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2007 Archives

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December 2007 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML)

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    The Growing Market for Device-Based Prostate Cancer Therapy

    Stem Cells Proving Beneficial in Orthopedic Therapy

    MedMarket Outlook:  Drivers, Forces and New Thinking Redefining Medtech Market Outlook

    Early Stage Companies:  Devax, EarlySense, Humacyte, FlowCardia

    Early Stage Company Financings:   AxoGen, Carbylan BioSurgery, Enova Medical Technologies, Evalve, Fate Therapeutics, Medingo, Mitralign, Pelikan Technologies

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech UpdateScientists Transform Skin Cells Into Stem Cells; Provide Alternative to Embryos

    Drivers:  Cost-Effectiveness of Joint Replacement Touted

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Embyonic Stem Cells Used to Close Skull Injury
    Embryonic Cardiac Cells Prevent Arrhythmias
    UK Researchers Develop New Heart Test
    New Artificial Kidneys Show Promise
    New Treatment Developed for Tourette Syndrome
    Bone Marrow Cells Help Regenerate Nerves
    Breast Cancer Gene Activity Visible Outside the Body
    Medical Resident Develops Light-Guided Catheter
    Embryonic Stem Cells Used to Treat Vascular Disease
    Burn Treatment Device Awaits FDA Approval
    FDA Approves St. Jude’s Epic Tissue Valve
    Myocor Receives Approval for VIVID Feasibility Study
    Toshiba, TomTec Team Up on 4-D Ultrasound Technology
    Royal Philips Introduces Cardiac CT System
    FDA Recommends Approval of HeartMate II
    MIV Therapeutics’ Stent Performs Well in Study
    FDA Panel Recommends Approval of Abbott’s XIENCE
    Berlin Heart’s EXCOR VAD Study Launched in U.S.
    Conceptus’ Essure Performs Well in Three Studies
    Olympus to Acquire Gyrus Group
    Fresenius Medical Care Acquires Renal Solutions
    MIV Therapeutics to Sell SagaX
    First European Patient Treated in NeoVista’s CABERNET Trial
    S&N Birmingham Hip Gets High Marks
    FDA Clears Spinal Elements’ Lucent Spinal Implant
    Advanced Bio-Surfaces Announces Study Data
    Smith & Nephew Announced Precautionary Knee Recall
    Edwards Lifesciences to Sell LifeStent Peripheral Vascular
    Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Sells Vascular Business to InaVein

November 2007 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML)

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    Carotid Artery Stent Systems Strive to Regain Momentum

    Nonfusion Spinal Implant Companies Gear Up for Growth

    MedMarket Outlook:  Startups Continue to the Medtech Future

    Early Stage Companies:  Arteriocyte, Ovalum, InspireMD, VertiFlex

    Early Stage Company Financings:   Arterial Remodeling Technologies, Cavadis, ConcepTx Medical, Direct Flow Medical, Spinal Restoration, Tactile Systems Technology

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech UpdateFirst-in-Man Trials for REVA Medical’s Fully Biodegradable Stent

