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We can produce reports of the top volume hospitals by ICD-9 or DRG!
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TrueData® Reports

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MedMarket Diligence, in conjunction with Medical Technology Partners, offers a comprehensive resource on medical/surgical procedures data.

TrueData® Reports combine statistical data from multiple years and sources into one comprehensive package providing payment and utilization information for various care settings — including physician office, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency departments.  Significantly, many of these reports contain trend data over three or more years, enabling the user to make strategic marketing and business development decisions for the best company positioning and growth.

The challenge of identifying and forecasting medical technology market opportunities by tracking procedure volume and reimbursement trends, is often made difficult by the lack of readily available and credible data sources.  Data that is available to any degree are often plagued by inaccuracy in algorithm-driven or other methodologies used by private sources.  As for public domain data, they are often embedded in largely inaccessible federal repositories and/or require considerable experience, resources and patience to work with.

Based on serving the reimbursement consulting needs of payers and healthcare systems, Medical Technology Partners has developed accuracy-driven experience and a carefully developed set of data resources.  MedMarket Diligence has joined forces with Medical Technology Partners to apply this expertise to serve the need by medical technology companies for actionable, accurate data on healthcare delivery.  The result is TrueData® Reports.

These reports are compiled by acquiring multiple discharge, reimbursement and hospital data sources.  Data on select procedures to be prepared in TrueData® Reports are aggregated by functionally, clinically and technologically related procedure coding to present counts and reimbursement useful for medical technology assessment.  TrueData® Reports provide unique data estimates not available through any public domain data sources, including extrapolation of sample data to U.S. aggregate data and projections of the data to numbers of discharges in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Each TrueData™ Report presents data for the three most recent complete years available and, for select data, on a timeline from 1993 to 2008.

Data Component Data Source TrueData
TrueData Complete
Discharges by ICD-9-CM1 Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project: Nationwide Inpatient Sample


Discharges by Payer, Age and Region (ICD-9-CM procedure-coded)2 National Hospital Discharge Survey


Medicare Discharges by DRG4 Medicare - Federal Register and 100% Medicare Inpatient File   ü
Average Medicare Physician Payment by CPT4 procedure code5 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule   ü
Projected Discharges6 Extrapolations by Medical Technology Partners   ü
Average Hospital Payment by DRG7 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Impact Files   ü
Top Hospitals by DRG Discharges and Region8 100% Medicare Inpatient File



Uses and Benefits
® reports can be put to a wide range of uses, including:



TrueData Report on 1 Procedure $1,400 per procedure $2,200 per procedure
TrueData Report on 2-5 Procedures $900 per procedure $1,200 per procedure
TrueData Report on 6-10 Procedures $700 per procedure $900 per procedure

Prices* given above are for TrueData™ Reports.  We are also prepared to provide custom TrueData™ Reports based on your particular need for specific procedure codes (or combinations) or different cuts of the data. Contact  us if interested.


To order one or more TrueData™ Reports, please provide us with the desired procedure code (ICD-9, CPT-4, or DRG) or a conventionally described procedure by name . The listed prices are for reports on procedures defined in our judgment as those performed with generally similar clinical objectives pursued and technologies employed, and will include detailed data  by code when multiple ICD-9, CPT4 or DRG codes define the procedure. We will notify you, within 24 hours, regarding the data to be delivered (based on aggregates of related codes, or uniquely available data based on the procedure requested), and we will also provide you with an estimated delivery.  Note, please, that since these reports are drawn from multiple sources and will require our assessment of procedure coding to ensure a meaningful data report, the time to delivery will usually be a minimum of three (3) business days, unless the report has previously been generated. *Prices subject to change before ordering.

Contact us at TrueData or call tel: 949.859.3401 or toll-free: 1.866.820.1357 or by fax at 949.837.4558.


Examples of TrueData™ Reports possible
Virtually any procedure that can be identified by single ICD-9 codes or DRG codes, or multiples of similar, related codes, can be captured and illustrated in a TrueData™ Report.  Contact us at TrueData regarding the procedure(s) of interest, or select from the list of procedures below for which reports now can be ordered online (items in bold are available with same-day delivery) :

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Explanations on data components and sources

1  Weighted national estimates from HCUP Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), based on data collected by individual states and provided by the states. 

2  National Hospital Discharge Survey.  Only hospitals with an average length of stay of fewer than 30 days for all patients, general hospitals or children’s general hospitals are included in the survey.  This includes most US patients.  Federal, military, and department of veteran’s affairs hospitals as well as hospital units of institutions such as prison hospitals and hospitals with fewer than 6 beds staffed are excluded.  Weighted national estimates based on total number of estimated discharges:  NHDS = 37,515,921 (2002), NHDS = 36,311,258 (2001), and NHDS = 35,348,186 (2000).

3  Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project.  Based on data collected by individual states and provided by the states.  Weighted national estimates based on total number of weighted discharges in the US:  HCUP = 37,804,021 (2002), HCUP = 37,187,641 (2001), and HCUP = 36,417,565 (2000).

4  Medicare MEDPAR Data 

5  Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

6  FY 2003 from Medicare. 

7  Data from Physician Fee Schedule.  Medicare Payment based on national average conversion factors (CF).

8  Medicare actual data by facility. 


TrueData™ is a trademark of Medical Technology Partners.


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