM Arrhythmia Implant
            St. Jude Heart Atlas II ICDs Get CE Mark
            ATS Completes Acquisition of 3F Therapeutics
            BioSTAR Absorbable Septal Implant Data Presented at TCT
            First European Implants of ImPressure Hemodynamic Monitor
            Gynecare’s Laparoscopic Uterine Morcellator Launched
            Restore Medical’s Sleep Apnea Device Gains Medicare Coverage
            FDA Approves Medafor’s Absorbable Hemostat
            Uroplasty Gets FDA Approval for SUI Bulking Agent
            Abbott Launches Embolic Protection Device in Europe
            FoxHollow’s NightHawk Arterial Visualization System Tested
            First Human Use of Rex Medical’s Option Vena Cava Filter

September 2006 (Subscribers only, PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  September 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Growth in Tumor Ablation Device Market Accelerates

    Market for Hips and Knees Driven By Innovation and Revisions

    MedMarket Outlook:  Technologies that Highlight Advances and Precipitate Even More

    Early Stage Companies: RSB Spine, AtriCure, Small Bone Innovations, Facet Solutions

    Early Stage Company Financings:  EastMed, Mirabilis Medica, Regenesis Biomedical, Sensys Medical

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update:  Human Brain Cells Morph and Multiply in Lab Tests

    Drivers:  Majority of Medicare Cost Increases Traced to Multiple Diagnoses

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Gene's Role in Heart Disease Studied
    Cardiac CT Can Date Heart Attacks
    Replaceing Electronic Pacemakers with Cells
    Ultrasound Helps Drugs Enter Cells
    Online (HTML) Only:
            A Portable, Inexpensive MRI?
            Nanowires, Neurons Used to Study Brain Activity
            Immune Cells Used as Tumor Fighters
            New Procedure for Benign Liver Tumors
            Researchers Await Knee Repair Study Results
            Mice Stem Cells Reprogrammed

    Boston Scientific Confirms Stent Clot Risk
    Abbott Enrolls First Patient in SPIRIT IV Trial
    Medtronic Pacemakers Receive Approval
    FDA OKs GE/Volcano IVUS System
    Ethicon Introduces New Hernia Repair Device
    FDA Clears BioSphere’s EmboCath
    Medtronic to Acquire Odin Medical
    Collagen Matrix Receives FDA OK
    FDA Approves Synthes’ Lumbar Disc
    AMS Launches Male Sling
    FDA Clears VNUS RF Catheter
    Diomed Endovascular Laser Patent Upheld
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Medtronic Introduces Annuloplasty Ring
            Cordis Steer-It Guidewire Reaches Market
            St. Jude Medical to Create New Cardiac Division
            Insightec Gets $15 Million
            Orthofix Acquires Blackstone Medical
            FDA Clears Biowave Neuromodulator
            Cardinal Health Halts Infusion Pump Production
            FoxHollow to Buy Kerberos
            NMT Medical, AGA Medical Occluders Lose HDE
            FDA OKs Atrium Medical’s Vascular Patch

August 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML)

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    Biomaterials:  A Force for Change in the Orthopedics Markett

    New Product Innovations Driving Energy-Based Surgical Devices

    MedMarket Outlook:  Medical Devices in a Future Scenario

    Early Stage Companies:  Calypso Medical Technologies, Neural Intervention Technologies (WL Gore), Innovasis, Clearant, Xtent

    Early Stage Company Financings:  Anulex Technologies, BRRX Medical, Biodel, Cohera Medical, Histogenics, IntraPace, Relievant Medsystems, VeraLight

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: New Drug Target Found for Leukemia Patients

    Drivers: Rate of CABG Procedures Declining, Cesareans Increasing

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Robotic Surgery Used to Delivery Stem Cell Therapy
    Double Heart Pump Shows Promise
    Spinal Cord Nerves Regrow After Surgery
    CP Coatings Effective on Titanium Alloy Implants
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Ultra-Low Power Silicon Chip Developed
            Blood Clot Fibers Show Strong Elasticity
            Blood Test Developed to Detect Lung Cancerer
            Stem Cells Transformed into Muscle Cells