    Drivers:  Balloon Expandable Aortic Valves Could Replace Some CABGs

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Mini-Sensor May Have Biomedical Applications
    New Nanogenerator Could Power Biosensors
    Blood Test May Detect TAA
    CT Scans versus Angiograms
    Laser Destroys AIDS Virus
    Radio Waves Destroy Liver Cancer
    UV Light Used to Attack Cancer
    Stem Cells Found in Degenerating Spinal Discs
    New Cements Developed for Spinal Fractures
    Handheld Device Can Seal Lung Punctures
    Solvay Advanced Polymers Launches Solviva
    Edwards Lifesciences to Buy Ethicon’s CardioVations Division
    FDA Approves Sorin’s Mitroflow Aortic Valve
    Hansen Medical to Acquire AorTx
    St. Jude Medical’s CRT Devices Fail to Reach Overall Goal
    Cardiogenesis Gets Clearance
    Thoratec’s HeartMate II Shown Effective in Women
    Merit Medical to Acquire Micrus Endovascular’s Assets
    Patient Treated With Transoma Medical’s Sleuth
    CorNova Presents Preclinical Results of Valecor Stent
    B. Braun’s Drug-Eluting Balloon Catheter Studied
    Evalve’s MitraClip Shown Effective at TCT2007
    TopSpin’s IntraVascular MRI Catheter Shown Safe at 30 Days
    Given Imaging’s PillCam COLON Outperforms Colonoscopy
    Uterine Fibroid Embolization Reimbursement Rate Increased
    Alcon/WaveLight Deal Cleared
    IOPtima Completes Preclinicals of Glaucoma Laser System
    ArthroCare Introduces New Arthroscopic Surgery System
    Review of Emphasys Medical’s Zephyr Valve Expedited
    Endocare Cryocare Effective on Small Kidney Tumors
    Medtronic Initiates InterStim Urinary Control Study
    Long-term Results Support Cardiatis’ Renal Aneurysm Stent

October 2007 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML)

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    Technology Innovations in Medal Robotics & Computer Assisted Surgery

    Wound Management: Huge Established Market with Rapidly Growing New Technologies

    MedMarket Outlook:  Investment Shifts in Medtech

    Early Stage Companies:  Ortoviva, Schwartz Biomedical, InspireMD, Novadaq Technologies

    Early Stage Company Financings:   Apollo Endosurgery, CeraPedics, Iasis Medical, Optherion, Spinal Restoration, Tengion, TriReme Medical

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update:  Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart Gets Personal

    Drivers:  Bypass Surgery Relieves Pain Better than Angioplasty

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Building a Better Petri Dish
    Polymer May Make Gene Therapy Safer
    Tissue Cells Proven “Printable”
    New Tissue Regeneration Technique Studied
    Progress Made with Living Heart Valves for Children
    Smart Particle Useful for Diabetes Management
    HD Imaging of the Brain
    New Algorithm Used to Create Prosthetic Device
    “Womb-on-a-Chip” May Improve IVF Success Rate
    New Skin Cancer Therapy Studied
    Artificial Cornea Made From Protein-Coated Polymer
    Stem Cells Studied in Treating Lung Diseases
    Researchers Develop Autologous Neo-Bladder
    FDA Approves Ethicon’s Realize Gastric Band
    FDA Approves Cook’s Zenith TAA Graft
    Stentys’ Stent Attains First-in-Man Milestone
    Advanced Cell Technology Acquires Mytogen
    Cordis Introduces New Products for Cath Labs
    Sorin’s Annuloplasty Ring Receives FDA Approval
    Cardiac Dimensions Completes AMADEUS Trial Enrollment
    Coherex Medical Begins COHEREX-EU Study
    NDO Receives Clearance for Plicator II GERD Implant
    PEAK Surgical’s PlasmaBlade Performs Well in Preclinicals
    HepaLife Releases Results From Liver Stem Cell Study
    Invibio Introduces New Image Contrast Grade
    Abbott Begins Study of Renal Stent System
    Second Sight Improves Artificial Retinas with Silicon Chips
    ISTO Granted Patent for Cartilage Repair
    Schwartz Biomedical’s Fixation Device Approved
    Manufacturers Charged with Kickback Scheme
    Tri-anim Renames Remeex Incontinence Products
    American Medical Introduces MiniArc
    Cook Medical, Cardica Sign Vascular Closure Deal
    LeMaitre Vascular Acquires Vascular Architects
    Crux Biomedical Reports First U.S. Implant of IVC Filter
    Cardiovascular Systems Receives FDA Clearance

September 2007 (Subscribers only: PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE: Sept. 2007 MedMarkets -- $125.00
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    Neuromodulation Market Spurred by New Technology

    Energy-Based Surgical Devices Driven by Innovation

    MedMarket Outlook:  High Growth Medical Technologies

    Early Stage Companies:  AtriCure, Brainsway, FlowCardia, NDO Surgical, RSB Spine

    Early Stage Company Financings:   Atritech, EndoGastric Solutions, FlowCardia, FlowCo, LDR, Mirabilis Medica, NeoMatrix, Pearl Therapeutics, PleuraFlow

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update:  Researchers Design Glaucoma Microchip for Monitoring IOP

    Drivers:  Less Invasive Heart Surgery Reduces Risk of Death

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Nanoparticle Useful in Disease Detection
    Technique Detects Early Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis
    New Imaging Technique Reveals Pre-Diabetes
    New Chemically Sensitive MRI Scan Shows Promise
    Laser Destroys Viruses in Blood
    New Cancer Detection Device
    Stem Cells Used to Repair Muscle
    New Nanowire Coating Developed
    Embryonic Stem Cells Used to Grow Cartilage

    Study Demonstrates Success of Thoratec LVAD
    REACH Registry Reveals Data on PAD
    Sorin Group’s Ovatio Launched in Japan
    Japan Approves St. Jude’s Angio-Seal Device
    Scivanta Partners with Sparton
    J&J’s Lawsuit Over Guidant Loses Steam
    Microchip Biotechnologies Acquires License
    ISSYS Receives Patent for Fuel Cell Sensor
    Medtronic Teams up with LifeScan
    Medtronic, Bayer Diabetes Care Form Alliance
    EndoGastric Solutions Raises Funds for Product Launch
    E-Z-EM Launches EZ CHEM Blood Analyzer
    DJO Receives FDA Approval for Bone Growth Products
    IsoTis Gains Approval for Accell
    Inion Receives FDA Approval
    Zimmer to Acquire ORTHOsoft
    FDA OKs S&N’s Knee Systems
    Archus Orthopedics Completes TFAS-LS Implant

August 2007 (Subscribers only; PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  August 2007 MedMarkets -- $125.00
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    U.S. Sector Leads Market for Orthopedic Sealants and Glues

    Obesity Devices Offering Practical Solutions, Market Opportunity

    MedMarket Outlook:  Chronic Disease Driving Global Medical Technology Markets

    Early Stage Companies:  CardioFocus, Cardiva Medical, CircuLite, Cohera Medical, CryoCor

    Early Stage Company Financings:   Ablation Frontiers, Biofisica, KFx Medical Corp., Mirabilis Medical, Ophthotech Corporation, Sierra Surgical Technologies, The Acrobot Company, VytronUS

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: Optical Measurements Identify Cancerous Pancreatic Tissue

    Drivers:  Musculoskeletal Procedures Increase Dramatically in U.S.

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Researchers Develop Implantable Biochip
    Spongy Cardiac Patches Improve Heart Function
    System Designed to Study Beating Heart Stem Cells
    New Cell Transplantation Technique Shows Promise
    Radiation Therapy Used to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries
    Stem Cells Rescue Motor Neurons in ALS Model
    Radiofrequency Ablation Effective in Treating Kidney Tumors
    New Joint Replacement Material
    Novel New Hydrogel Repairs Damaged Tissue

    Boston Scientific Considers Sale of Businesses
    Cook Submits TAA Endograft Data to FDA
    Arrowhead Licenses Technology to Paragon
    Gore’s REVISE Trial Receives FDA Approval
    CardioFocus’ Ablation System Earns CE Mark
    CryoCor Receives Pre-Market Approval
    CircuLite’s Blood Pump Implanted for First Time
    U.S. District Judge Backs Abbott in Patent Suit
    Inverness Medical to Acquire HemoSense
    Alpine Biomed Acquires Medtronic Product Line
    Abbott Terminates Contract With GE
    Novo Nordisk Takes Legal Action to Block Competitor
    Cook Medical Introduces Uterine Catheter
    NovoCure Device Uses Electric Fields to Kill Cancer Cells
    Isotechnika’s Eye Treatment Receives FDA Fast Track
    Biomet Shareholders Accept Buyout Offer
    Regeneration Technologies Launches BioCleanse Meniscus
    Medtronic Neck Discs Receive FDA Approval
    J&J Cuts Workforce