    FDA Approves Topspin's IntraVascular MRI Catheter
    Boston Scientific Launches iLab IVUS System
    Boston Scientific, St. Jude Settle Cardiac Rhythm Patent Litigation
    FDA Approves St. Jude's Atlas II ICD, Atlas II HF CRT-D
    FDA Clears TyRx Pharma's PIVIT AB Surgical Mesh
    Tyco to Acquire Confluent Surgical
    RITA Introduces LC Bead Embolization Device in U.S.
    FDA Approves Medtronic's Spinal Stabilization Clinical Trial
    Online (HTML) Only:
            CAS Medical Awarded U.S. Patents for Cerebral Oximeter
            Urodynamx Reports Success for Near Infrared Spectroscopy
            Kensey Nash Embolic Protection System Receives FDA Clearance
            Kensey Nash Gets CE Mark for QuickCat Extraction Catheter
            FDA Approves Cook's Zilver Stent for Iliac Arteries
            Covalon to Acquire Perfusion Therapeutics' Technology
            Japan Approves Reimbursement for CRT-Ds
            CoreValve's Revalving Procedure Approved for New Indications
            Abbott, Medinol Settle Patent Suit
            ATS Open Pivot Heart Valve Receives European Approval
            Spacelabs Healthcare Acquires Del Mar Reynolds Cardiology
            Bayer Acquires Metrika
            AMO Settles With Alcon
            Integra LifeSciences Acquires Kinetikos

July 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  July 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Spine Surgery Market Approaching a Pivotal Stagege
    Female SUI Drives Market for Interventional Therapies
    MedMarket Outlook:
      MEMS in Medicine
    Early Stage Companies:  Ample Medical, Lumen BioMedical, NuVasive
    Early Stage Company Financings:  Amorcyte, Dune Medical Technologies, EnteroMedics, Heart Leaflet Technologies, Radianse, Tengion
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Update: 
    New Drug Target Found for Leukemia Patients
    Drivers:  Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Doubles Over 30-Year Span
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Coatings Could Improve Implants, Promote Tissue Engineering
    New Material Developed for Vascular Graft
    New Cardiac MRI IDs Blocked Arteries
    MRI Useful in Detecting Early Stages of Heart Disease
    Creating Electrically Conductive Heart Tissue
    Canadian Researchers Use SKPs to Create Neural Cells
    Test Detects Early Spread of Prostate Cancer
    Researchers Grow Engineered Cartilage Tissue
    Boston Scientific Recalls More Devices
    Cordis Coronary Stent Approved for Use in Europe
    Medtronic's Beating-Heart Tissue Stabilizer Effective
    ESTECH Launches Product for AF
    Telzuit Medical Focusing on Holter Monitor
    St. Jude Medical ICDs Approved in Europe
    Abbott's Glucose Monitor Shows Promise
    Orthovita Receives FDA Approval
    Tyco Spins Off Healthcare Group
    GE Studies Molecular Imaging Agent for PET
    Regeneration Technologies Earns CE Marks
    Study Commences for LDR's Artificial Cervical Disc
    Zimmer, Stryker, Biomet, DePuy Face Litigation
    Haemair Develops Artificial Lung
    American Medical Systems to Acquire Laserscope
    Medtronic, Uroplasty Bladder Stimulators Approved
    Boston Scientific's Rio Aspiration Catheter Approved
    First Patients Treated with VNUS ClosureFAST Catheter
    FDA Approves Abbott Stent Trial
    FDA Approves ev3's SpideRX Embolic Protection Device
    Boston Scientific Introduces New Balloon Catheters
    Advanced BioHealing Buys S+N's Dermagraft, Transcyte

June 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  June 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Cardiac Resynchronization Recovering from Setbacks
    Aortic Endografts Improve Outcomes of Aneurysm Repair
    MedMarket Outlook:
      Megatrends in Medical Technology
    Early Stage Companies:
    Foot Implant Approval
    Xenograft CE Mark
    Cell Therapy for Burn Wounds
    Nanoscale Diagnostics for Cancer, Pathogen Detection
    Early Stage Company Financings:  BioNanomatrix, BioniCare Medical Technologies, Endovalve, Cardiva Medical, Mercator MedSystems, Sphere Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Update: 
    Firming Up Bladder Muscles with Stem Cell Therapy
    Medicare to Cover Remote Patient Monitoring
    Medicare Posts Hospital Procedure Prices
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Stem Cells Could Prevent Heart Failure
    Leadless Pacing Proves Safe, Effective
    Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Developed for Children
    New Method Found to Increase Bone Mass
    Study Shows Underutilization of Hip, Knee Replacements
    Coiling, Clipping of Aneurysms Share Similar Outcomes
    Protein Found to Regenerate Optical Nerves
    Using Fetal Cells to Correct Birth Defects
    PET/CT Effective in Detection of Plaque
    Percutaneous Discectomy Comparable to Open Surgery
    Medtronic Launches ICD Clinical Trial
    Medtronic Receives FDA Approval for Stent
    Obesity Affects AF Ablation Outcomes
    Sorin Group Introduces New Heart Valve
    FDA Approves Medtronic Concerto and Virtuoso Devices >
    Cardima Receives FDA Approval
    Angiotech Partners with Athersys
    St. Jude Heart Devices Get Approval
    Two Jury Decisions Involving Patents Upheld
    First Patient Treated with Dual-Drug Stent
    ICD, Pacemaker Infection Rates Climbing
    Boston Scientific, Angiotech Win Lawsuit
    Cook Launches Women's Health Unit
    NorthStar Successful with IPO
    STAAR Surgical Receives CE Mark
    Research Presented on Coflex Spinal Implant
    RTI Introduces Bone Tendon Bone Implant
    FDA Approves Zimmer's Knee Implant for Women
    Nexa Orthopedics Receives FDA Approval
    Medtronic Launches Prostiva for BPH
    Lumenis Previews Laser Fiber Treatment for BPH
    Laserscope Launches BPH Treatment System
    Boston Scientific, BioForm Receive FDA Approval

May 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  May 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Nanomedicine Shakes Off Hype, Begins to Realize Potential
    Growth in Endoscopic pic GERD Therapies Continues
    MedMarket Outlook:
      Information Influence in the Medtech Industry
    Early Stage Companies:
    Resorbable Bone Graft Scaffold 510(k)
    Interspinous Process Device Introduced for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
    Spinal Spacer Implant
    Vascular Access Graft 510(k)
    Early Stage Company Financings:  Alveolus, CardioFocus, Paradigm Spine, Percutaneous Systems, PhotoThera, Proteus Biomedical, Uptake Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Update: 
    Looking Deeper into the Heart with Multidetector CT
    Ablation for Arrhythmia Better Than Drugs
    New Data Confirm Under-Treatment of Female Cardiac Patients
    Impact of the Elderly on U.S. Health Care
    Leading Clinical Edge:
    Testicles Provide Better Stem Cells?
    Mice Recover From Diabetes
    Gastric Electrical Stimulation Shows Promise
    Imaging Technique May Reduce Breast Cancer Surgeries
    Minimally Invasive Treatment for Thoracic Aortic Trauma
    FDA Approves Endologix' Powerlink-120 Stent Graft
    CryoCath Reports Positive AF Data
    ESTECH Launches Cobra Adhere XL for Cardiac Ablation
    Innocoll Launches New CollaRx Gentamicine Implante
    Shelhigh's SuperStentless Plus Heart Valve in U.S. Trials
    Mentor Receives Approval for NovaSilk Synthetic Mesh
    Hologic Acquires Suros, R2
    Nano Interface Signs Contracts to Develop Biomaterials
    Sicel Technologies' Implantable Radiation Sensor Gets Clearance
    Medtronic Sues Kyphon for Patent Infringement
    St. Francis Technologies Introduces Spinal X Stop Implant
    Sciton Introduces Pro-V Laser for Treating Varicose Veins
    FDA Approves Atrium's FLIXENE Vascular Graft
    Medtronic Gets CE Mark for Exponent RX Carotid Stent
    Online (HTML) Only:   
            Avencia Forms Bio-Processing Partnership for Tissue Engineering 
            SpineMark Acquires Majority Ownership of Texas Back Institute 
            FDA Approves St. Jude's Merlin Programmer 
            Medtronic Enters Heart-Lung Machine Market 
            MicroIslet's Encapsulated Porcine Islets Show Promise in Primates 
            Nanogen Issued Two Biomarker Patents 
            Boston Scientific Launches Vasoview Vessel Harvester