July 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE: July 2007 MedMarkets -- $125.00
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    Innovative Aortic Stent-Grafts Increasingly Reduce Mortalities

    Obesity Drugs Take Hit, Market Potential Undaunted

    MedMarket Outlook:  Rumors of Drug-Eluting Stents' Demise

    Early Stage Companies:  GlucoLight, Percutaneous Systems, Spinal Restoration, Aragon Surgical

    Early Stage Company Financings:   AOI Medical, Intelect Medical, LaamScience, OptiVia Medical, Paracor Medical, Satiety

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: Cancer's Cloaking Device: How Tumors Get Past the Immune System

    Drivers:  Unnecessary Prostate Cancer Tests Given, Say Researchers

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Stem Cell Extraction for Angina Patients
    Risk Factor Identified for In-Stent Thrombosis
    Vibration-Powered Generator Shows Promise
    Link Between Cardiovascular, Kidney Problems
    Adult Blood May be Useful in Treating Diabetes
    Electrical Pulses Used to Destroy Cancer Cells
    Cell Construction Studied for Artificial Eye
    Bronchoscopic Techniques Improve Diagnoses
    Stem Cell Injections Could Relieve Urinary Incontinence

    FDA Grants LifeCell Clearance
    FDA Approves Gore’s AVIATOR Study
    FDA Panel Recommends Approval of CryoCor Device
    CryoCor and Boston Scientific Form Strategic Alliance
    ATS Medical Acquires CryoCath’s Surgical Business
    Living Cell Technologies Announces Start of Trial
    Viatronix’ V3D-Colon Receives CE Mark
    Siemens Demonstrates Dual Source CT
    Hologic to Buy BioLucent
    Medtronic’s Neurostimulation Lead Receives FDA Approval
    Aspect Medical Severs Ties to Boston Scientific
    Integrated Endoscopy to Form Joint Venture
    Orthofix’ Advent Cervical Disc Implanted for First Time
    Globus Medical Introduces CITADEL System
    Life Spine Receives FDA Approval
    Shelhigh, FDA Reach Agreement
    Boston Scientific Buys Prostate Treatment Technology
    Kensey Nash Announces Results of ThromCat Study
    CryoLife Receives Patent for BioFoam


June 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  June 2007 MedMarkets -- $125.00
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    Advances in SUI Therapy Improve Market Outlook

    Current Status of Endoscopic Treatment for GERD

    MedMarket Outlook:  The Innumerable Challenges Faced by Small Companies

    Early Stage Companies: Ablation Frontiers, Vertebration, AccessClosure, Aspire Medical, Cardima

    Early Stage Company Financings: Artificial Muscle, Implanet Partners, Intelect Medical, Talima Therapeutics, Vibrynt, SpineMatrix, Amedica, Sonoma Orthopedic, Invendo Medical, Implanet Partners, Advanced BioHealing, Innovative Metabolics

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update:  New Detection System for GERD

    Drivers:  Prostate Surgery Continues Move toward Outpatient Settings

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Implantable Biocomputers Detect Cellular Activity
    Skin Cells Reprogrammed to Resemble Stem Cells
    3-D Imaging of Heart Improves Diagnosis
    Adult Stem Cells Make Insulin
    Brain Pacemakers Prove Effective
    Magnets Boost Mental Ability
    New Breast Imaging Techniques Show Promise
    Blood Test Could Guide Lung Cancer Therapy
    Gel Derived from Patient’s Blood Promotes Healing

    REVA Medical’s Stent Successful
    Bioabsorbable Therapeutics Raises $9 Million
    Abbott Announces Positive Results for Bioabsorbable Stent
    Endovalve Starts Preclinical Testing of Valve
    Stentys’ Bifurcated Stent Shows Promise
    Tryton Medical’s Side-Branch Stent Proves Effective
    CoreValve Receives CE Mark
    Inverness Buys Biosite, Cholestech
    Debiotech, STMicroelectronics Collaborate on Insulin Pump
    Given Imaging Receives U.S. Marketing Clearance
    ArthroCare Gets FDA Approval
    Bausch & Lomb Accepts Bid
    Impliant’s TOPS System Praised
    Globus Medical Introduces Bone Graft Product
    Study Confirms Positive Outcomes for Spinal Fusion Surgery
    BioSET Completes Financing to Support Trial
    Pioneer Surgical Acquires Encelle
    Broncus Technologies’ Exhale Airway Stent Studied
    Angiotech Gets CE Mark for Quill
    FDA Approves OMRIX’ Evicel
    Smith & Nephew to Acquire BlueSky Medical

May 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE: May 2007 MedMarkets -- $95.00 
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    Market for ICDs, CRTs Begins Slow Turnaround

    Commercializing the Stem Cell

    MedMarket Outlook: The Future Medtech Industry as Defined by Startups

    Early Stage Companies:  CoreValve, Neovasc Medical, Aeon Bioscience, INBONE Technologies

    Early Stage Company Financings: APNEX Medical, Bioabsorbable Therapeutics, Bioconnect Systems, CircuLite, Combinent BioMedical Systems, El-Vision, EZsurgical, Heartscape Technologies, Incept BioSystems, NeuroVista, Pegasus Biologics, Sientra, Spirus Medical, Veroscan

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: The Dark Side of Nanoparticles: DNA Damage and Cancer Risk

    Drivers:  Medicare Limits Coverage for Carotid Endarterectomy

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Researchers Develop Faster-Healing Artificial Skin
    Feds May Withdraw Some Stem Cell Patents
    Female Stem Cells More Efficient?
    Protective Pouch Enhances Cell Therapy
    Home Monitor May Help Prevent Amputation
    MRIs at a Nano Scale
    First Clinical Trial of Gene Therapy for Childhood Blindness
    Stem Cells Used to Help Mend Broken Bones
    Magnetic Pulses Used to Treat Depression

    Medtronic Combines Vascular, Cardiac Surgery Units
    Sorin Group, Mayo Clinic to Collaborate
    Biosense Webster, Medtronic Form Strategic Alliance
    J&J’s COSTAR II Stent Fails Study
    SquareOne Developing Next-Generation Stents
    Acorn to Conduct New Trial for Heart-Failure Device
    St. Jude’s Zephyr Pacemaker Receives Approvals
    FDA Votes Against Cardima’s Revelation Tx Microcatheter
    Cyberonics Loses Bid for Medicare Coverage
    Cordis’ Enterprise Receives HDE Approval
    Globus Medical Announces Ground-Breaking Achievement
    FDA Recommends Approval of Link’s Ankle Replacement
    Paradigm Spine Receives CE Mark
    Millenium Signs Asset Sale Agreement
    Data Presented on SpinalMotion’s Kineflex Disc
    Cardinal Health to Acquire VIASYS
    FDA Requests Recall of Shelhigh Medical Devices
    Tri-anim Introduces Remeex Sling System
    Greatbatch to Acquire Enpath
    Data Presented on Angiotech’s Vascular Wrap

April 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE: April 2007 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Drug-Eluting Stent Safety Issues Open Doors for New Devices

    New Medical Therapies with Micro- and Nanotechnology

    MedMarket Outlook: Beyond Technology Innovation: Future Market Forces and Trends

    Early Stage Companies:  Endogun Medical Systems, Globus Medical, MicroVention,Tepha, XTENT

    Early Stage Company Financings: Coherex Medical, HDH Medical, IllumOss Medical, Nerites, ProFibrix, Sientra

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: Brain Cells Protect Eye Cells in Surprising Stem Cell Study

    Drivers: Healthcare Investments Up

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Imaging Technique Improves Diagnosis of Brain Clots
    MRI Detects Breast Cancer in High-Risk Patients
    PET Scan Effective in Finding Aggressive Kidney Cancers
    Light-Based Probe Detects Early Cancers
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Study Suggests Stem Cell Treatment for Hearing Loss
            Airway Bypass Treatment Shows Promise
            Japanese Researchers Develop Miniature Robot
            MRI-Safe Motor Powers Robotic Devices
            Researchers Developing “Scarless” Surgery Technique
            Wound-Healing Materials Developed