April 2006 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  April 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Biomedtech, Combo Technologies Bolster Growth in Device Markets
    Flurry of Cardiovascular Drug-Eluting Stents Nearing Marketarket
    MedMarket Outlook:
      Opportunities in Common Technology Threads
    Early Stage Companies:
    Intraoperative Determination of Tumor Margin
    All -Polymer Hip Implant European Trial
    Ultrasound-Assisted, Transdermal Insulin Delivery
    Early Stage Company Financings:  Active Implants, AngioScore, Aptus Endosystems, BlueBelt Technologies, CryoFluor Therapeutics, Ultradian Diagnostics
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Biotech Update: 
    Carbon Nanotube Scaffolding Fosters Proliferation of Bone Cells
    Drivers:  California Judge OKs Stem Cell Research Agency
    Leading Clinical Edge:
    Measuring EPCs:  A new Test for Heart Disease?
    Artificial Nuscle Stronger Than Natural Muscle
    "Neuro-chip" Leads to Improved Communication
    U.K. Researchers to Produce Wound Monitor
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            Articular Cartilage Paste Grafting Shows Promise
            New Knee Repair Technique Introduced
            Stent-Graft Improves Aneurysm Repair
            Better Outcomes with Less-Invasive AAA Repair
            CRT Devices Linked to Better Outcomes
            Esophageal Stenting Found Effective
    ISSYS Awarded Patent for Wireless Sensors
    WorldHeart's LVAS Enters Key Phase in Animal Testing
    Sorin to Launch Cobalt Chrome Carbostent
    ATS Announces First Implant of Annuloplasty Ring
    Medtronic's AAA Stent Receives FDA Approval
    FDA OKs DexCom's Glucose Monitoring System
    FDA Clears Bone Graft Product
    Regeneration Technologies Launches New Implant
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            MicroCHIPS Develops Wireless Drug-delivery System
            Cordis to Develop Cardiac and Vascular Institute
            Nanogen Receives Clearance for CHF Test
            Crestor Reverses Heart Disease
            Biomet for Sale?
            Orthopedic Companies Promote Knee Implants for Women
            Pioneer Surgical, Encelle to Work on Spinal Fusions
            FDA Approves St. Jude Closure Device
            Protege by ev3 Receives FDA Approval

March 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  March 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Intracranial Endovascular Coils and and Microstents Poised for Growth
    Applications of Tissue Engineering in Urology:  Stress UI, Renal Disease
    MedMarket Outlook:  Covering (ALL) the Costs of Recalls

    Biotechnology Update:  Stem Cell Therapy Being Tested for Peripheral Artery Disease
    Early Stage Companies:
    First Rotary VAD Implant
    Tactile Technology for Cancer Screening
    Wireless Heart Monitoring
    Neurostimulation Business Development
    Early Stage Company Financings Atritech, GlucoLight, Gynesonics, Heartscape Technologies, Juniper Medical, SonarMed, VeinRx
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Medicare Coverage News: Bariatric Surgery, AAA Screening
    Hospital Admissions Due to Complications Increasing
    Spending Growth Faster for Hospitals, Slower for Rx
    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Biosensor Detects Plaque
    New Test Indicates Heart Disease Risk
    Man-made Tissue Improves Heart Function
    Study Shows Value of Telemetry
    Spinal Cord Repair Technique Shows Promise
    Stem Cells May Help Regenerate Nerve Tissue
    New Virus Detected in Prostate Tissue
    Sea Ice Serves as Model for Artificial Bone
    New Method for Bone Regeneration
    Angiotech to Buy AMI
    Conor CoStar Stent Gets CE Mark
    Medtronic Launches "Concerto AT" Study
    Cardiac Science Gets 510(k) Clearance for PowerHeart
    WorldHeart to Begin Clinical Trial for Rotary VAD
    FDA Approves St. Jude's Victory Pacemakers
    FDA Approves Cardiac RFA by Sterotaxis and Biosense Webster
    Enrollment Ends Early in Genzyme Cardiac Cell Therapy Trial
    Bioheart Inks Patent Licensing Agreement with Cleveland Clinic
    Cardiogenesis' Cardiac Revascularization System Used
    FDA Clears NeoGuide Endoscopy System
    Siemens Partners with Haifu on MRI Technology
    Power3 Preparing for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Test
    FDA Approves North American's Brachytherapy Products
    OculusGen Biomedical Aquires Anti-Scarring Technology
    MAKO Surgical Obtains Rights to Polymer for Orthopedic Implants
    Pegasus Biologics Launches BioImplant Collagen Scaffold
    Medtronic Sues Biomet, EBI Spine
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            Abbott Launches Steel Catheter
            HydroCision's Fluidjet System Found Effective in Spinal Surgery
            Study Evaluates GeneFluidic's Biosensor for Urinary Testing
            DuraSeal Receives CE Mark