    Synovis Life Acquires Closure Technology
    CoreValve Completes $33 Million Financing
    Medtronic Begins Cardioblate Trial
    FDA OKs Medtronic’s INFUSE
    Test Results for Misonix’ HIFU Device Announced
    Clarient Sells Business Assets to Carl Zeiss
    Small Bone Innovations Secures Debt Financing
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Impliant’s Spinal Fusion Product Receives CE Mark
            Tepha Receives FDA Approval
            Boston Scientific Considering IPO for Endosurgery Group
            AMS’s MiniArc Gets Clearance
            Endologix’ Powerlink DSS Used on First Patient
            Study Shows Effectiveness of Possis’ AngioJet
            Cardica to Develop Vascular Device for Cook Medical
            FDA Approves Ventracor Trial
            CryoCath Gets FDA OK to Expand AF Trial
            Biosite Likely to Consider Inverness Acquisition
            Candela Acquires Inolase
            Medtronic Begins Heart Failure Trial
            Medtronic, OsteoGenix Team Up

March 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE: March 2007 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Coils and Microstents Advancing in Cerebral Aneurysm Market

    Orthopedic Implant Market Recovering, Showing Strong Growth

    MedMarket Outlook: Healthy Skepticism of Medical Market Analysis

    Early Stage Companies:  Beta-O2 Technologies, Advanced BioHealing, Globus Medical, USGI Medical

    Early Stage Company Financings: Advanced BioHealing, CircuLite, Liquidia Technologies, PneumRx, QuickCool

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: MEMS Prototype Enables Novel Studies of Cell Mechanics

    Drivers:  Cataract, Lens Surgery Most Frequently Performed Outpatient Surgeries

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Stem Cells Regenerate Failing Mouse Hearts
    Researchers Developing Tabletop X-Ray Device
    Neurons From Human Skin
    New Sensor Detects Lung Cancer
    Electric Link Achieved Between Neurons, Nanoparticle Films
    Stem Cell Transplants: Possible Hearing Loss Treatment
    A New Source for Lung Epithelial Cells
    Progress Made on “Smart” Bladder Pacemaker
    Online (HTML) Only:
            New Technique Developed to Grow Stem Cells

    Allergan Acquires EndoArt
    Terumo Heart Receives CE Mark for LVAS
    FDA Panel Rejects Medtronic’s Heart Monitor
    AtriCure’s Bipolar Ablation System Cleared
    Abbott’s Stent Study to Focus on Women
    Cordis Introduces Regatta Steerable Guidewires
    Siemens Medical Admits to Fraud
    Baxter’s Infusion Pump Gets FDA Clearance
    Merit Medical Buys Datascope’s Dialysis Catheter
    Cytyc to Acquire Adiana
    FDA Approves Life Spine’s Pilot Rod System
    Zimmer Holdings to Acquire Endius
    Zimmer Holdings, ISTO Technologies Start Trial
    Baxter’s Upgraded Ipump Clears FDA
    First U.S. Implant of Medtronic’s Melody Valve
    EDAP TMS’ Ablatherm Effective for Prostate Cancer
    Valera Begins Study of Biodegradable Ureteral Stent

February 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  February 2007 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Companies Securing Market Positions in Surgical Sealants, Glues, Hemostasis

    Heart Valve Market Driven by Endovascular Techniques

    MedMarket Outlook: Medical Technologies Not Always Perfect but Always Getting Better

    Early Stage Companies:  Tryton Medical, iCardiac Technologies, FlowCardia, Crux Biomedical

    Early Stage Company Financings: Baxano, Cayenne Medical, CorNova, Gynesonics, InnerPulse

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: 3-Tesla MRI Helps Physicians Remove “Unresectable” Tumors