February 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  February 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Sealants, Glues, Adhesion Prevention Expecting Double Digit Growth Growth
    Innovations in the $1+ Billion Heart Valve Market
    MedMarket Outlook:
      Oversight of Medtech Intensifying
    Biotechnology Update: Researchers Multiply Stem Cells 30x Faster
    Early Stage Companies:
    PEEK/PTFE Material for Joint Replacement
    Incisionless Repair of Dermal Defects
    Tibial Fixation Device in ACL Reconstruction
    Faster, Higher Resolution SPECT
    Early Stage Company Financings: Carbylan Biosurgery, CardioOptics, Eyesense, OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, Spine Wave
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Drivers:   Trends in Cardiac Stenting
    Leading Clinical Edge
    New Technique Detects Transplant Rejection
    DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes Act as Sensors
    Source Discovered for Muscle Repair Cells
    Nonsurgical Cancer Treatment Shows Promise
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            Battery Studies to Power Artificial Retina
            Researchers Transform Stem Cells into Cartilage
            Robotics Applied to Orthopedic Injuries
            Source of Diabetes Complications Studied
            Gene Increases Diabetes Risk 
    Guidant Gets CE Mark for Xience Drug-Eluting Stent
    Nanocopoeia Gets Development Funding for Stent Coating
    Progress on Xtent's Multi-lesion, Multi-vessel DES
    Biotronik Announces First Cylos Pacemaker Implantation
    Sorin Launches Ovatio ICD in Europe
    Edwards Lifesciences, Medtronic Settle AAA Lawsuit
    SmartPill Nearing FDA Approval
    TyRx Files 510(k) for Surgical Mesh
    First Visian Lens Implanted for Myopia
    LDR Spine Gets IDE for Cervical Disc
    Data Reveals Efficacy of Balloon Kyphoplasty
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            CryoCath Reports Positive Data for AF Catheter
            ATS Medical to Acquire 3F Therapeutics
            LifeNet Expands St. Jude Alliance
            Study Shows Coblation Effective for Meniscal Repair
            Medtronic Responds to Kyphon Lawsuit
            FDA Approves Synthes' Lumbar Disc
            Laserscope's BPH Therapy Proven Effective
            Uroplasty Announces Coverage for Nerve Stimulator
            Micrus Endovascular, Biotronik Sign R&D Agreement
            Kensey Nash Seeks FDA Approval for ThromCat Catheter

January 2006 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  January 2006 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Growing Market for Bone Growth Substitutes Driven by Technology Advances
    Medtech's Markets Vie for Position in 2006
    MedMarket Outlook: 
    Forecasting in Hindsight
    Biotechnology Update: One Step Closer to a Biopacemaker
    Early Stage Companies
    Portable CT
    Endovascular Treatment of Thrombus in Hemodialysis
    Nanotech Drug Eluting Stent Coating Spray Grant
    Percutaneous Access Purchasing Agreement with Premier
    Early Stage Company Financings: Acclarent, Archus Orthopedics, Asthmatx, ForSight Labs, Hoana Medical, Nanosys, Resonant Medical, Small Bone Innovations, Spirus Medical
    Recent Medtech Startups
    Drivers: Decline Continues in Growth of Health Care Expenditures
    Leading Clinical Edge
    Long DNA Strands  Show Promise
    Enzyme Triggers Plaque Rupture
    Imaging Indicates Plaques Likely to Rupture
    Microchip Technology Improves Imaging
    Laser Aids in Stroke Diagnosis
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            Study Assesses One-Day Breast Cancer Treatment

            Radiotherapy Advance for GBM

            Metal Stents for Gene Therapy
            Injectable Treatment Prevents Heart Failure
            Routine Therapies Found Unwarranted
            Polymer Speeds Up Clotting
    SMT Receives CE Mark for Drug-Eluting Stent
    FDA Approves Abbott's StarClose Vascular Closure System
    FDA Clears TyRx Surgical Mesh
    SpectRx Granted Patent for Cervical Cancer Detection Device
    Micrus Launches Microcoil for Large Cerebral Aneurysms
    FDA Approves STAAR Surgical's Implantable Myopia Lens
    AMO Wins Case Against Alcon
    ReGen Biologics Seeks FDA Clearance for Collagen Scaffold
    Enrollment Complete for Medtronic's Cervical Disc Trial
    MedicineLodge Sells Spinal Access Technology to Stryker
    Kyphon to Acquire InnoSpine
    Online (HTML) Only: 
            BSCI Recalls Flextome Cutting Balloon Systems
            Innocoll Files 510(k) for CollaGuard Wound Care 
            Allergan to Acquire Inamed 
            Globus Medical Launches Pivot Stabilization System 
            Vertebron Acquires Spinal Implant Technology 
            FDA OKs St. Jude Medical's Cardiac Ablation Generator, EP Catheter 
            St. Jude Medical to Acquire Savacor 
            Medtronic Begins New Drug-Eluting Stent Trial 
            WorldHeart Gets Three LVAS Patents 

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