    Drivers: CMS Proposes Expanding PTA Coverage, Reexamines Stent Coverage

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Microtubules Play Role in Disease Processes
    MR Angiography Useful in Detecting Blocked Arteries
    Experts Evaluate Cardiovascular MRI
    Photoacoustic Imaging Shows Promise
    Breakthrough Involving Nanowires
    Brain Stents Offer Improved Mental Function
    Prosthetic Arm Moves Like a Real Limb
    Australian Study Investigates “Scarless” Healing
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Nanomachine Influences Motion
    Abiomed Intra-Aortic Balloon Gets CE Mark
    AngioScore Receives PMA for AngioSculpt
    J&J Completes Conor Medsystems Acquisition
    Physio-Control Suspends Defibrillator Shipments
    St. Jude’s Reflexion Catheter Approved
    FDA Clears Biolase’s ezlase Laser
    Living Cell Technologies to Begin Diabetes Trial
    NeatStitch Suture Device Gets FDA Approval
    Bard Surgical Patch Recall Expanded
    Study Finds BioSphere Medical’s UFE Device Effective
    Solos Introduces Breast Cancer Detection Device
    AMO Acquires IntraLase, Wavefront Sciences
    FDA OKs Carl Zeiss Meditec Laser Keratome System
    NuVasive Buys Bone Grafts from Radius Medical
    Alphatec Licenses Scient’x’ Spinal Devices
    Medtronic Buys Vision-Sciences’ ENT Business
    Trimedyne’s Prostate Laser Fiber Effective
    ev3, FoxHollow Technologies Collaborate
    Online (HTML) Only:
            FDA Clears Vascular Solutions Catheters
            Novare, Starion Sign R&D Agreement
            FDA Approves ev3 Protégé RX Carotid Stent
            Nanopeutics, HemCon Sign R&D Agreement

January 2007 (Subscribers only;  PDF or HTML)

PURCHASE BACK ISSUE:  January 2007 MedMarkets -- $95.00
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    Cardiac Ablation Market Focuses on Atrial Fibrillation

    Proliferation and Consolidation Seen in Refractive Surgery

    MedMarket Outlook: Cardiovascular Disease Outlook

    Early Stage Companies:  NeoVista, ProRhythm, Innovasis, NDO Surgical

    Early Stage Company Financings: Aldagen, Baxano, Dynatherm Medical, FlexiCath, iCardiac Technologies, LifeSync, Neuroptix, NovaVision, Pervasis, Stentys SAS

    Recent Medtech Startups

    Biotech Update: 3-D Stem Cell Scaffolding Ideal for Cell Growth, Transplantation

    Drivers: Controversy over ICDs Grows

    Leading Clinical Edge
    Creating Customized Stem Cells
    Plaque Does Not Decrease Blood Flow
    Diabetes Reversed in Mice
    Implant Designed to Monitor Tumor Growth
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Stanford Scientists Develop Portable DNA Detector
            Gene Chip May Result in Detection Tool
            Optical Glucose Sensor Promising
            LXR’s Role in Diabetes, Obesity
            Stem Cells Shorten Time to Rebuild Immune System   

    Sorin Group Files PMA for CRT-D
    Positive Results for Guidant’s Bioabsorbable Stent
    CorNova Gets CE Mark for Valecor
    MIV Therapeutics to Acquire Biosync Scientific
    Cinvention, Relisys Extend Coronary Stent Agreement
    Hansen Medical Completes Robotic Catheter Trial
    FDA Clears CryoLife’s ProPatch
    Zarlink Developing Battery-Free Medical Devices
    Online (HTML) Only:
            Study Shows Benefits of Boston Scientific’s ICD
            Cappella Introduces Bifurcation Stent System
            Possis’ AngioJet Approved
            Datascope Launches Intra-Aortic Balloon Therapy Devices
            EndoGastric Solutions’ EsophyX Shows Promise
            First Patient Treated with Gore’s Embolic Liquid
            Galil Medical Completes $52 Million Financing
            Nanospectra to Start Cancer Therapy Trial
            Orthofix Partners with Regeneration Technologies
            Kyphon to Acquire Disc-O-Tech
            Medtronic’s DIAM Study Launched
            Datascope to Distribute Sorin Group Stent



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